Black Diamond Ring 0.08 in 14K GoldBlack Diamond Ring 0.08 in 14K Gold
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Black Diamond Ring 0.05 in 14K Gold
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Trio Black Diamond Ring 0.09Trio Black Diamond Ring 0.09
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Trio Black Diamond Ring 0.09
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For a day 18K Gold Ring w. DiamondFor a day 18K Gold Ring w. Diamond


For a day 18K Gold Ring w. Diamond
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Kindred 18K Gold Ring w. DiamondKindred 18K Gold Ring w. Diamond


Kindred 18K Gold Ring w. Diamond
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If at last 18K Gold Ring w. DiamondIf at last 18K Gold Ring w. Diamond
Trio Black Diamond Stud 0.09 - Single
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Sarah Lil Black 14K Gold Ring w. DiamondsSarah Lil Black 14K Gold Ring w. Diamonds
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Anpé Atelier cph

Sarah Lil Black 14K Gold Ring w. Diamonds
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Delia White & Black 18K Gold Ring w. DiamondsDelia White & Black 18K Gold Ring w. Diamonds
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Anpé Atelier cph

Delia White & Black 18K Gold Ring w. Diamonds
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For a day Silver Ring w. DiamondFor a day Silver Ring w. Diamond

Exquisite and uber-stylish, a black diamond engagement ring is the ultimate seal of sophistication. Why settle for the usual when you can bring a unique expression of style and class to your proposal with a stunning black diamond engagement ring? Our curated collection of black engagement rings offers you plenty of choices. Selected from several gifted designers across Europe and abroad, you are sure to find the black engagement ring of your dreams among our brilliant collections.

• Are black diamonds suitable for engagement rings?
• Black diamond engagement rings for you
• How to choose a black diamond engagement ring?

The case for black diamond engagement rings—why women love them

Black diamond engagement rings are exquisite in their magnetism. Perfect for the bold woman of today, black diamond engagement rings stand out as a fabulous reflection of her unique style.

The most famous black diamond engagement ring in recent history must surely be the stunner that Big presents to Carrie Bradshaw in the legendary Sex and the City 2 movie. As she stands overwhelmed, Carrie asks, “Why black?”. Big replies, “Because you are not like anyone else!" This iconic scene sparked a global revolution regarding the choice of engagement rings, which still appeal to those looking for singular styles.

What does a black diamond engagement ring symbolise?

Black is a powerful colour that evokes profound emotions. While in some societies black may stand for mourning, in many others black symbolises the mysterious cycle of life and rebirth. It is a colour of power and authority. When it comes to style, black is one of the most versatile colours out there. It is timeless, classy and infinitely sophisticated.

♥ Black diamond engagement rings stand for the promise of everlasting love and commitment that flows in a beautiful cycle of giving and receiving.
♥ In terms of style, the choice of black diamonds reveals a bold taste for beauty that deviates from the conventional.
♥ In short, a black diamond engagement ring truly portrays a powerful sentiment of unfettered passion, commitment and a unique sense of style.

Are black diamonds really diamonds?

Black diamonds are indeed diamonds. To be specific, they are coloured diamonds, just like the better-known blue, pink and green diamonds.
Black diamonds are fully opaque unlike the brilliant white ones that are graded higher for colourlessness and clarity
Mineral inclusions give black diamonds their unique hue. The dark colour is usually the result of the presence of graphite, hematite and pyrite.
♦ The colour of black diamonds may range from jet black to brown and even grey.

Are black diamonds suitable for an engagement ring?

Diamonds are tough and black diamonds are tougher. They hit a whopping high of 10 on the Mohs hardness scale. This means they are perfect for engagement rings that are worn daily. Black diamonds are not prone to scratches. Neither does their colour ever go dim. Even though black diamonds do not sparkle as much as colourless diamonds, they have a remarkable lustre that’s very captivating.

Are black diamond engagement rings expensive?
Perfectly black diamonds are quite rare in nature and could be very expensive. However, heat-treated black diamonds also have a rich and even colour. Heat-treated black diamond engagement rings are really more affordable than you’d think!

Grading of black diamonds

Black diamonds are not graded by the usual 4Cs of white diamonds—the general standards of cut, colour, clarity and carat weight. But yes, they certainly have their own singular grading parameters.

The cut is very important in the choice of a black diamond. They are very hard to cut and so top-quality cuts are crucial for a good amount of sparkle. The most common cuts are in the round, cushion and pear shapes.

Black diamond weight/size is also measured in carats. A black diamond is usually heavier than a colourless diamond of the same size.

Black diamond colour and clarity do not conform to the regular scale of colourless diamonds for obvious reasons. Nevertheless, good quality black diamonds carry a Coloured Diamond Certificate which assures you of their worth and origin.

Classy black diamond engagement ring styles you will find here

Gold and black diamond rings are simply stunning. Yellow gold offsets the dark beauty of black diamonds splendidly. When crafted from 18k and 14k gold, your black diamond engagement ring could easily last generations. Choose from simple gold bands with a single black diamond for easy elegance. You could also go all out with a substantial black diamond solitaire with intricately carved bands.

White gold and black diamond engagement rings are beautiful, cool and elegant. The magical combo of black and white metallic shine is simply stunning in its singular allure. They are a perfect pick for the modern woman who likes to indulge in luxury that is stylish yet quiet.

White and black diamond engagement rings are true classics. A match made in heaven, just like your own beautiful love story, black diamonds never look better than they do when they are side by side with sparkling white diamonds.

♥ Black diamond solitaire with a halo of brilliants could just be the stunner you are looking to seal your bond.
♥ Consider pear-shaped black diamonds for a look that stands out from the ordinary.
♥ A three-stone arrangement with two white diamonds flanking a central black diamond is classy yet simple enough for minimalists.
♥ A single black diamond set on a twisted white gold band paved with diamonds is dreamy with a timeless vibe.
♥ Black and white diamonds are so good together that just about any design looks gorgeous.

Black diamond eternity bands make gorgeous engagement rings.The eternity band is an affirmation of everlasting love. The continuous circle of dark, gleaming black diamonds is mesmerising in its magic. These are available with different sizes of black diamonds providing a lovely range of choices for the contemporary diva.

Black diamond cluster rings are magical in their beauty. These rings have black diamonds and sometimes other gemstones, beautifully set in a cluster pattern. They look especially sensational and unique when they follow an asymmetrical pattern.

How to choose a black diamond engagement ring

Buying the perfect black diamond engagement ring need not be daunting as long as you keep these helpful tips in mind.

• We urge you to get to know your fiancée’s taste in jewelry: Would she like an engagement ring with a single black diamond, or would she prefer something with more than one gemstone?
• Buy your black diamond engagement ring from reputed jewellers who ensure quality. Good quality gemstone jewelry is often accompanied by certificates attesting to their hallmarking, weight and source.
• Check the hallmarking of gold used in your ring. This indicates the purity of the metal. In solid gold, we have 18k (750), 14k (585) and so on.
• Get your engagement ring size right! If you are wondering about the ring size you should buy, check out our Ring Size Guide for valuable tips and suggestions.
• Since some items take time to be delivered, we recommend you plan your engagement ring purchase well in advance.

Caring for your black engagement ring

As mentioned before, black diamonds owe their stunning colour to mineral inclusions. Yet these inclusions also tend to make the gemstone brittle through fracturing. Choose black diamonds with minimal fractures for a ring destined to last a lifetime. Plus, it is always a good idea to remove your engagement ring when involved in heavy-duty activities.

Most of the designers on our platform work with recycled gold and ethically sourced black diamonds, so you can also enjoy knowing that you are making a sustainable purchase. Given our brilliant array of handcrafted black diamond rings, complete transparency, and expertise, you are in good hands on this quest for that perfect black diamond engagement ring. Happy shopping!

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