Trio Diamond Ring 0.09Trio Diamond Ring 0.09
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Trio Diamond Ring 0.09
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Trio Black Diamond Ring 0.09Trio Black Diamond Ring 0.09
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Trio Black Diamond Ring 0.09
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Double Diamond Emerald Ring 0.09 in 14K GoldDouble Diamond Emerald Ring 0.09 in 14K Gold
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Mini Edith 18K Gold, Whitegold or Rosegold Ring w. DiamondsMini Edith 18K Gold, Whitegold or Rosegold Ring w. Diamonds
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Trio Black Diamond Stud 0.09 - Single
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Liebling 18K Gold Ring w. Diamonds & TourmalineLiebling 18K Gold Ring w. Diamonds & Tourmaline
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RAINBOW 14K Gold Ring w. DiamondRAINBOW 14K Gold Ring w. Diamond


RAINBOW 14K Gold Ring w. Diamond
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Alu 18K Gold Ring w. Diamonds & SapphireAlu 18K Gold Ring w. Diamonds & Sapphire
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Anpé Atelier cph

Alu 18K Gold Ring w. Diamonds & Sapphire
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Boho Varna 18K Gold Ring w. Diamonds & SapphireBoho Varna 18K Gold Ring w. Diamonds & Sapphire
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Anpé Atelier cph

Boho Varna 18K Gold Ring w. Diamonds & Sapphire
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Ladura Nil 18K Whitegold Ring w. Diamonds & TourmalineLadura Nil 18K Whitegold Ring w. Diamonds & Tourmaline
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Three-stone engagement rings are an excellent choice for couples who value timeless designs that are both beautiful and meaningful. This style of ring with three gemstones is symbolic and represents the everlasting love you hold for each other through the past, present, and future. If this sounds meaningful, look at our selection of handcrafted three-stone engagement rings curated by Charlotte and Pernille, our founders and jewelry experts.

• What is a 3-stone engagement ring?
• Why choose a 3-stone engagement ring
• Types of 3 stone arrangements in engagement rings

What is a 3-stone engagement ring?

The 3-stone engagement ring, also called a trilogy ring or trinity ring has a sophisticated vibe. This is a classic style that's been around since the Georgian era between the early 18th and mid-19th centuries and continues to be popular even today. The three gems in the ring symbolise the three dimensions of the couple's journey together—their past, present, and future. It could also stand for “You, Me, and Us”. A modern take on the 3-stone engagement ring is to include the couple’s birthstones.

Famous 3-stone engagement rings
These engagement rings are iconic statements in style and symbolism, popularised by the De Beers Trilogy Campaign in 2001 as the Past, Present and Future Rings. Perhaps the best-known trilogy diamond engagement ring in recent times is the one that Prince Harry presented to Meghan Markle when he proposed to her in 2017. It comprises a Botswana-mined cushion-cut central diamond flanked by two round brilliants from the Late Princess Diana’s collection.

Why should you choose a 3-stone engagement ring?

Classic charm. Choose a three-stone engagement ring for its classic charm. Set with diamonds or coloured gemstones three-stone is a classic style that has remained in fashion for over 300 years. Such a ring is timeless and can well become an heirloom piece that future generations will cherish.

Vintage vibe. If you love vintage designs, the three-stone engagement ring is just the piece for you. It has a timeless grace that will never go out of fashion.

Personalise your preference. Make your three-stone engagement ring uniquely yours with your and your partner’s birthstones combined with a gemstone to commemorate the month you met, got engaged, or plan to get married.

Symbolic style. Celebrate your love—its past, present, and future. Cherish your love and commitment to each other. Make your three-stone engagement ring a memorable symbol of You and Me becoming “Us”.

Types of 3-stone engagement rings

This engagement ring style comprises three stones set in a horizontal line; the stones could be diamonds, coloured gemstones, or combinations of both.

3-diamond engagement rings
While the centre stone in such a ring is the largest and is flanked by two smaller diamonds on either side, some couples prefer a 3-diamond engagement ring with three equal-sized diamonds. Three-diamond engagement rings may also be made with diamonds of different shapes, such as round-brilliant, princess/cushion, rectangle/emerald, or pear or marquis-shaped diamonds.

Also popular are three-diamond engagement rings with a central oval or heart-shaped diamond or a ring with diamonds of three different shapes. The size of the diamonds in your chosen 3-diamond engagement ring can be as small or large as your personal preference and budget allow.

Three-stone engagement rings with coloured gems
Three-stone engagement rings do not have to be set only with diamonds. You could make a statement and show off your unique style with a 3-stone engagement ring comprising a ruby, sapphire, or emerald set with a diamond on either side. Or your three-stone ring could feature a central diamond with a coloured gemstone on either side. Another attractive three-stone engagement ring look is a line-up of diamonds, sapphires, or even tourmalines in different colours. You could also make your engagement ring one-of-a-kind with your and your partner’s birthstones and a third gemstone that holds a special significance for you both.

Setting styles for 3-stone engagement rings

♦ Three-stone engagement rings are usually set with prongs or claws, often with a slightly raised centre stone.
♦ The bezel setting is also popular for three-stone engagement rings. This is a secure setting that is also comfortable to wear.
♦ This three-stone style of engagement ring looks beautiful in yellow gold, but many couples today fancy the soft romantic blush tones of rose gold. Also popular is the two-tone look with a yellow/rose gold band with the diamonds held in white-gold prongs.
♦ White diamonds set in white gold look spectacular; this style maximises the sparkle and brilliance of the diamonds.

We hope you enjoy browsing our collection of three-stone engagement rings and find the one that captures your heart. Need more information? Please contact us via chat, email, or phone, and we will gladly assist you in finding the perfect engagement ring.

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