Harmony Medium 18K Gold Ring w. DiamondsHarmony Medium 18K Gold Ring w. Diamonds

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Harmony Medium 18K Gold Ring w. Diamonds
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Harmony Large 18K Gold Ring w. DiamondsHarmony Large 18K Gold Ring w. Diamonds

Dulong Fine Jewelry

Harmony Large 18K Gold Ring w. Diamonds
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Circle White 10K Gold Ring w. DiamondsCircle White 10K Gold Ring w. Diamonds
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Circle White 10K Gold Ring w. Diamonds
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Piyali 18K Gold Ring w. Sapphire & DiamondsPiyali 18K Gold Ring w. Sapphire & Diamonds
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Piyali 18K Gold Ring w. Sapphire & Diamonds
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Diyamanti Kava 14K Rosegold Ring w. Diamonds & SapphireDiyamanti Kava 14K Rosegold Ring w. Diamonds & Sapphire
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A halo engagement ring is the luxurious, step-up version of the solitaire ring. When size matters to you, this is the engagement ring setting you want because the halo design accentuates the ring top like no other. Here in our curated collections, we have some resplendent and unique halo engagement ring styles just waiting to be snatched up and said ‘YES!’ to! These rings have been designed and handcrafted in exclusive ateliers across Europe and abroad by some of the most creative designers.

• Halo setting in engagement rings
• Different kinds of halo engagement ring designs
• Hidden halo engagement rings

The halo engagement ring highlights

If you think “the more the merrier!” and love to highlight the main thing, then you will be blown away by the halo engagement ring styles.

Maximise visual grandeur
The halo is a versatile engagement ring setting that enlarges the ring top making the centre stone appear larger. All the more so, if it is a diamond and surrounding stones are of the same colour, cut and clarity grading.

Typically, the stones that make up a halo are tiny round brilliants or cushion-cut diamonds in a pavé setting. This creates a gorgeous sparkling circle around the main stone, capturing and reflecting light beautifully.

Glamorous halo engagement ring designs

Most halo engagement ring styles can be grouped by gemstone, shape combinations and placement. The centre stone in a halo engagement ring may be any precious gemstone such as a diamond, a ruby, an emerald, or a sapphire. Semi-precious stones like tourmaline, morganite and clear crystals too can be the main gemstone. Or the arrangement can be reversed with the coloured stones as the accents for a resplendent effect.

The halo-style ring bezel works well with any style of the ring band—pavé, semi-pavé, plain, two-toned gold, textured or twisted.

♦ Diamond halo rings
♦ Vintage-style accent halo rings with coloured gemstones
♦ Classic round or fancy cut halo rings
♦ Hidden halo rings
♦ Double halo rings

Diamond halo engagement rings
Diamond halo rings are all about luxurious sparkle and brilliance. A halo diamond ring is best when set with white diamonds with the same grade of colour, cut and clarity to achieve maximum brilliance. A setting and ring band in white gold will further accentuate the icy sparkle of the diamonds.

Are diamond halo engagement rings more expensive than a solitaire ring?
A 1-carat diamond can look huge in a halo engagement ring, so if you are on a tight budget, then this is the perfect design for you. Because you get a diamond ring that will look at least half a carat larger with the surrounding ring of tiny round brilliants. The total cost of the halo diamonds will still be lesser than buying a higher-carat solitaire ring. So if the size is what you want, then go for the halo design. An additional cost-effective tip is to buy a lab-grown diamond halo ring.

Vintage-style coloured gemstone halo engagement rings
Halo engagement ring designs can also feature a ring of coloured accent stones around the diamond. Coloured stones create a unique or vintage look for the retro-style fans among us. In reverse, a precious gemstone like sapphire, rubies or emeralds in the centre surrounded by tiny white diamonds is very royal, vintage-looking and much sought after as engagement rings.

Halo styles by gemstone cut or shape: Classic round or fancy cuts
The halo-style rings can accommodate any gemstone cut.

The classic round halo engagement rings have been around for a century now. Here the centre stone and the ring of accents are all round-cut, forming a simple yet dazzling ring to pop the question with.
Oval halo engagement rings A mild variation to the round halo rings, oval cut diamonds look spectacular in a halo setting. There are many beautiful setting variations that you can choose from.
Square halo engagement rings have diamonds in the ever-popular cushion, princess or Asscher cuts surrounded by cushion-cut or round brilliants.
Pear/teardrop and marquise halo rings are also style variants with a striking impact.
Rectangular cut halo rings bear clear, emerald cut diamonds or baguette diamonds in a halo setting. The longer profile cuts can be set in an east-west style, spilling elegance, sophistication and glamour all at once.

Double halo engagement rings
There are no limits to the number of halos you can have on an engagement ring. Designed for a more luxurious effect, double halo or triple halo designs add even more size and sparkle to your diamond engagement ring. Double halo engagement rings have two rows of pavé-set diamonds or gemstones surrounding the centre stone.

Hidden halo engagement rings
Hidden halo engagement rings are very popular, especially among women who love subtle elegance added to the mix of brilliance and sophistication. In hidden halo designs, a tiny band of diamonds sit beneath the centre stone and can typically only be seen in profile—like the hidden, and precious bond of love holding two hearts together. It gives your centre stone a gentle lift, more subtle than traditional halo settings.

We recommend that you read our Ring Size Guide for helpful information on buying the correct size for your chosen halo engagement ring.

Here’s wishing you a Happy Halo Engagement Ring shopping!

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