Nature Ring 18K Rosegold Ring w. DiamondsNature Ring 18K Rosegold Ring w. Diamonds
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Ole Lynggaard

Nature Ring 18K Rosegold Ring w. Diamonds
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Mini Edith Gold, Whitegold or Rosegold Ring w. DiamondsMini Edith Gold, Whitegold or Rosegold Ring w. Diamonds
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Curve 18K Rosegold Ring w. DiamondCurve 18K Rosegold Ring w. Diamond
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D'avie 18K Rosegold Ring w. 42 DiamondsD'avie 18K Rosegold Ring w. 42 Diamonds

Helgstrand Jewelry

D'avie 18K Rosegold Ring w. 42 Diamonds
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Candy Sweet Pink 18K Rosegold Ring w. Sapphire & DiamondsCandy Sweet Pink 18K Rosegold Ring w. Sapphire & Diamonds
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Vieri Fine Jewelry

Candy Sweet Pink 18K Rosegold Ring w. Sapphire & Diamonds
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Deliciously stylish and oh so romantic, rose gold engagement rings are a favourite among modern women of impeccable taste. Knowing exactly how irresistible these are, we have curated a brilliant collection of rose gold engagement rings, offering you plenty of drool-worthy choices. Our rose gold engagement rings are sourced from the finest ateliers across Europe and abroad. Rest assured, the rose gold engagement ring of your dreams is awaiting you among our gorgeous collections.

• What is rose gold?
• Is rose gold a good choice for engagement rings?
• Charming styles in rose gold engagement rings
• How to choose a rose gold engagement ring?

Rose gold engagement rings—an excellent choice

Beautiful and elegant, rose gold engagement rings for women are all the rage today. Glorious in their magnificent rosy hues, rose gold engagement rings tingle with the magic of love and fidelity, making them perfect emblems of deep relationships and unforgettable love stories.

What’s rose gold?

Ever wonder if rose gold is really gold? Yes, it is! Rose gold is essentially a solid gold alloy comprising pure gold and metals like copper and silver to give it that unique rosy tone. More the copper in the alloy, the deeper the reddish hue in rose gold.

Rose gold comes in multiple purities such as 18 karat and 14 karat. When it's hallmarked as 18k, the rose gold engagement ring will have 75% pure gold in it, whereas the 14k variant will have 58.3% gold.

Why choose a rose gold engagement ring?

A romantic hue
Rose gold engagement rings effortlessly paint modern love stories with extraordinary finesse. When chosen mindfully, they are also a fine reflection of the wearer’s own elegant sense of style. Rose gold engagement rings are also perfect for those who love subtle elegance and wish for something different from conventional yellow gold.

Fabulous designs
Whether simple bands or dazzling diamond-encrusted rings or colourful gemstone-studded creations, rose gold engagement rings are resplendent, to say the least. There are plenty of classic as well as contemporary designs to choose from, fitting every style preference.

Being an alloy, rose gold is tougher than pure gold and less prone to wear and tear. Rose gold engagement rings in 18k and 14k are exceptionally long-lasting and quite resistant to scratches. With a little bit of loving care, your rose gold engagement ring can last a lifetime.

Charming rose gold engagement rings styles for you

Unconventional but riveting rose gold only engagement rings
Solid rose gold engagement rings come in minimal, stylish and contemporary styles. If you are shopping alone, you can choose a rose gold engagement ring for your beloved from gloriously intricate designs or from quiet minimalist ones to match her preference and you are all set to get that coveted “yes”!

Simple rose gold bands with or without a smattering of stones are loved by minimalists.
On the other hand, there are those stunners featuring classy elements like highly polished knots and lace detailing in blushing rose gold.
Fusion rings in rose gold featuring individual pieces that fit together seamlessly are yet another contemporary style to make a loving statement in rose gold.

Rose gold and diamond engagement rings
A delightful combination, rose gold and diamonds are simply divine in engagement rings. You can choose from simple, classy solitaire styles, three-stone rings or the cluster or halo settings. Rose gold diamond engagement rings in various themes like flowers, seashells and moving waves can also be picked up as a token of love that is as unique and breathtaking as your woman.

Diamonds need not always be white. In our hand-picked engagement ring collections you will find beautiful and modern diamond engagement ring styles featuring chocolate or mildly tinted champagne diamonds set in romantic rose gold.

Eternity and diamond line diamond rings in rose gold are popular as engagement rings because they can be stacked along with wedding bands and other special rings over the years.

Rose gold and gemstone engagement rings

Your engagement ring need not be a diamond ring. If you prefer colour or want some positive crystal vibes of pink, green or blue stone rings set in subtle rose gold, you won't be disappointed. We have a delightful selection of rings with colourful gemstones that are simply stunning, to say the least.

Perfect for those who like colourful jewelry, sparkling morganite, emerald, ruby, pink, yellow and blue sapphires, tourmaline, peridot and many more rings of many lovely hues, cuts and settings are waiting to be crowned as your gorgeous rose gold engagement ring. You could also choose a rose gold engagement ring with your lady’s birthstone, adding a special significance to your token of promise.

Rose gold engagement ring gemstone cuts and shapes

In rose gold settings you can choose a ring in any shape with the ring bezel and stone cut that you have your eye on.
♥ A rose gold ring with an oval setting is flattering on most hands, with a remarkable lengthening effect on fingers. Choose your oval rose gold engagement rings from our stunning collections featuring diamonds and other mesmerising precious gemstones.
♥ The rose gold princess engagement rings with round or cushion-cut stones are classic favourites.
♥ The teardrop, baguette or emerald-cut stones are classic and elegant and also very popular engagement ring designs loved by the modern women.
♥ For the quirky soul, an asymmetric arrangement with abstract shapes in a rose gold setting may be just what the heart desires!

How to choose a rose gold engagement ring?

Buying the perfect rose gold engagement ring need not be daunting as long as you keep these helpful tips in mind.

♥ We urge you to get to know your fiancée’s taste in jewelry: Would she like a rose gold engagement ring with or without gemstones? What shape would she prefer—an oval rose gold engagement ring or a round one?
♥ Buy your rose gold engagement ring from reputed jewellers who ensure quality. Good quality precious jewelry is generally accompanied by certificates attesting to their hallmarking, weight and source.
♥ Get your engagement ring size right!
Read our Ring Size Guide for valuable tips and measuring methods.
♥ Plan your engagement ring purchase well in advance. Because some items are made-to-order and take time to be delivered.

Designer rose gold engagement rings are poetic and simply gorgeous. If you are looking for a very special rose gold engagement ring, come shop with us to find the perfect one for the love of your life.

Contact us with your rose gold engagement ring questions. We are here to help you make your dream come true.

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