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Delphis Silver Ring w. Diamond
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Elegant and precious, a silver engagement ring is a beautiful token of your deep love, connection and commitment. Sterling silver engagement rings are gorgeous in their appearance, durable and infinitely stylish. Our handpicked collection of sterling silver engagement rings for women offers plenty of drool-worthy choices from several gifted designers across Europe and abroad.

• Silver and sterling silver
• Is silver a good choice for engagement rings?
• Sterling silver engagement rings designs
• How to choose a sterling silver engagement ring?

Silver engagement rings—why women love them

Mesmerising in their lovely moonlight sheen, silver engagement rings have always been quite fascinating. The gorgeous metal reflects the romance of moonbeams and stands for purity, inner clarity and luck. Silver is extensively used for making rings of every kind, including engagement rings because pristine silver couples beautifully with gemstones of all colours. Intricate patterns and textures emerge breathtaking in sterling silver engagement rings. Really, there is no limit to the timeless glamour of silver engagement rings which have seamlessly embraced the changing style standards across generations.

Some things to understand about silver and sterling silver rings

Designer silver engagement rings are handcrafted in sterling silver as, pure silver, hallmarked as 999 (99.9% pure) is too soft to create long-lasting rings. Furthermore, among jewelry pieces, rings experience the hardest knocks and scratches. Therefore silver engagement rings are best crafted in silver alloys hallmarked as British 925 sterling silver, German 835 or Scandinavian 720. With an additional surface coating of rhodium or gold, sterling silver engagement rings are durable and ready to take on the world!

Silver jewelry hallmarking
Hallmarking indicates the purity of silver in your jewelry. It is a stamp often tucked away discreetly within the inner curves of your silver engagement ring. If it is a sterling silver engagement ring, it would be hallmarked 925/92.5 or even "SS".

Is sterling silver real silver?
Yes, indeed! Most fine silver jewelry is made in sterling silver. Hallmarked as 925 silver, sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver mixed with metals such as copper or zinc. Sterling silver engagement rings are often coated with rhodium for a gleaming finish and durability.

Why choose a silver engagement ring?

For the love of silver
A designer sterling silver engagement ring is just what you might be looking for if your girl loves silver. Sterling silver engagement rings are a good fit for those who wish to steer clear of conventional tones of yellow gold. The mystical attributes of this moonlight metal add to the magic of a sterling silver engagement ring. As mentioned before, there really is nothing quite as romantic as silver when it comes to tokens of love, symbolising lasting bonds.

Fabulous designs
Sterling silver engagement rings are available in every design imaginable. Being highly malleable, silver lends itself to the most intricate designs in the hands of expert craftsmen. Ranging from simple engraved bands to fascinating pieces of contemporary wearable art, glittering with diamonds and more, you will be spoilt for choices when it comes to sterling silver engagement rings.

It is also significant to note that sterling silver engagement rings, while absolutely dazzling, are often relatively inexpensive compared to gold and platinum jewelry. You can easily find one to fit every budget. A designer silver engagement ring is quite indistinguishable from rings made from other precious white metals like white gold and platinum.

Stylish sterling silver engagement rings for you

Silver diamond engagement rings
Silver and diamonds are simply enchanting together. The cool white lustre of sterling silver presents a beautiful backdrop for the fire of glittering diamonds. It need not always be white diamonds. Black diamonds set in sterling silver could make a most interesting yet unique engagement ring for your beloved. Silver engagement rings with a diamond halo around a central rock are also an elegant and trending design to consider.

Silver eternity engagement rings
Imagine a river of moonlight wrapped around her finger. That is a silver infinity band for you. When studded with diamonds or other stunning gemstones, these silver infinity rings are infinitely alluring. Plus, infinity bands are trending high as engagement rings at the moment!

Silver gemstone rings
The colourful elegance of nature’s most precious gemstones looks stunning when set in sterling silver. Rubies, emeralds, sapphires— take your pick! They all look divine in combination with silver. Opals, moonstones and pearls set in sterling silver look ravishing in their muted splendour. You could choose a sterling silver engagement ring with your lady’s birthstone, adding a special significance to your token of promise.

Silver only rings
Silver is a jewel smith's dream. You can find a profusion of the most interesting designs and themes among sterling silver engagement rings. Contemporary designs in solid sterling silver are much sought after for their incredible variety and natural elegance. Choose a sterling silver engagement ring for your beloved from classy intricate designs or from quiet minimalist ones to match her preferences and you are all set to get that “yes”!

How to choose a sterling silver engagement ring

Buying the perfect sterling silver engagement ring need not be daunting as long as you keep these helpful tips in mind.

We urge you to get to know your fiancée’s taste in jewelry: Would she like a silver engagement ring with or without gemstones? What shape would she prefer—a square silver engagement ring or a round one?
Buy your sterling silver engagement ring from reputed jewellers who ensure quality. Good quality silver and gemstone jewelry is often accompanied by certificates attesting to their hallmarking, weight and source.
Check the hallmarking of silver used in your ring. Sterling silver rings are stamped SS or 925.
Get your engagement ring size right! If you are wondering about the ring size you should buy, check out our Ring Size Guide for valuable tips and suggestions.
Since some items take time to be delivered, we recommend you plan your engagement ring purchase well in advance.

Caring for your silver engagement ring
Like any other bit of jewelry, sterling silver engagement rings benefit from a dash of TLC.
Avoid bringing your silver engagement ring in contact with harsh detergents or chemicals.
Store your silver engagement ring separate from other pieces of jewelry to avoid scratches.
Even sterling silver will tarnish over time. However, it can be easily cleaned with some silver polish and a soft cloth.

Sterling silver engagement rings are lovely in their pristine elegance. If you have these beauties on your mind, come shop with us to find the perfect silver engagement ring for the love of your life.

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