Timeless and classy, round-cut engagement rings are always in vogue. If you love brilliance combined with simple aesthetics then the round engagement ring is just right for you. Check out our gorgeous collections of handcrafted, designer engagement rings set with round-cut diamonds and gemstones. We have lovingly curated them from the best design ateliers across Europe and some from exotic locales across the globe.

• What is a round-cut engagement ring all about?
• Round-cut diamonds in engagement rings
• Round-cut coloured gemstones in engagement rings

What is a round-cut gemstone?

Round-cut gemstones are well, round! They display a round profile when viewed from the top. What’s so fascinating is the incredible sparkle and brilliance the modern round-cutting style brings! So whether it is a diamond or any other gemstone, the round cut presents them in all their glory with excellent dispersion of light.

What does a round engagement ring symbolise?
The round-cut engagement ring is a traditional choice, which perfectly fits conservative tastes in jewelry. It stands for endless love and fidelity. For a couple or a bride-to-be who enjoys conventional designs, the round-cut engagement ring is just right!

Round-cut diamond engagement rings

Diamonds are the bestsellers when it comes to engagement rings. Round-cut diamond engagement rings are the most popular, outselling all other types of engagement rings. They account for 70% of all diamond engagement rings sold.

Buying hints to get the dream round brilliant engagement ring that fits your budget too!

Gorgeously brilliant, round-cut diamond rings are simply beautiful. Here's what you need to know when you are shopping for your round engagement ring.

High demand, high price. The round brilliant diamonds are a bit more expensive than other fancy cuts.

Knockout clarity. A round cut diamond's brilliance and sparkle easily mask inclusions or colour, making them appear quite flawless compared to other cuts.

If the stone size is important to you, go for a higher carat round diamond with medium clarity grading.

Round brilliants have ideal proportions (a perfect circle), and therefore have a cut grade

If brilliance and sparkle are what you want, then make sure you have a cut grade ranging between excellent to very good cut

In short, you will need to balance carat weight vs clarity, cut and colour grading to suit your round diamond engagement ring budget.

Beautiful styles in round-cut diamond engagement rings

The round shape of the centre stone makes it versatile and ring designs come in a myriad of styles.

Round-cut solitaire engagement rings
Round-cut solitaires are simply stunning. The brilliant cut with 58 facets offers the finest sparkle. Set on simple yellow, rose or white gold bands, round-cut solitaires are very desirable. Some interesting round-cut ring shank designs are:
Pavé-set bands with more tiny diamonds add to the loveliness of this super-classy design.
Twisted bands of polished gold and silver beautifully offset the classic shape of round-cut diamonds.
Filigree bands enhance the vintage look of the round-cut diamond engagement ring.

Halo round-cut diamond engagement rings
The halo diamond engagement ring features a “halo” of smaller diamonds encircling the round-cut diamond in the centre. It is a stylish design enjoying great popularity among the glitterati as well.

Buying hint: When on a budget, a halo style is preferable because it enhances the size of the central stone. The cost of the smaller accent stones may be a tad lesser than increasing the round-cut solitaire's carat weight.

Three-stone round diamond engagement rings
The classic three-stone style embodies timeless elegance. It often features one larger round diamond flanked by two slightly smaller stones. This is an excellent choice for those who like conventional designs with a lot of sparkles.

Round-cut coloured gemstone engagement rings

Round-cut gemstones like rubies and sapphires are charming choices for engagement rings. Frankly, the options are endless when it comes to round-cut gemstones in matters of colour and affordability. Many of these stunners are easily more budget-friendly than diamonds. Moreover, if you choose a birthstone as the round centre stone, it certainly adds a special meaning to the engagement ring!

A coloured gemstone with a diamond halo really seems like the best of both worlds, doesn’t it?

A few things to remember

Buy diamond and gemstone rings only from reputed jewellers
Check the hallmarking of gold used in your ring. This indicates the purity standard of the metal used to make the ring.
Get your engagement ring size right! If you are wondering about the ring size you should buy, check out our Ring Sizing Guide to understand ring sizing for the perfect fit and watch our ring sizing video before you choose your engagement ring size.

Go ahead and explore a diverse mix of gorgeous round-cut engagement rings to select the ring that’ll win her over!

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