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Your one-of-a-kind bride-to-be deserves a one-of-a-kind opal engagement ring! Known as the Queen of gems, stunningly unique opals are the perfect choice of gemstone for an original engagement ring. Displaying an iridescent kaleidoscope of colours, the magical mystique of opals symbolises fidelity and hope, giving deeper meaning to this special item of jewelry.

• Do opals make a good engagement ring choice?
• Best shapes, cuts, and settings for opal engagement rings
• Opal and diamond engagement ring designs
• Caring for your opal engagement ring

Do opals make a good engagement ring choice?

Absolutely! Not everyone is after a diamond engagement ring and the good news is that, as well as being eye-catching and unique, opal engagement rings are far more budget-friendly than big diamond rings. They are fabulously suited to women who set trends with their distinctive style choices.

Meaningful and lucky opal rings!

As an engagement ring, opal rings symbolise fidelity and hope. Their lustrous shine and iridescent brilliance represent the spark of a faithful relationship. In the middle ages, opals with their rainbow hues were considered to possess the versatile benefits of many gemstones and were worn as a good luck charm. Opals are believed to have unique healing powers and to intensify relationships. As the October birthstone, an opal engagement ring will be personal to an October-born bride.

One-of-a-kind opal engagement rings

The beauty and allure of opals lie in their unique flash of colours, called ‘the play of colour’, that makes each stone so different. Not only are opals found in a wide variety of colours, but they also display different patterns and give off their own uniquely iridescent sparkle. When you opt for an opal engagement ring, you know that your choice is irreplicable – just like your special bride-to-be.
Check out our Ring Sizing Guide to understand ring sizing and find the perfect fit for you. Watch this ring sizing video before choosing your engagement ring size.

Best shapes, cuts, settings, and designs for opal engagement rings

Opal cuts
Opals are smooth stones and are usually, set in polished cabochon cut which highlights their lustre and shine. Cabochon opal rings range in shape from oval, round, pear or marquise with a flat base and a domed top.
Asscher-cut faceted opals emerged in the 1990s in Ethiopia and are rarely found elsewhere. The Asscher cut is a square emerald cut, which reflects the iridescence of opals in a stunning play of light and colour. The Asscher-cut opal is often found in a solitaire prong setting to emphasise its beauty and brilliance.

Popular opal engagement ring settings include
♥ A classic 14k or 18k gold bezel setting for round, pear, Asscher-cut or teardrop-shaped opals. This setting offers the best protection for delicate opals set in daily wear rings like engagement rings. A thin band gives the illusion that the translucent stone is floating on your finger.
♥ A boho twist ring design features pear-shaped opals in a horizontal bezel setting.
Solitaire prong setting – this minimalist design allows the natural beauty of vibrant pastels or the dazzling glow of fire opals to take centre stage. A classic 18 karat gold band, with rounded prongs and bead accents, complements the curves of the oval centre stone. Another variation is a vintage-inspired beaded 14 karat gold band with a simple four-prong setting.
♥ A golden halo setting features a bezel-set solitaire opal in 18 karat gold.

Opal engagement rings in solid gold settings
The rainbow stone opal, with its vast array of colours and rainbow flash, exudes a classic charm when set in 14k or 18k yellow, rose or white gold. Blue and green opals on rhodium-plated white gold resonate with cool freshness, while red opals are resplendent in bright yellow gold. White opals are beautifully complimented by the warm gentle glow of gorgeous rose gold.

To buy the best quality gold opal engagement rings, check its hallmarking standards. Gold hallmarking stamps indicate the percentage of purity of gold used in the ring: 916 (22k), 750 (18k), and 585 (14k). We would recommend 14k and 18k gold for your opal engagement for its good combination of value, strength and durability.

Opal and diamond engagement ring designs
The classic combination of opals and diamonds creates a look of effortless luxury. The sparkle of diamonds amplifies the radiance of opals, making a stunning engagement ring!
♥ Choose a round or oval opal in a solitaire setting with a pavé-set diamond band for classic style
♥ A single opal flanked by symmetrical diamonds in the traditional 3-stone ring is an irresistibly dazzling combination
♥ Oval-shaped fire opal is beautifully complemented by the warm tones of a gorgeous rose gold pavé band
♥ A nestled opal and diamond design feature an iridescent opal with a petite diamond nestled atop.
♥ Without a doubt, the most popular opal and diamond engagement ring is the halo design. This on-trend style features different shaped opals in a cabochon or Asscher cut as the centrepiece, framed by channel or pavé-set diamonds in a variety of halo styles from floral and hexagonal to cushion and teardrop.

Caring for your opal engagement ring

Opals in rings can easily scratch as opals are medium-soft stones, measuring 5.5-6.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness. Always take your opal engagement ring to a reputable jeweller for cleaning as they will offer expert service. Wear your opal engagement ring with love and you will ensure it becomes a future heirloom.

We invite you to browse the diverse selection of engagement rings set with natural opals and be mesmerised by the stunning designs from among our expertly curated designer collections. We also offer expert guidance and would love to assist you in making that once-in-a-lifetime purchase!

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