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Coloured stone engagement rings are a super stylish choice to seal your love. Each piece is naturally unique because every gemstone used is quite like no other. This makes coloured gemstone engagement rings especially attractive to the modern woman who loves her jewelry to be exclusive. Check out our collections of beautiful coloured gemstone engagement rings. These gorgeous beauties have been handcrafted by talented designers across Europe. The gemstones come with authenticity certificates and every piece is handpicked and quality-checked by us.

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Colourful gemstones in engagement rings

Coloured gemstone engagement rings are attractive because everyone loves the fascinating pop of colours they bring. Well, everyone has a favourite colour and nature generously provides handsomely for each when it comes to gemstones. Moreover, gemstones are believed to have the power to attract good luck, health, and prosperity. Especially if you select the stones of your colourful engagement ring according to birthstones or zodiac signs!

Spirited reds and pinks
Rubies are the first thing that comes to mind when we think of red gemstones. However, there are so many gorgeous gemstones like tourmalines, carnelians, spinels and even sapphires in stunning shades ranging from blood-red to beautiful baby-pink.

Blue gemstone engagement rings are absolutely regal in elegance. In addition to the ever-popular blue sapphires, we have tanzanites, tourmalines and aquamarines to woo your blue-loving soul. For something different from the blue family, we have amethysts in the loveliest purple-lavender shades.

Gorgeous greens
Emeralds are the toppers here. However, there are several equally stunning yet less expensive options among green gemstones. Tsavorites, peridots, green sapphires and tourmalines could effortlessly paint your love in the most breathtaking shades of green.

Cheery yellows and earthy browns
Topaz, sapphires, citrines, spinels and tourmalines are beautiful in their cheerful yellow palettes. For those who love the robust tones of brown, there are garnets, tiger’s eye and tourmalines in lovely earthy shades.

Coloured diamond engagement rings

If diamonds are on your mind, but you would still like a bit of colour, then coloured diamond solitairs are the ideal choice. Aside from the ever-sought-after colourless or top-grade white diamonds, coloured diamonds come in beautiful shades of pink, yellow, blue, and green. Less expensive yet highly attractive, champagne, brown and black diamonds are trending favorites when it comes to coloured diamond and rose gold engagement rings.

How to choose a coloured gemstone engagement ring

Because of their rarity and enduring nature, gemstone rings are popular choices for engagement rings. We have in our coloured gemstone engagement ring collections a beautiful array in handcrafted designs at a range of price points. When you browse for colourful engagement rings, you can search by material, stones, pricing or designs.

By material Precious gemstone engagement rings may be crafted in white, yellow, or rose gold or gold-plated sterling silver or affordable sterling silver.

By pricing Generally coloured gemstone engagement rings are priced based on the carat weight of the stone and the ring material. Large gemstone rings cost more than smaller ones. Clear and even coloured gemstones are more valuable than dull ones of uneven colour.

By different settings Gemstone rings in sterling silver and gold come in different types of settings such as prong, bezel, channel or pave.

Solitaire coloured gemstone engagement rings are stunning and elegant. These are ideal for minimalists who like clean contours and the magic of monochrome in jewelry.

Halo engagement rings with coloured stones are classic and really beautiful

Cluster settings with different colours and sizes of gemstones look thoroughly stunning and unique. Asymmetric cluster ring designs are especially trending at the moment.

Eternity bands with single or multiple colours are lovely. These can be found in many styles that appeal to both minimalists and maximalists.

Get your engagement ring size right! If you are wondering about the ring size you should buy, check out our Ring Sizing Guide to understand ring sizing for the perfect fit and watch our ring sizing video before you choose your engagement ring size.

We hope you find the perfect coloured gemstone engagement ring in our handpicked collections. Please contact us if you want clarification from jewelry experts about the quality or care of gemstones or if you have questions about the delivery time. We will be delighted to help.

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