Top 10 Valentine's Day Gifts

Is Valentine's Day hot or not?

How do you feel about Valentine's Day? Is it a bit commercial, overrated and materialistic? Or can we perceive it as a nice reminder to remember each other, remember love?
Why should love only be celebrated on one certain day of the year.  Who is to decide when you, I and everyone else have the desire and need for love? 
On the other hand, during this dark and cold winter, we tend to get pretty lazy and leisurely so maybe what we need is a loving kick in the back to remind us to love each other and not least ourselves.

A love shout-out

This year is the year we at The Jewellery Room have decided to pay tribute to love and jump on the Valentine's Love carriage to celebrate love. Are you ready to hop onboard?

To us Valentine’s is not necessarily about love for a girlfriend or wife, but about love for someone you just think deserves it. A little "love-shout-out" to a friend, sister, mother, brother, father, daughter, aunt or maybe to yourself.

To help along the way, we have made a suggestion on how you show your love and celebrate these 24 hours of love. With our Valentine’s Day edit of the 10 best Valentine's Day gifts to get now we are pretty sure you’ll get the message of love out there.

Happy Valentines


Three overall rules when looking for the best gift for Valentine's Day


  • Choose a piece of jewelry that is personal, something with symbolic value and a story that you and the receiver have in common.
  • Remember, a love gift does not have to be a ring, it can be a necklace, earrings or a beautiful bracelet which can be worn every single day forever.
  • Diamonds! If there are diamonds involved in your Valentine's Day gift, you are already points ahead. Diamonds have a very special symbolic meaning and there are plenty of jewelry with big or tiny diamonds, so go ahead and discover



      The 10 best Valentine's Day Gifts

       1. Zodiac signs

      It is no secret that a zodiac sign is significant and personal to the one who wears it. If you give a zodiac sign you are almost certain that the receiver will know that this wasn’t just a random gift, but something you thought of as a gift with a personal story. Without greater effort you also reflect that you like the characteristics that this particular zodiac sign possesses.

      2. Letters & Initials

      Letter pendants for necklaces are personal and everyone loves them. Whether you gift the recipient's own letter or let them carry your initials, a child's letter or something else of importance, they will be received with joy. Letter pendants are available in several different designs with or without diamonds. 

      3. Hearts

      Hearts are the ultimate symbol of love, and besides, they are just gorgeous and carry the most beautiful symbolism. That said, a heart is not just a heart. You can choose the asymmetrical heart pendant that hangs slightly at an angle, in a more fun whimsical direction with a Balloon-inspired heart pendant or you can gift the elegant and timeless heart, as an eternal declaration of love.

      4. Flowers

      A piece of jewelry with a floral motif is an alternative but fantastic way to give “flowers”. There is no doubt that flowers make any woman happy, so why not combine the best of the best and buy a jewelry with a floral motif as a Valentine's Day gift. Each time she will look at the bloom, she’ll remember you!

      5. Huggies & Hoops 

      Earrings are jewelry you can use every day, and perfect as a gift. The tiny hoops,  also called huggies are the most popular jewelry  category the moment. These beauties are simple and classic and suit every ear. The small diamond huggies are on our top bestseller list right now, so this would be your safe choice to gift for Valentine’s Day

      6. The Knot Rings

      The Absloutely Knot rings are our most the coveted rings just now. They are handcrafted by the Swedish designer, Engelbert Stockholm. The rings which are shaped like a beautifully tied knot are symbolic in their expression and the story of the "knot rings” is inspired by the saying "to tie the knot". The ring is often used as the ultimate love or engagement ring.

      7. Pearl Jewelry

      Pearls are next to diamonds, the most coveted in jewelry and have been for a long time.

      Especially pearl earrings and pearl necklaces have had a renaissance. They have been reinvented into new modern designs and the expression is always extremely stylish.

      8. Diamond rings

      We have mentioned it before, but a diamond ring is the best piece of jewelry you can gift another. Consider an Eternity ring seen as a symbol of infinite love. As an alternative rings with fewer diamonds or a single larger diamond have the same love effect, so fear not, there are several diamond rings to choose from, both in style, size and price range.

      9. Engagement rings U & I by Marie Mas

      The amazing U & I rings are completely unique because they unite an engagement ring with a wedding ring. The ingenious design of the rings is created so that part of the ring is used as an engagement ring and the other part is Almost wrapped around the engagement ring when you get married and thus surround love. They are available in gold, white gold, rose gold and even with engraving or beautiful enamel colors.

      10. Bergsøe "Limited Edition" Valentine's Day Jewelry

      One of our coveted designers, Josephine Bergsøe has created 5 unique pieces made especially for The Jewellery Room for Valentine's Day. Only 5 pieces of jewelry are handmade for this special occassion and you can be the first to get your hands in them for Valentines.
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