Seraphina Trio 18K Gold Ring w. Rubies & DiamondSeraphina Trio 18K Gold Ring w. Rubies & Diamond
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Kuda Rubi 18K Gold Ring w. Ruby & DiamondsKuda Rubi 18K Gold Ring w. Ruby & Diamonds
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Kuda Rubi 18K Gold Ring w. Ruby & Diamonds
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Josephine 14K Gold Ring w. Diamonds, Rubies, Tsavorites & SapphiresJosephine 14K Gold Ring w. Diamonds, Rubies, Tsavorites & Sapphires
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Rebacca 18K Gold Ring w. Diamond & RubyRebacca 18K Gold Ring w. Diamond & Ruby
Varnaya Taruva 18K Gold Ring w. Tourmaline, Sapphire, Ruby & DiamondsVarnaya Taruva 18K Gold Ring w. Tourmaline, Sapphire, Ruby & Diamonds
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Lara Bar 18K Gold Ring w. RubiesLara Bar 18K Gold Ring w. Rubies
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Lara Bar 18K Gold Ring w. Rubies
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Lara Bar 18K Gold Ring w. Diamonds & RubiesLara Bar 18K Gold Ring w. Diamonds & Rubies
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Eline 18K Gold Ring w. Diamonds & RubiesEline 18K Gold Ring w. Diamonds & Rubies
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When she’s one in a million, a ruby engagement ring is a fitting choice for your bride-to-be. More precious than diamonds, rubies are rare and rings set with a ruby symbolise love, desire, and courage. They also attract light and peace – all the components of a successful marriage. The rich red colour of this fiery gemstone is said to set hearts aflame, so it is no wonder that ruby engagement rings are known as the most romantic choice. Here, we have a fine selection of ruby rings in handcrafted designs waiting to adorn the finger of your bride!

• Why say yes to a ruby engagement ring?
• Eye-catching ruby rings by colour, cut, and setting
• Popular ruby engagement ring designs
• Ruby and diamond engagement rings
• Getting the right fit and taking care of your ruby engagement ring

Why say yes to a ruby engagement ring?

Not only are rubies vividly beautiful and precious, but their 9.0 Mohs hardness rating makes them second only to diamonds as the most durable gemstone. Boasting beauty, value, and durability, rubies make excellent engagement rings. As the July birthstone, a ruby engagement ring holds special meaning for women born in July.

Eye-catching ruby rings by colour, cut, and setting

Ruby engagement rings are especially eyecatchng because of the colour and exquisite nature of the ruby gemstione. When beautifully cut by master stone cutter and set in beautiful settings crafted by master goldsmiths, you have a winning engagement ring handsdown!

Ruby colours

Natural rubies include Burmese (the rarest), African, Thai, Tanzania, Madagascar, and Afghanistan Ruby Gemstones, which occur in a corresponding range of colours from a deep crimson to a lighter rose red, with shades of orange, pink and purple in between. The most valuable shade is pigeon-blood red, a vivid carmine with a tinge of purple. The depth of the red colour depends on the amount of chromium present in the stone that glows in the sunshine.

Best cuts for ruby engagement rings

The round cut is the most popular cut for a ruby engagement ring. This circular shape brings out all the important qualities of light and colour in the ruby gemstone. The round cut also matches well with other round cut stones and leaves room for detailed metal work setting in solitaire rings.

Oval cut is another common stone cut for ruby engagement rings. The versatile oval shape can be paired with smaller oval- or round-cut and other accent gemstones. Oval-cut rubies often appear larger and offer elegance and a delicate look on a finger.

Cushion-cut ruby engagement rings have spectacular vintage-looks. When set in a diamond halo and filigree metalwork, the look is an antique style that is much loved and admired.

Emerald, princess, or baguette cut rubies are all angular straight cuts. While the emerald and baguette are step cut in arectangular shape, the princess is a brilliant-square cut. They work well with other accent gemstone

Ruby engagement ring settings

When it comes to settings there are three key designs: pavé, prong, or bezel.

Pave setting is a popular choice for ruby engagement rings. It’s simple, classic, and elegant, and it works for solitaires, tri-stones, accent gemstones, and many other styles.

Four-prong settings are also often used in ruby engagement rings, where the ruby rests securely inside the prongs, and any band design or metalwork accents complement the stone shapes and cuts.

Bezel setting is very vintage and allows for alternating gemstone shapes. The bezel cut holds the ruby in a bowl shaped setting and therefore is very secure and protective. The centre stone appears larger than its actual size in this setting.

Solid gold settings and rubies are a perfect match. The classic solid gold settings for rubies are 14k or 18k yellow, rose, or white gold. Ruby engagement rings in bright yellow gold accentuates the rich, blood-red colour of a precious ruby, while white gold provides a striking contemporary contrast to a beautiful stone's vivid red or deep pink colour. The fiery tones of rubies are also beautifully complimented by the warm gentle glow of gorgeous rose gold rings.

To buy the best quality gold ruby engagement rings, check its hallmarking standards. Gold hallmarking stamps indicate the percentage of purity of gold used in the ring: 916 (22k), 750 (18k), and 585 (14k). We would recommend 14k and 18k gold for your ruby engagement for its strength and durability.

Popular ruby engagement ring designs

Ruby solitaire, three-stone, and ruby accent gemstone rings are rich, beautiful options for engagement rings. Solitaire variations are still a winning choice:
♥ This timeless prong setting focuses all the attention on the precious solitaire ruby.
♥ A classic east-west design gives a unique look to the centre ruby with the stone set horizontally on the band. This ring represents the vast distance you would go for your partner.
♥ The cathedral twist ruby engagement ring has an oval centre ruby to elongate the fingers of its wearer. The traditional cathedral head delicately cradles the ruby to let more light hit and accentuate the gemstone. Less is more in this beautifully simple design.

Ruby and diamond engagement rings

A diamond and ruby engagement ring symbolises eternity and love. The contrasting intensity of a red ruby centre stone dressed up with the sparkle of white diamonds never fails to impress.

True, natural, excellent-grade rubies are rarer than diamonds and are therefore considerably higher in value. Pairing rubies with diamonds will actually save you money! Popular ruby and diamond engagement ring designs include:

♥ The pavé love knot design features a contemporary oval cut ruby with sparkling accent diamonds. The love knot design encircling the bottom of the stone is an irresistible ruby engagement ring design.
♥ An open twist halo design is a delicate balance of 14k or 18k gold and pavé set diamonds surrounding a spectacular ruby centre stone. This ring is the perfect symbol of an infinite promise.
♥ The diamond basket pavé is a stunning design from every angle. This classic micro pavé setting showcases a delicate ring setting with a side halo basket for optimal sparkle. With accent diamonds and a ruby centrepiece, this ring is a fitting celebration for your engagement.
♥ The classic ruby and diamond tri-stone design features a vivid red ruby flanked by similar-sized diamonds for maximum impact.

Getting the right fit and taking care of your ruby engagement ring

Check out our Ring Sizing Guide to understand ring sizing and find the perfect fit for you. Watch this ring sizing video before choosing your engagement ring size.

Care for your ruby engagement ring:
♦ To prevent scratching, store your ruby ring in a soft cloth or padded container.
♦ Ruby engagement rings may be cleaned at home using warm, soapy water and a soft cloth.
♦ Alternatively take your ring to a reputable jeweller, who can use ultrasonic and steam cleaning to ensure all the grease, grime, and buildup from the ring is quickly removed.

We invite you to browse our stunning selection of expertly curated engagement rings set with natural rubies and other gemstones. We also offer expert guidance and would love to assist you in making that once-in-a-lifetime purchase!

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