Gorgeous with a vintage allure, the marquise engagement ring may be just what you have been looking for. Wondering where to find the perfect one? Come right over to check out our excellent collection of marquise engagement rings! Here, you will find a stunning collection of marquise engagement rings from the best designers and bespoke collections in Scandinavia, Europe, and beyond.

• All about marquise engagement rings
• Marquise engagement ring styles
• Tips for buying marquise engagement rings

All about marquise engagement rings

What is the marquise cut?
Pronounced “mar-keys”, the marquise is royal-born. It is believed that this style came into existence following an imperial commission in the 18th century. The French ruler, King Louis XV wanted a diamond with a unique shape—to match the lips of his lover, the Marquise de Pompadour. And there you have the curious origin story of the marquise cut.

The shape
The marquise is an elongated, pointed oval that greatly enhances the impression of size. A marquise-cut diamond could look twice as big as a round brilliant of the same carat weight. If not as the central stone, marquise-cut gemstones work pure magic as accents. As an added advantage, this cut can make your finger appear long and slender as well. This ringhead shape works beautifully for filigree and classic designs, both alone and with other shapes to create an engagement ring that stands out in exceptional beauty.

Who says “Yes!” to the marquise cut?
Boldly vintage, the marquise engagement rings are perfect for those with a love for old-world charm and a chance to stand out from the crowd. The marquise shape embodies a love for pure glamour with ageless beauty.

Modern marquise aesthetics
However, do take note that the marquise engagement rings aren’t all about yesteryear glory. The latest marquise engagement ring collections have the marquise cut reflecting contemporary aesthetics splendidly. You can find minimal designs to extravagant ones sure to win that “Yes, I do!” from your ladylove. Many celebrities have embraced this style in their own love stories—Portia De Rossi and the ever-gorgeous Catherine Zeta-Jones!

Marquise diamond engagement ring styles for you

Diamonds are the most popular choice among marquise engagement rings. This vintage shape has been gloriously resurrected by contemporary designers to make it one of the most coveted styles for engagement rings today. Unique and definitely a conversation starter, the marquise diamond engagement ring never disappoints in being drool-worthy. Check out some of the latest trends in marquise diamond engagement rings below.

The solitaire marquise cut diamond engagement ring
The blend of romantic charm and bold glamour is a heady mix! This is unerringly reflected in the solitaire marquise diamond engagement ring. Solitaire marquise diamond rings in a classic prong setting are among the world’s favourite engagement ring styles today. Set on beautiful yellow, rose or white gold bands, these are simply stunning.
Some interesting marquise-cut ring shank designs are:

Pavé-set bands with more tiny diamonds add to the loveliness of this super-classy design.

Twisted bands of polished gold and silver beautifully offset the elongated shape of marquise diamonds.

Filigree bands enhance the vintage look of the marquise-cut diamond engagement ring.

Double bands complement the length of the marquise solitaire beautifully.

The east-west marquise diamond engagement ring
Usually set vertically, the marquise diamond takes on a whole new scintillating avatar when arranged east-west or horizontally. Designers and customers have both been loving the edgy feel of this alignment. It is perfect to create a design that sits “big” across the finger. The added plus is that the horizontal marquise is less likely to snag on anything and the endpoints are better protected.

The cluster marquise cut diamond engagement ring
Blindingly stunning, the cluster marquise engagement ring is the very stuff dreams are made of! The pointed oval shape of the marquise diamonds pairs beautifully with round and pear shapes to create the magic of limitless proportions. You can have simple minimalist arrangements with smaller stones. Or you can go all out with a jaw-dropping mix of large and small stones of the marquise and other complementary cuts for an engagement ring fit for a goddess!

♦ A three-stone triangle flanking a brilliant marquise in the centre
♦ A sizeable marquise diamond with smaller marquise diamonds and a modest brilliant on either side, all set in a line across the finger
♦ An asymmetric arrangement reflecting glamorous chaos that is as unique as you.

The solitaire marquise engagement ring with a double twist
What’s better than one brilliant solitaire? Two brilliant solitaires, of course!

A trending design in marquise engagement rings is a simple band open in the front, with one end capped by a glorious marquise diamond and the other with complementary shapes of nearly the same size like an emerald-cut or a pear-cut.

The eternity marquise diamond engagement ring
Smaller marquise diamonds look gorgeous when set end to end in simple bezels to create an eternity ring. This is a style well-loved by minimalists and those who love the muted sparkles in their engagement rings. When arranged vertically, the marquise eternity engagement ring appears exceptionally sparkly giving an impression of a far bigger diamond setting than it actually is.

The halo marquise diamond engagement ring
A halo of brilliants around a central marquise stone, set either vertically or horizontally, makes for a striking engagement ring. Perfect for those who like to show off their bling, this is a truly knock-out engagement ring.

Marquise cut coloured gemstone engagement rings

Although not quite as popular as the diamond versions, rubies, sapphires and other coloured gemstones look really pretty in marquise cuts. These pair exceptionally well with colourless diamonds as accents. In smaller sizes, the marquise-shaped coloured gemstones add immense beauty to asymmetrical arrangements in engagement rings.

A few things to remember when buying marquise engagement rings

Buy diamond and gemstone rings only from reputed jewellers
Select rings with settings that protect the points of your marquise stone from chipping or damage
Watch out for the bow tie effect.It refers to an area of reduced brilliance in the centre reminiscent of a bow tie found in most elongated shapes. A well-cut diamond effectively masks the bow tie effect.
Ensure symmetryThe endpoints need to align perfectly with each other for a well-balanced setting.
Check the hallmarking of gold used in your ring. This indicates the purity standard of the metal used to make the ring.
Get your engagement ring size right! If you are wondering about the ring size you should buy, check out our Ring Sizing Guide to understand ring sizing for the perfect fit and watch our ring sizing video before you choose your engagement ring size.

Designer engagement rings are not only exclusive but also exquisitely handcrafted. Our marquise engagement ring collections are sure to leave you just as breathlessly smitten as we are. Get shopping!

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