The perfect styling for Valentines Day

…all you need is love but a little bling-bling doesn’t hurt either 💝

It’s the most romantic month of the year and we’ve got you covered for all your jewelry and styling needs for Valentines Day. Because Friday - and any day really - we’re in love. ❤️

Whether you want to impress a date, rekindle love with your couple or you are planning a night out with your besties, let’s talk about how to nail your V-day jewelry styling. Because after years of low-key Valentine dates (aka couch-oriented) this year we’re all in for a grand celebration of love! After all, dressing up is what we love most about February 14th.

Choose the right Valentine’s outfit and upgrade it with jewelry

The key to an amazing and head-turning Valentine’s Day look is choosing a charming outfit (think dazzling sequin dresses, playful patterns, sexy lace garments or elegant satin and cashmere) and to pick out perfect accompanying accessories, like a heart-shaped jewelry piece, a statement necklace

or jazz your look up with a pair of intriguing earrings or sexy hoops.

But let’s start with the occasion. Are we dressing up in a gown and black-tie for a fancy night out at the opera, are we doing matchy-matchy with our significant other for a chill evening at the little eatery around the corner or are we planning a wild night out with the girls?

​​If you’re looking to make this Valentine’s Day extra special, you’ll want to look your very best. Opt for something romantic and feminine, like a flirty skirt, the classic red dress or high-waisted trousers in satin with a charming blouse. If you’re feeling bold, don’t be shy to rock a lovely heart print or red/pink color combinations. If you prefer a more subtle and classic look, go for a timeless silhouette.

Next, pick out the right accessories for the ultimate cupid-inspired looks. Mind if we shared our very favorite jewelry styling ideas and inspiration for Valentine’s Day?

Heart-shaped jewelry for Valentine’s Day to fall in love with

The epitome of classic and romantic Valentine’s Day styling of course is heart shaped jewelry and the best thing is, these will work all year round, too! Show the world your heart of gold with these must-have pieces for Valentine's Day. 💛

The utmost enchanting and carefully crafted 18K Gold Clasp for necklaces by the legendary Danish design-icon Ole Lynggaard celebrates love like few others. Aesthetically pleasing and yet so romantic, this heart-pendant is a classic expression of love.

We love that the Rock my Heart Pendant pendant from Ro Copenhagen includes a small sparkling diamond which of course is a universal symbol for eternal love and commitment. Wear it solo or combine it with letter shaped pendants to spell out your and your couples initials and you have created the ultimate Valentines Day look!

This heart-shaped pendant from RÊVER really is the ideal Valentine’s Jewelry piece because the feminine and charming rosegold tone is oh so very romantic. We are also in love with the lab-grown 0.02cts diamond lovingly placed into the heart.

Subtle, effortless and chic Valentine’s Day styling inspiration

We get it. While we love to celebrate Valentine’s, sometimes the occasion calls for a little less. If you just started dating someone new or would like to show your heart on your sleeve at the office, we’ve got you covered with casual and low-key Valentine’s styling inspo.

We are crushing on the rather subtle and intriguing Valentine’s look of the marvelous 18K Black Heart Gold Plated Bracelet by CbyC Jewelery. The awe inspiring combination of black onyx with warm gold and sparkling diamonds is simply stunning. Best yet, this bracelet is available in other color options too. Wear them solo or combined!

It may sound impossible, but subtle and compelling in one single design is very much possible and proven by this stunning set of diamond heart earrings by the über-talented Christine Hvelplund. Choose between 18 carat white, yellow or a soft rosegold and you have THE perfect Valentine’s look for the office or a romantic date-night out! We also love these charming Love studs by The Earring Shop.

Secret Valentine’s looks are your thing? Then look no further because a rather hidden Valentine’s message can be worn with these charming letter pendants. Use your lover’s initials, treat yourself to your own initials (because self-love is the greatest form of love!) or spell out a (foreign?) word of your choice. The combinations are endless!

Rules for styling for Valentine’s Day

Investing in a special piece of jewelry can make all the difference when it comes to your overall style. We hope that with these tips, you can look and feel your best this Valentine's Day. Because the most important rule in styling and dressing for Valentine’s Day? Mindful Love and self-love!

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