Calling all Emily in Paris Lovers!

We have some very exciting news! One of our amazing designers has been spotted in one of the most successful shows made by Netflix, watched by millions of people all around the world. The luxurious jewelry from the Danish brand Ole Lynggaard, is loved and worn by boss lady Sylvie throughout the series.

The Perfect Match

The Ole Lynggaard jewelry has been spotted on Sylvie from the series, as you may know as the boss of Emily in the French Marketing firm called Savoir - a woman you wouldn’t want to step toes with. Like the jewelry from Ole Lynggaard - Sylvie has a very timeless and classic look, whereas Emily and the other girls have a much more modern and cooler look. Sylvie has, among other pieces been spotted in the Leaves earrings and Leaves ring with diamonds from Ole Lynggaard.

We do apologize in advance if you can’t stop spotting the pieces from Ole Lynggaard when watching the series now. But on the other hand, we know it’s a sight that will not disappoint.

If you scroll down there will be direct links to the jewelry shown in Emily in Paris.

The Designer Ole Lynggaard

To give you all a little bit of insight; Ole Lynggaard goes back to 1963 when it was founded in Hellerup near Copenhagen. The brand has a deep-rooted passion for creativity and a big focus on processing and high quality. The company is led by three generations of the family.

Ole, his children Charlotte and Søren, and granddaughter Sofia. Every piece of Jewelry is designed by Ole and Charlotte Lynggaard. Their designs are crafted to perfection and brought to life by their in-house team of expert goldsmiths. The designs are inspired by nature and have made the concept of timeless jewelry a reality.

Which Female Character is your Favorite?

If you know to all the women in the series we were wondering who you look up to and relate to the most. Is it Mindy with her free spirit and her very positive attitude to life? Is it Emily with her go-get-it spirit and strong mindset? Or is it Camille with her sweet soul, who always wants the best for the people around her? Or maybe you see yourself as a strong independent woman like Sylvie, who stands her ground and gets things done? Whoever might be your favorite we can match it all. For inspiration we have made some suggestions for jewelry that you might love - matching the girl’s different styles.


A girl who isn’t afraid to stand out. She loves to be bold and is able to pull almost every look of

All about Emily in Paris

As you may all know, Emily in Paris is an American television series created by Netflix. The series is filmed in Paris and stars Lily Collins who plays the main character Emily Cooper - an aspiring American who moves to France to work for the French Marketing firm called Savoir. Throughout the series, we follow her struggles with work, love, and her overall experience adapting to the French culture. But it is not only Emily’s life we learn about.

We also learn a lot about some of the people who play a big role in her new life in Paris, which we can all relate to in one way or another. There are many strong women featured - as her best friend Mindy, her boss Sylvie, and her friend Camille, who is also an ex to the handsome chef Gabriel. But Gabriel is a whole other story.

We hope you are as big a fan of the series as us, and if you haven’t had the chance to watch it yet we suggest you start now! Just in time for the release of season 3 of Emily in Paris.

We wish you good luck with season 3 of Emily in Paris! And happy shopping you guys!