Reef small 18K Gold Plated Hoop w. PearlsReef small 18K Gold Plated Hoop w. Pearls

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Reef small 18K Gold Plated Hoop w. Pearls
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Brigitte Gold Plated Hoops w. Zirconia & PearlsBrigitte Gold Plated Hoops w. Zirconia & Pearls
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Unicorn Silver Hoops w. Baroque PearlsUnicorn Silver Hoops w. Baroque Pearls

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Unicorn Silver Hoops w. Baroque Pearls
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IX Ocean Pearl sIX Ocean Pearl s
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IX Studios

IX Ocean Pearl s
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IX Bera Hoop w. PearlIX Bera Hoop w. Pearl

IX Studios

IX Bera Hoop w. Pearl
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IX Bera 22K Gold Plated Hoop w. PearlIX Bera 22K Gold Plated Hoop w. Pearl

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IX Bera 22K Gold Plated Hoop w. Pearl
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Ponza 18K Gold Plated Hoops w. Zirconias & PearlPonza 18K Gold Plated Hoops w. Zirconias & Pearl
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Ponza Silver Hoops w. Zirconias & PearlPonza Silver Hoops w. Zirconias & Pearl
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Ponza Silver Hoops w. Zirconias & Pearl
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Elegant and timeless, pearl hoop earrings embody all that’s feminine and graceful. Pearl hoops are magical: they look exquisite on celebratory occasions like a wedding or an anniversary, stylish for cocktail parties, and chic for daily wear. A seamless union of premium quality and endearing designs, our selection of handcrafted pearl hoops is from some of the best brands in the independent design industry. These are guaranteed to make you happy and feel special every time you wear them.

• Look stunning in classic and contemporary pearl hoops
• Styling in pearl hoops
• Taking care of pearl jewelry

Elegant pearl hoop earrings women love

Pearl hoops are not just any pretty jewelry that you love wearing, it is a powerful statement of a bold, unstoppable woman. Tasteful yet playful, pearl hoops can be worn as a single or a pair in small, medium or large sizes for a head-turning effect.

Types of pearls in hoop earrings

Real pearls are named after their exotic places of origin. They may be natural or cultured. Natural pearls are extremely rare and not commercially viable. Pearls used in designer hoops are usually cultured (created by human intervention to start off the process) and the most common types are Akoya, Tahitian, Southsea, and freshwater pearls.

Most premium quality pearl hoop earrings feature organic, sustainable pearls in an extraordinary range of sizes, colours and shapes. Pearls in earrings come in two primary shapes: traditional or round pearls are considered more valuable, while baroque pearls in asymmetric shapes and sizes add character to the hoops.

Freshwater pearl hoop earrings

Freshwater pearl hoops use the most affordable variety of pearls. Cultured in freshwater ponds and lakes, these are easily available in impressive shapes and colours. You will find earrings in natural colours like white, pink and other light, pastel colours, or in dyed shades for more colourful pearl hoops. The organically abstract shapes make each pearl hoop earring a sculptural art piece.

Japanese Akoya pearl hoops

If you want to bask in the glorious splendour of shiny hoops with perfectly shaped, affordable pearls, you’ve found the perfect treasure. Usually available as white pearl hoops, Akoya pearls are picture-perfect freshwater pearls. Also called classic pearls, they are small and round and lend a sophisticated touch to the hoop earrings.

Tahitian pearl hoops

Gorgeous Tahitian pearl hoops stand out for their large pearls. An assortment of unusual colours - greens, browns, greys, black, silver, and blues - elevates the charm of this saltwater pearl earring. Particularly sought after are the green peacock-coloured Tahitian pearl hoops.

South Sea pearl hoops

Incredibly valuable, South Sea pearls, or Queen of Pearls, are the most luxurious, rare, and lustrous among cultured pearls. The ones used in pearl hoops are large and come in a shimmering spectrum of white and gold. The golden pearl hoops are more expensive.

Pearl hoop earring designs

There are endless style possibilities for pearl hoops. You can opt for lustrous yellow gold, cool white gold or rhodium-plated silver, or feminine rose gold. Or go for the serene metallic tones of sterling silver. For more affordable hoops, choose from the gold-filled, vermeil and gold-plated silver variety.

Hoop earrings sizes can range from cute mini sizes to large, bold, dramatic ones, available as slim, chunky, twisted or sculptural pearl hoops. Here are a few of our favourite options for styling.

Read more on hoop sizes in our Hoop and Huggie Size Guide.

Pearl hoops with pendants

As the name suggests, these hoops feature pearl pendants that hang gracefully from gold and silver hoops. Adding allure and charm, these hoops feature a riveting pearl, a cluster of pearls, or pearls arranged in a single vertical line.

Pearls hoops with gemstones

Colourful gemstones add a layer of glamour when combined with pearls. Though most stones look sleek with pearls, colourful zirconia is the most fashionable choice while diamonds are the most luxurious.

Baroque pearl hoops

Baroque pearls are large and uniquely shaped. This unique style features asymmetrical hoops nestled with a large baroque pearl.

Hoops set with a ring of pearls

Whether a striking single pearl or a lustrous ring of pearls embellishing the metal frame, this style is as authentic as it gets. You can wear it on the earlobe or anywhere on the outer lobe of the ear.

Caring for pearl hoops

It’s essential to clean and store pearl hoops carefully. Here are some tips to keep them in pristine condition.

♥ Wear your pearls often. Storing them can cause the pearls to dry out.
♥ Use perfumes or hair sprays before you wear pearl hoops.
♥ Don't forget to wipe off chemicals or perspiration lingering on the pearl hoops with a soft cloth before putting them away.
♥ Place pearl hoops in soft jewelry bags or tissue. Pearls are vulnerable to scratches and can get damaged if mixed with other gemstone jewelry.
♥ To avoid damage to your pearls, let a certified jeweller look into repairing your pearl hoops instead of doing it yourself.

Beautiful and uber-chic, pearl hoops reflect the grace and serenity of the contemporary woman. If you’re looking to purchase earring gifts for a friend or yourself, that tick all the boxes for versatility and sophistication, you’re on the right page. All you need to do now is browse our collection of pearl hoops by material or desired price range, choose from our handpicked selection, click the right button, and your desired pearl hoops will be on their way to you!

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