Rock Classic Small 18K Gold Hoop w. White DiamondsRock Classic Small 18K Gold Hoop w. White Diamonds
Alphabet Piercing 18K Gold Hoop w. DiamondAlphabet Piercing 18K Gold Hoop w. Diamond
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VAYU 14K Gold Hoops w. DiamondsVAYU 14K Gold Hoops w. Diamonds
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Le Soonar

VAYU 14K Gold Hoops w. Diamonds
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Small Esme 18K Gold Hoops w. DiamondsSmall Esme 18K Gold Hoops w. Diamonds

Dulong Fine Jewelry

Small Esme 18K Gold Hoops w. Diamonds
$2,124.00 USD
Small Nugget Huggie Hoop Gold, White DiamondsSmall Nugget Huggie Hoop Gold, White Diamonds
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Pernille Holm

Small Nugget Huggie Hoop Gold, White Diamonds
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Pavé Alphabet Piercing 18K Whitegold Hoop w. DiamondsPavé Alphabet Piercing 18K Whitegold Hoop w. Diamonds
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Allday 14K Whitegold Hoops w. Diamond & Emerald DropsAllday 14K Whitegold Hoops w. Diamond & Emerald Drops
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Luna 14K Gold Hoops w. DiamondsLuna 14K Gold Hoops w. Diamonds
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Le Soonar

Luna 14K Gold Hoops w. Diamonds
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Classic, yet delightfully luxurious and chic, diamond hoops are the finest. The versatile diamond hoop complements whatever you wear, creating a wee bit of magic every time it adorns your ear. That’s why a diamond hoop earring is all you need to uplift the simplest of outfits. Our carefully curated selection of diamond hoops from the world’s best designers features some of the most respected European brands in the industry. You can shop for diamond hoop earrings with peace of mind because our passion for diamond jewelry ensures high-quality standards in every product.

• A 101 guide to diamond hoops: Why are diamond hoops so special?
• Types of hoop earrings with diamonds
• Diamond hoop styles

All you wanted to know about diamond hoop earrings

When they say diamonds are forever, it isn’t just a sales gimmick. The sheer brilliance that a diamond imparts to a hoop and its durability and hardness -- a whopping 10 on the Mohs hardness scale -- make diamond hoops resilient to scratch or damage and very valuable.

Why you should buy diamond hoops
Diamond hoops are treasured for their value, exquisite beauty, shape, and brilliance. They are also a great investment and are often passed on as family heirlooms.

Which one is better: natural or lab-grown diamond hoops?
Diamond hoops come in many styles. These may be embellished with natural or lab-grown, sustainable diamonds. The price of hoops with natural or mined diamonds will be more than the ones with lab-grown diamonds.

For eco-conscious women who believe in wearing jewelry set with stones that are lab-grown, lab-created diamond hoops are a great option. They are no less in quality or sparkle than natural diamonds, and more affordable, too. This makes them available to a larger number of women who love the allure of diamond hoops.

What to look out for when buying diamond hoops
Whether natural or lab-grown, diamonds over 0.3-0.5 carats are graded and certified. Always check the diamond grading before you purchase a diamond hoop. That’s why it’s important to buy from a trusted jewelry house.

Diamond grading ensures 4 checks: the 4Cs, or optimum clarity, colour, cut and carat weight. The finest diamonds tick all these boxes.

Buying from a reputable brand also ensures top-notch quality gold or silver used to fashion the hoop.

Wear coloured diamond hoops for exclusive style
We’ve grown up admiring the sheer brilliance of colourless or brilliant white diamonds, so it may surprise you to learn that diamonds come in a range of colours, including black, purple, pink, and green. Hoops with diamonds in elegant shades of brown (cognac and champagne), or grey look super cool and are more affordable.

The best cuts and settings of diamonds for hoops

Some diamond cuts and shapes are especially admired for hoop settings because they reflect more brilliance and sparkle. Round-cut diamonds disperse light to the maximum and are incredibly popular. You will also find diamond hoops in fancier cuts, like the marquise, baguette, heart, and princess.

Prong, bezel and channel settings keep diamonds secure on the hoop rim. With the latter two, there is less chance of hair or clothes getting entangled in diamond hoops.

Pave-set diamonds are the ultimate luxury on hoops, carpeting the hoops in a brilliant sparkle.

Choose precious metals for diamond hoop earrings

For a stone as valuable as a diamond, the first choice will always be precious metals like gold, followed by silver. Bask in the warm vibes of gold or be charmed with sophisticated silver.

Classic gold and diamond hoops
The lustrous shine of gold is always the preferred metal for diamonds, and our hoops are no exception. While you can choose any rainbow-coloured diamond for yellow gold, white gold is preferred for white or colourless diamonds, while cognac and champagne shades look stunning on rose gold. Diamond hoops are typically fashioned in solid 14k and 18k gold.

Super cool silver and diamond hoops
For a more affordable hoop, look for rhodium-plated sterling silver hoops set with diamonds. Not only do they make a lovely combination of the gemstone on metal, but they are also easier on the pocket and lend a distinct look to your hoops.

Favoured styles and sizes for diamond hoops

Whether you are a minimalist who picks simple, elegant designs or a feisty fashionista who enjoys playing around with contemporary trends, diamond hoops cover all the bases for you.

Hoop sizes
Hoops are designed in three primary styles. Large hoops are ornate and usually worn on special occasions and nights out. Medium hoops are the most versatile and apt for any occasion - dinner or a casual lunch with friends. Mini hoops, also called huggies, are great for second or third piercings and can be paired with studs or danglers and worn to the office every day.

Read our Hoop and Huggie size guide for more insight on hoop styling and sizes.

Variations in hoop shapes
Though traditional hoops are c-shaped or perfect circles, you will love the exciting variations in shape that we have selected. But don’t just take our word for it. Check out the crescents, rounded squares, cross loops, half and double hoops, and the eternally-in-demand diamond pendant hoops. Chunky, slender, polished, textured or matt-finished - there are delightful options to select from.

Diamond and gemstones hoops
Diamonds on hoops effortlessly carry any outfit they are paired with. When combined with other gemstones, they are a vibrant hub of colours with an added layer of glamour. The versatile diamond can be set with any precious stone like ruby and emerald or semi-precious stones like topaz, garnet, aquamarine, amethyst, citrine, cubic zirconia, or opal. The classic pearls are a timeless combination with diamonds and reflect elegance and grace.

Diamond hoops offer you all that is glamorous and stylish, echoing value and luxury. We aim to provide this perfect combination of quality at affordable prices. If you fancy delightful styles in diamond hoops at prices that won’t drain your wallet, you’re at the right place. We are pretty sure you’ll find what you’re looking for in our selections.

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