Torun 18K Silver & Gold BangleTorun 18K Silver & Gold Bangle

Georg Jensen

Torun 18K Silver & Gold Bangle
$485.00 USD
Vega 18K Gold BangleVega 18K Gold Bangle

Dulong Fine Jewelry

Vega 18K Gold Bangle
$3,456.00 USD
Raw 18K Gold Bangle w. DiamondRaw 18K Gold Bangle w. Diamond

Ro Copenhagen

Raw 18K Gold Bangle w. Diamond
$1,394.00 USD
Nature 18K Gold Bangle w. Rutile QuartzNature 18K Gold Bangle w. Rutile Quartz

Ole Lynggaard

Nature 18K Gold Bangle w. Rutile Quartz
$3,867.00 USD
Nature 18K Gold BangleNature 18K Gold Bangle

Ole Lynggaard

Nature 18K Gold Bangle
$3,350.00 USD
Bourgeon Floral 14K Gold BraceletBourgeon Floral 14K Gold Bracelet
HandcraftedSold out
Open Designed 18K Gold Bangle w. Diamond & PearlOpen Designed 18K Gold Bangle w. Diamond & Pearl
New in
Fleur 18K Gold Bangle w. DiamondsFleur 18K Gold Bangle w. Diamonds
New in

GFG Jewelry

Fleur 18K Gold Bangle w. Diamonds
$6,417.00 USD
Monkey And Banana Rosegold, Silver & Gold Bangle w. DiamondsMonkey And Banana Rosegold, Silver & Gold Bangle w. Diamonds
New in
Allusia Love 18K Gold Bangle w. DiamondsAllusia Love 18K Gold Bangle w. Diamonds
New in

D'NOUR Dubai

Allusia Love 18K Gold Bangle w. Diamonds
$5,736.00 USD
Allusia Love Accented 18K Gold Bangle w. DiamondsAllusia Love Accented 18K Gold Bangle w. Diamonds
New in
Allusia Love Enamel 18K Gold Bangle w. DiamondsAllusia Love Enamel 18K Gold Bangle w. Diamonds
New in
Essential 18K Gold BangleEssential 18K Gold Bangle


Essential 18K Gold Bangle
$2,159.00 USD
Fiontini 18K Gold Bangle w. 37 DiamondsFiontini 18K Gold Bangle w. 37 Diamonds

Helgstrand Jewelry

Fiontini 18K Gold Bangle w. 37 Diamonds
$6,988.00 USD
D'avie 18K Gold Bangle w. 102 DiamondsD'avie 18K Gold Bangle w. 102 Diamonds

Helgstrand Jewelry

D'avie 18K Gold Bangle w. 102 Diamonds
From $11,731.00 USD
D'avie 18K Gold Bangle w. 6 DiamondsD'avie 18K Gold Bangle w. 6 Diamonds

Helgstrand Jewelry

D'avie 18K Gold Bangle w. 6 Diamonds
$8,654.00 USD
Matiné 18K Gold Bangle w. 59 DiamondsMatiné 18K Gold Bangle w. 59 Diamonds

Helgstrand Jewelry

Matiné 18K Gold Bangle w. 59 Diamonds
$7,116.00 USD
Matiné 18K Gold Bangle w. 1 DiamondMatiné 18K Gold Bangle w. 1 Diamond

Helgstrand Jewelry

Matiné 18K Gold Bangle w. 1 Diamond
$5,885.00 USD
Helena Striped 18K Gold BangleHelena Striped 18K Gold Bangle


Helena Striped 18K Gold Bangle
$7,482.00 USD
Bark Thin 14K Gold Bangle w. Diamonds
New in

I'M Jewel

Bark Thin 14K Gold Bangle w. Diamonds
$10,929.00 USD
Spiral 14K Gold BangleSpiral 14K Gold Bangle
New in

I'M Jewel

Spiral 14K Gold Bangle
$1,810.00 USD
Blade 14K Gold BangleBlade 14K Gold Bangle
New in

I'M Jewel

Blade 14K Gold Bangle
$2,293.00 USD

The happy jingle of gold bangles and bracelets is always a delight. Jewelry designers constantly present us with a mesmerising array of bangle designs in gold, ranging from simple to sculptural. In both fine and demi-fine designer jewelry collections, we have gold bangles made in high-quality recycled gold, some set with diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, pearls, and other gemstones. We hope you will love our beautiful curated selection of gold bangles from some of the world’s finest goldsmiths, designers and brands. We hope you will also enjoy a seamless shopping experience from this online collection that we have created for you.

• The significance of gold bangles in jewelry
• Gold bangle bracelet styles
• Styling with gold bangles

Bangles: what do they signify?

Bangles are rigid circular bracelets worn by sliding them over your hand. The difference between bangles and bracelets is that bracelets are flexible and fasten with clasps, while bangles are closed and rigid. Modern beautiful bangle designs in gold and silver present all manner of sculpted shapes and textures. The circular shape of a gold bangle signifies eternal bonds. In eastern cultures, bangles in gold and silver are worn by brides to signify good luck and prosperity.

Bangles in gold are always a good investment as they are durable, and their value remains regardless of the passage of time. They are wonderful additions to your personal bangle collection and gifts for people you love and cherish.

So many styles and types of gold bangles to choose from!

Gold bangles come in a variety of styles, designs and finishes—slender and delicate; chunky and bold; organic, sculptural and edgy. So take your time browsing till you find one that captures your attention.

The latest designer gold bangles come in ovals, spirals and angular forms, also presenting heartwarming relationship-based themes. They can be worn every day as a reminder of cherished memories.

Gold bangles by design

Bangle design and styles are determined mainly by the desired look, material, crafting, and functionality. Some gold bangle styles are closed, some are open and some gold bangles can be snapped open or shut.

Closed gold bangle

Closed gold bangles are rigid and in the form of a full circle with no joint whatsoever. The traditional gold or silver bangle design is closed. Closed-gold bangles are often oval-shaped for a comfortable fit. You will need to have precise sizes if you want to buy a closed gold bangle.

Open gold bangle bracelets

An open gold bangle may have a gap in the circumference that allows you to easily slip them onto your wrist. Some open bangle styles can also be adjusted to fit more snugly or loosely around your wrist. Open bangles are also called wrist cuffs and they are easy to wear.

Hinged gold bangles

These gold bangle designs allow the bangle to be opened and closed. The bangle opens on a small, concealed hinge and closes with a simple clasp like a watch. These are the most comfortable gold bangle styles you can buy, especially as a gift.

Plain minimal gold bangle styles can be personalised

Would you like to have a name, monogram, initials, or even a special message engraved in or on your gold bangles? This is possible with plain bangle styles crafted in gold and silver! Don't hesitate to ask for bangle engraving services.

Bangle type by material

Designer gold bangles are expertly crafted by goldsmiths using a combination of materials. The metal used may be gold or silver, with a smattering of diamonds, pearls or gemstones.

Gold bangle bracelets

Solid gold bangles may be made in 9k to 18k gold. In daily-wear jewelry like bangles, it is better to have gold in lower karats, as it is tougher and can withstand knocks and scratches. Gold bangles for women are available in yellow gold, white gold and rose gold and some designs are available as a combination of all these variants.

Yellow gold bangles

If you like warm golden tones, you will love the bangle designs in yellow gold. These look classy and stunning in simple polished styles and can be worn with formal suits and paired with any wristwear of your liking.

White gold bangles

White gold bangles are very popular today for their elegant cool tone. Bangles made of 14k or 18k white gold are durable and can be handcrafted in various designs from ornate to simple ones. An alloy of pure gold with silver, zinc and nickel, rhodium-plated white gold looks like platinum and women love that it is so much more affordable and comes in a wider range of designs. White gold bangles set with white diamonds are gorgeous additions to your bangle collection.

Rose gold bangles

Rose gold bangles have been a trending jewelry item these past few years. Rose gold is pure gold alloyed with copper. The coppery tone gives it a gorgeous and feminine blush hue that women love. In simple elegant designs rose gold bangles make excellent companions for bracelets and rings and can be worn with daily wear clothes as well as special occasions. These make up a beautiful bridal gift set.

Gold-plated bangles

Gold-plated bangles are a great option for women who love one more bangle in their raging bangle collection! Especially when you are shopping on a budget or simply want a new gold bangle without a big price tag.

Gold-plated bangles are more affordable than solid gold ones since the plating requires only a minimal quantity of gold. High-quality gold-plated silver bangles are called gold vermile. Check our site for a fine selection of high-quality gold-plated silver bangles, in 18k, 22k, or 24k gold. These are so beautifully fashioned that it would be hard to tell that they are not solid gold.

Gemstone studded gold bangles

On this site, you will find beautiful fusion bangle designs combining metal and gemstones like diamonds, pearls, affordable yet colourful zirconia, and precious stones.

Diamond gold bangles

Gold bangles set with diamonds are attention-grabbers and luxury pieces that women find irresistible. They add that touch of sophistication to your look that no other gemstone bangle can bring. If you are game for luxury styles, we have a gorgeous range of VS-quality diamond gold bangles.

When buying diamond gold bangles, you must consider the 4 Cs of diamonds: Colour, Cut, Clarity, and Carat, and ensure that you get the best quality for the price you are paying. Quality designer gold and diamond bangles always come with grading and authenticity certificates.

Gold bangles with pearls and coloured gemstones

Wear gold bangles set with coloured gemstones such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and pearls to show off your adventurous spirit. These are beautiful accessories and will instantly liven up your style quotient. If you have to consider a budget but want a colourful and stylish bangle, choose a gold-plated one set with single-coloured or multicoloured high-quality zirconia (a diamond simulant).

Gold bangle styling

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and styling your gold bangles is primarily your choice. Here are some of our suggestions and bangle styling tips.

♥ If you want to sport a cool and fashionable look, wear a stack of slim gold bangles. You’ll also find the movement of the pieces mesmerising, and the sweet tinkling of the many gold bangles is always music to the ears.
♥ You can stack several elegant styles, along with your favourite watch and other bracelets too.
♥ Even different yet complementary styles and metal colours can give you a trendy, boho-chic look.

Bangle sizes and fit

A gold bangle should fit loose between your forearm and wrist without slipping off when you swing or move your arm. How a bangle can be worn and how it will fit around the wrist is important to consider. You should make sure to buy your gold bangles in the right size and fit for your wrist.

Closed bangles usually come in Large, Small or Extra Large sizes. If you are unsure of the correct bangle sizing and how to determine it, please get in touch with us; we will be happy to help you.

Find the right bangle size here.

We hope you enjoy your browsing and shopping from our online collection of gold bangles. On our site, you can sort through our bangle collections by the material or designer you are looking for. Don't hesitate to ask about personalisation, as some of our brands do offer engraving services. If you need help or have any questions about how to choose the suitable bangle(s), please do not hesitate to contact us.

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