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Beautiful things take time, and our unique jewelry gifts are no exception - crafted with care for a gift that truly stands out. Handcrafted pieces usually take more time - expect between 4-6 weeks of delivery.

When you shop exceptional handcrafted jewelry, you'll not only receive it just in time for Christmas but also find the perfect opportunity to gift something truly extraordinary. Explore these exceptional pieces, far from the ordinary and uniquely special.

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3 Designers you need to know

If you love handcrafted jewelry as much as us, here are three designers that you need to know.

  • Akva Jewelry
  • Bergsøe Jewelry
  • Ole Lynggaard

  • For the cool & stylish who loves a handcrafted piece

    Akva Jewelry

    AKVA JEWELLERY's designs are a fusion of artistry, nature-inspired elements, unexpected creativity, and a commitment to sustainability. They offer jewelry enthusiasts a chance to adorn themselves with pieces that are not just beautiful but also tell a unique and meaningful story.

    Our Top Picks from AKVA

    It is hard to choose from the stunning selection of AKVA jewelry, but here are our top three golden and sparkly wonders to hide under the tree this Christmas.

    For the creative and bold who love unique gemstones

    Josephine Bergsøe

    Josephine Bergsøe's pieces are a testament to the extraordinary craftsmanship and distinctive creativity that defines her brand. Each of her creations is meticulously handcrafted, making them unique and unlike any other. What sets Bergsøe's pieces apart is the fusion of traditional artisan techniques with contemporary design sensibilities. Her jewelry marries the old and the new, resulting in pieces that exude both timelessness and modernity.

    Our Top Picks from BERGSØE

    We love colorful and eye-catching gemstones, and Josephine Bersgoe embraces just that within her craftsmanship. Here are three options we wouldn’t mind adding to our jewelry box.

    For the discerning and sophisticated jewelry lover

    Ole Lynggaard

    Ole Lynggaard & Charlotte Lynggaard's creations are a living embodiment of the unparalleled craftsmanship and distinctive artistry that defines this exceptional brand. Every piece is painstakingly handcrafted, ensuring its exceptional uniqueness.

    What distinguishes the Ole Lynggaard creations is the seamless fusion of classical jewelry traditions with a modern design sensibility. This brand effortlessly bridges the gap between timeless elegance and contemporary chic, resulting in pieces that exude both enduring grace and contemporary allure.

    Our Top Picks from Ole Lynggaard

    Shooting stars, slithering snakes, and elephant families. Ole Lynggaard is known for many icons, and receiving either one of these three is surely any jewelry-lover’s dream.

    Yes, if you want to gift a handcrafted piece this Christmas, please just let us know, and we will make sure to extend the right of return and exchange till after Christmas.

    Yes. But beautiful things takes time to craft. If you want a truly unique piece for someone special, don’t wait too long, as handcrafted pieces usually take more time. You can expect between 4-6 weeks of delivery – so secure your gift now and have it in time for Christmas.

    If you need personal guidance, you can always reach out. Our jewelry experts will do whatever it takes to find the perfect fit and size for the jewelry you're looking for.

    You can find our contact information here.

    Beautiful things takes time to craft. If you want a truly unique piece for someone special, don’t wait too long – secure yours in time for Christmas

    Love, Charlotte & Pernille

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