Rock Classic Small 18K Gold Hoop w. White DiamondsRock Classic Small 18K Gold Hoop w. White Diamonds
Leave To Dry Hoop, Small
New inSold out

Pernille Holm

Leave To Dry Hoop, Small
From $404.00 USD
Rose Cut Green Amethyst HoopsRose Cut Green Amethyst Hoops
Sold out

By Pariah

Rose Cut Green Amethyst Hoops
From $188.00 USD
Small Nugget Huggie Hoop Gold, White DiamondsSmall Nugget Huggie Hoop Gold, White Diamonds
SculpturalSold out

Pernille Holm

Small Nugget Huggie Hoop Gold, White Diamonds
From $570.00 USD
Medium Nugget Hoop GoldMedium Nugget Hoop Gold
SculpturalSold out

Pernille Holm

Medium Nugget Hoop Gold
From $689.00 USD
Small Nature 18K Gold HoopsSmall Nature 18K Gold Hoops

Ole Lynggaard

Small Nature 18K Gold Hoops
$3,145.00 USD
Large Kharisma 18K Gold HoopsLarge Kharisma 18K Gold Hoops
Great gift

Dulong Fine Jewelry

Large Kharisma 18K Gold Hoops
$2,222.00 USD
Absolutely Fat 18K Gold CreolesAbsolutely Fat 18K Gold Creoles


Absolutely Fat 18K Gold Creoles
$2,666.00 USD
Large Vega 18K Gold HoopsLarge Vega 18K Gold Hoops
New in

Dulong Fine Jewelry

Large Vega 18K Gold Hoops
$2,272.00 USD
Medium Esme Galaxy 18K Gold Hoops w. Diamonds

Dulong Fine Jewelry

Medium Esme Galaxy 18K Gold Hoops w. Diamonds
$3,796.00 USD
Large Esme 18K Gold or Silver HoopsLarge Esme 18K Gold or Silver Hoops

Dulong Fine Jewelry

Large Esme 18K Gold or Silver Hoops
From $242.00 USD
Small Esme Galaxy 18K Gold Hoops w. Diamonds

Dulong Fine Jewelry

Small Esme Galaxy 18K Gold Hoops w. Diamonds
$2,526.00 USD
Mini Esme Galaxy 18K Gold Hoops w. Diamonds

Dulong Fine Jewelry

Mini Esme Galaxy 18K Gold Hoops w. Diamonds
$1,257.00 USD
Rose Cut Smokey Quartz HoopsRose Cut Smokey Quartz Hoops
Sold out

By Pariah

Rose Cut Smokey Quartz Hoops
From $166.00 USD
Rose Cut Red Garnet Hoops
Sold out

By Pariah

Rose Cut Red Garnet Hoops
From $276.00 USD
Rose Cut Citrine Hoops
Sold out

By Pariah

Rose Cut Citrine Hoops
From $254.00 USD
Offspring Double 18K Gold HoopsOffspring Double 18K Gold Hoops

Georg Jensen

Offspring Double 18K Gold Hoops
$959.00 USD

“Put your hoops in and remember who you are.”
We have curated a large collection of gold hoop earrings from the best of the best designers. We find that earring designers love working with hoop earrings as they are multifaceted and versatile when it comes to styling and class—especially the staple gold hoop earrings, which are way up on our trending hoop list!
Learn more about gold hoops
What size gold hoop should I get?
Which gold hoop style should I choose?
Real gold or gold plated hoops?

Gold hoops

Gold hoop earrings are very popular because they add a sense of permanence; transcending time, ever in vogue for its associations with warm glowing elegance and royal lustre. Hoop earrings in general, represent a full circle, completion, infinity, power and style. Therefore, wearing gold hoop earrings can feel quite empowering to say the least – like coming a full circle.
Today the conventional circle or round hoops have companions in varied shapes, thickness, texture, embellishments and sizes; all exceptionally designed to woo you beyond your imagination and up your ‘style-spiration’ sky high.

What size gold hoops should I get?

Gold hoops come in many sizes; mini (huggies), small, medium and large. Big or small, gold hoops are a delight for everyone. Ranging from charming, to bold and daring you can create just the look you wish for just by varying your hoop earring size.

Find your hoop earring size
Throw in some texture and unusual shapes along the hoop earring’s curve and you swing ‘unconventional class’. And how about a diamond studded gold hoop? Gold and diamonds in hoop earrings are super classy and powerful statement accessories for the woman who knows her worth.
So won't you allow us to take you on an eye-opening hoop earring size and style tour?

Small gold hoops

Small hoop sizes start with mini size; cute little huggie earrings that usually have an inner diameter of 0.8 (8mm) to 3 centimetres (0.25 to1 inch), when you measure from your piercing. Gold huggie hoops make great companion earrings for your multiple piercing styles including your ear helix and tragus piercings.
Other small hoop diameters range from 2.5 to 3 centimetres (1 to 1.5 inches). These are meant for your lobe piercings and are lovely daily-wear earrings for a cool and casual look. When you pair small gold hoops with studs, long earrings or asymmetric pairs you effortlessly nail the chic-casual look.

Medium gold hoops

We also have medium hoop sizes ranging from 4 to 5 centimetres (1.5 to 2 inches). Medium hoops are a step closer to bold and daring, highlighting your beautiful bone structure, dimples and confident smile! Medium gold hoops are absolutely a must-have for your everyday styling mix.

Large gold hoops

Inner hoop diameters greater than 6 centimetres fall into the large to X-large statement hoop category. Large gold hoop earrings are stylish and bold statements drawing attention to your hoops and face. Celebrities like JLo love to sport these styles, especially on the red carpet.

Which gold hoop style should I choose?

Besides the size or diameter you may also want to consider the thickness of the gold hoops. The thickness refers to how wide the hoops are in the “thread”. Huggies are usually thicker than medium and large hoops. Creole hoop styles are wider in the middle and slim at the ends. Gold creole hoop earrings are very popular among hoop fans.

Thick gold hoops

Hoop thickness can also vary bringing in an interesting dimension to the material and texture of the design. Thick hoops are also called chunky hoops and can add a bold dimension to your outfit. If you want to grab attention, then go for the thick, chunky styles in gold hoops.

Thin gold hoops

Thin gold hoops are dainty in huggie sizes and elegant and sophisticated in medium to large sizes. The thin or slim hoop thread thickness will be less than 0.4 centimetres. A great way to dress down a bold outfit, thin gold hoops are earring staples to add elegant sophistication and charm to your favourite styles.

Twisted Gold hoops

Twisted gold hoops can have a beautiful rope- or ribbon-like finish or may be embellished with diamonds to highlight the twists and turns in the hoop thread. You can have a range of styles in twisted gold hoops when you play with hoop sizes and thickness.

Structured gold hoops

Hoops also come in a variety of structured designs that add a dimension of texture and moulded patterns to the material of the hoop. The Fragile Earring from Sara Jin Mi’s Courbé Collection is a fine example of a structured hoop gold earring.

Real gold or gold plated hoops?

We find that many people ask us about the different types of gold hoops in terms of karats. And some also refer to gold hoops when they actually mean gold-plated hoops. So we hope to help you understand the difference between the karat variations in solid gold hoops, gold plated hoops and gold vermeil coated hoops and also why solid gold hoops are more expensive than gold-plated hoops.

Solid gold hoops

Solid gold in jewelry comes in terms of karats (often misspelt as ‘carat’). Pure gold is a soft metal that can be easily scratched, dented or bent. The karat (k) number specifies the fraction of pure gold in 24 parts mixed with alloys like silver, copper, or zinc to make it stronger and resistant to dents and scratches. Gold jewelry is preferably made with 22k or 18k gold.
24 karat gold is considered the purest and has 99.99% of pure gold with a trace of other metal alloys.
In our collections you will find solid gold hoop earring karatage ranging from 8 karat, 9 karat, 10 karat, 14 karat, 18 karat, and 22 karat gold. If you choose to buy a 9k gold hoop it means you have selected a piece made from 37.5% solid gold mixed with strengthening alloys. The gold in this piece will not wear out or wear thin with use. Jewelry in yellow gold, white gold and rose gold are all made from solid 14k/18k/22k gold and what you get for the price you pay is a beautiful piece that will stay with you forever.

Gold plated hoops

There are also less expensive but high-quality jewelry that are made from sterling silver, brass or copper but coated or plated with a layer of 14k, 18k, or 22k gold. These are referred to as gold-plated jewelry. Good quality gold plating is done with a higher grade of thickness in the coating, such as 1.5 to 3 micron plating thickness.
Gold plating however tends to wear thin with constant use and over time the top layers will be lost. If it's your favourite piece you can get it re-plated but not every design allows replating.
We have among our hoop earring collections, some of the best gold-plated hoops from talented designers that can stand up to the real gold versions in quality and style.
Whatever your preference in hoop sizes and styles, we hope you find some of your best gold hoop earrings from our collections. Happy browsing!

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