Verity Gold Plated PendantVerity Gold Plated Pendant

Deborah Blyth

Verity Gold Plated Pendant
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Boo 18K Rosegold Pendant w. DiamondsBoo 18K Rosegold Pendant w. Diamonds
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IX Conch Gold Plated  PendantIX Conch Gold Plated  Pendant
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IX Studios

IX Conch Gold Plated Pendant
From $52.00 USD
IX Conch  PendantIX Conch  Pendant
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IX Studios

IX Conch Pendant
From $52.00 USD
IX Earth  PendantIX Earth  Pendant
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IX Studios

IX Earth Pendant
From $52.00 USD
IX Earth Gold Plated  PendantIX Earth Gold Plated  Pendant
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IX Studios

IX Earth Gold Plated Pendant
From $52.00 USD
IX Bliss Gold Plated  PendantIX Bliss Gold Plated  Pendant
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IX Studios

IX Bliss Gold Plated Pendant
From $52.00 USD
IX Bliss  PendantIX Bliss  Pendant
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IX Studios

IX Bliss Pendant
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IX Valor  PendantIX Valor  Pendant
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IX Studios

IX Valor Pendant
From $181.00 USD
IX Valor Gold Plated  PendantIX Valor Gold Plated  Pendant
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IX Studios

IX Valor Gold Plated Pendant
From $193.00 USD
Diamond Letter Z 18K Gold Necklace or Pendant w. DiamondDiamond Letter Z 18K Gold Necklace or Pendant w. Diamond
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Diamond Letter V 18K Gold Necklace or Pendant w. DiamondDiamond Letter V 18K Gold Necklace or Pendant w. Diamond
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Diamond Letter Y 18K Gold Necklace or Pendant w. DiamondDiamond Letter Y 18K Gold Necklace or Pendant w. Diamond
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Diamond Letter X 18K Gold Necklace or Pendant w. DiamondDiamond Letter X 18K Gold Necklace or Pendant w. Diamond
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Diamond Letter S 18K Gold Necklace or Pendant w. DiamondDiamond Letter S 18K Gold Necklace or Pendant w. Diamond
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Diamond Letter U 18K Gold Necklace or Pendant w. DiamondDiamond Letter U 18K Gold Necklace or Pendant w. Diamond
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“Jewellery has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique” ∽ Elizabeth Taylor
Pendants are beautiful bits of jewelry that can uplift your mood, style and energy in just a moment. Moving gracefully and fluidly, pendants add an engaging liveliness to your look. They can be worn on necklaces, bracelets, earrings and even finger rings for a unique reflection of a personalised sense of fashion. The contemporary designer pendants that we have specially curated for you, embrace both conventional and modern patterns.

• What does a pendant symbolise?
• What are the different types of pendants?
• How to choose a pendant?

What does a pendant stand for?

Apart from the obvious ornamental value, a pendant could stand for what is more than its beauty. For many, a pendant on a chain, worn close to the heart, could symbolise precious memories and bonds to special people and places. Pendants often carry spiritual connotations as well, like the cross pendants. Gemstone-studded pendants are valued for the healing and protective properties of the stones used. The evil-eye pendants and certain crystal pendants are believed to ward off harmful influences. Letter pendants and engraved pendants are beautiful ways to incorporate meaningful jewelry into your personal style.

Pendants all the way!

Pendants are highly versatile and absolutely captivating in the multitude of designs, colours and vibes they bring in. From protective amulets and pretty cameo pendants to stylish medallions, pendants have come a long way since their inception into the world of jewelry. Lockets are pendants that can open up to reveal a picture or similar keepsakes. Talismans are believed to provide protection.

Pendants are now available in a wide array of materials, both precious and mesmerising. Read on to know more about trendy pendants in precious materials.

Gold pendants

Gold pendants are always grand in their appeal, no matter their size. Crafted exclusively from solid gold in various purities like 22k, 18k, and 14k, gold pendants are obtainable in a beautiful selection of shapes and sizes. White gold pendants and rose gold pendants are highly in demand for their exclusive hues and muted elegance.

Gold letter pendants, gold circle pendants and abstract designs are especially favoured for their classy and contemporary vibes. Gold cross pendants are forever in vogue and come in stunning styles.

Gold pendant necklaces with dainty chains are great for a daily dose of style, no matter what your ensemble is. Specially designed pendants for earrings and bracelets are a rising trend among the fashionable and pave the way for endless combinations with multiple pieces.

Silver pendants

Always stunning, pendants in silver are loved for their pristine radiance. Sterling silver necklaces with pendants are a fine way to blend in some of that beautiful magic of silver into your look. Sterling silver pendants come in almost all the lovely designs as their gold counterparts, yet are significantly more affordable.

Gemstone pendants

Gemstones are always glorious and when you have them adorning your pendants, you are in for a breathtaking treat. Gemstone pendants bring a lot of beauty through their vibrant colours and organic charm. Many gemstones are believed to possess unique properties beneficial to the wearer.

Diamond pendants

Always classy, diamond pendants usher in a garanteed stamp of luxury to your style. Gold and silver pendants paved with a glittering river of diamonds are eye-catching both day and night. Solitaire diamond pendants stand a class apart in their expression of pure opulence. For the conscious buyer, ethically sourced diamonds and sustainable lab-grown diamonds make excellent eco-gentle choices when it comes to diamond pendants.

Choose from simple designs to personalised letter/number/symbol diamond pendants for a piece of jewelry that you would love to wear every day.

Pearl pendants

Pearls symbolise wisdom, integrity, and purity and pearl pendants are classy all the time. It is an uncontested fact that the organic beauty of a natural freshwater or cultured pearl pendant is peerless. These pendants are available in spellbinding colours of white, pink, blue, black and green. A pearl pendant necklace, crafted in precious materials like gold, is an infinitely beautiful must-have.A basic necklace with a pearl pendant is right for all occasions and every woman does well to have at least one of these demure beauties in their collections.

It is good to note that your pearl pendants would benefit from some TLC (tender loving care)! So use and store them carefully to keep them silky and lustrous for a lifetime.

Emerald pendants

Emeralds stand for compassion, love and balance. Calming and vibrant, emerald pendants are ideal for those who love the vivid shades of green that this gemstone brings to the show.

Sapphire pendants

Sapphires are gorgeous to behold and blue isn’t the only colour out there. Sapphire pendants come in bright tones of, green, yellow, white, orange and many more as well. Associated with royalty, sapphire pendants strengthen spiritual insight and promote prosperity.

Statement pendants

Statement pendants are literally all about making a powerful impression. Although vintage pieces with exquisite detailing are valued collector’s items, the contemporary statement pendants channel a unique energy. They are one-of-a-kind designs that are intensely expressive, drawing inspiration from many a muse and creating beauty through abstract forms and rare textures. Statement pendants are great to wear to special occasions where you want to stand out in the crowd.

Which pendant should I get?

Choose your pendants according to your fancy. For a singular style, it is good to wear pendants that reflect your passions and personality. After all, what you desire is what you should wear! Nevertheless, the following points may help in picking the right pendant necklace for you.

• Firstly, ensure that the chain used does not overpower your pendant. At the same time, it is important that the chain is strong enough to carry the pendant safely. Use delicate chains for small pendants and for comfortable continuous wear.

• Long pendant necklaces pair well with high necklines and turtlenecks. Wide necklines look fine with a short pendant necklace hugging the base of the neck. Plunging necklines call for pendants that lay against the bare skin on medium-length chains. Layering pendant necklaces creates a unique effect as well.

• Additional accessories
When flaunting your favourite pendant, make sure that the other pieces of jewelry used do not clash with or draw away attention from the former. A large pendant looks best when paired with small earrings and dainty bracelets.

Pendants are a fun way to dress up your outfits with minimum fuss. Come on over and explore the most beautiful designer pendants from exclusive European brands to find many cuties that will capture your heart forever.

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