CORDA Gold Plated PendantCORDA Gold Plated Pendant


CORDA Gold Plated Pendant
$103.00 USD
The Halo 18K Gold Plated Pendant w. PearlThe Halo 18K Gold Plated Pendant w. Pearl
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Reef 18K Gold Plated Earring w. TopazReef 18K Gold Plated Earring w. Topaz

Carré Jewelry

Reef 18K Gold Plated Earring w. Topaz
$37.00 USD
Olalla 18K Gold Plated Pendant w. QuartzOlalla 18K Gold Plated Pendant w. Quartz
Sold out
Rose 18K Gold Plated Pendant w. QuartzRose 18K Gold Plated Pendant w. Quartz

Carré Jewelry

Rose 18K Gold Plated Pendant w. Quartz
$50.00 USD
IX Forever Love Gold PlatedIX Forever Love Gold Plated
Great giftSold out

IX Studios

IX Forever Love Gold Plated
From $177.00 USD
IX Round Hawks Eye Gold PlatedIX Round Hawks Eye Gold Plated
Sold out

IX Studios

IX Round Hawks Eye Gold Plated
$127.00 USD
IX Round Gold PlatedIX Round Gold Plated

IX Studios

IX Round Gold Plated
From $127.00 USD
IX S Letter 22K Gold PlatedIX S Letter 22K Gold Plated
Great gift

IX Studios

IX S Letter 22K Gold Plated
From $45.00 USD
IX L Letter 22K Gold PlatedIX L Letter 22K Gold Plated
Great gift

IX Studios

IX L Letter 22K Gold Plated
From $45.00 USD

Gold-plated pendants are girls' best friends... because we think, "more the merrier"! They can be worn on necklaces, bracelets, earrings and even on rings to reflect a personalised sense of fashion. If you want the beautiful luxurious finish of gold, white gold or rose gold pendants but would love to add more pendants to your personal pendant collection, look no further than these beautiful and affordable gold-plated pendant styles we have curated for you.

• Why gold-plated pendants?
• Different styles in gold-plated pendants
• Gold-plated pendant care

Faith, hope, and love in magical gold-plated pendants

Gold-plated pendants are perfect when you want more for less. apart from that, a gold-plated pendant can carry more personalised meaning than any other piece of jewelry.

♥ Your necklace pendants always rest close to your heart holding precious memories and friendship bonds, and special moments ever close.
♥ As a gift and a small token of love, you can't beat a pendant. Gift your girlfriends, mothers, and sisters on their special days, several pendants and see how they respond.
♥ Pendants also let you say what you want through statement styles unique to you. You can express your mood, allegiance, faith, love, and hope with these little pieces of magical jewelry. Heart, letter and number pendants are beautiful ways to incorporate meaningful jewelry into your personal style as they effortlessly spell out magic, adventure or love.
♥ Cross pendants speak of faith that shines through dark times. Symbolic pendants like the evil-eye pendants and hamsa pendants are believed to ward off harmful influences.
♥ Gemstone and crystal pendants are also valued for the healing and protective properties of the stones used. You can wear your favourite colour as a crystal pendant

Beautiful gold-plated necklaces and pendants

Like their gold counterparts, gold-plated pendants are absolutely captivating in the multitude of designs, colours and vibes they bring in. Regardless of size, gold-plated designer pendants are always grand in their appeal.

In our selection of gold-plated pendants, you will find exclusive styles crafted mostly in recycled sterling silver or brass and coated in various purities of gold from 24k to 10k yellow gold or rose gold. Rhodium plating makes them durable and gives them the fine white gold finish that everybody loves in beautiful classic and elegant designs.

Gold vermeil pendants

Always stunning, gold-plated silver pendants are loved for their value for money as well as durability. Gold vermile is a high-quality version of gold-plated silver jewelry. If you are a conscious jewelry buyer, then the recycled silver jewelry plated with gold will surely appeal to your fine tastes as well as planet love.

Gold-plated earring pendants

Specially designed pendants for earrings are very popular now. These charming earring add-ons are versatile items that allow endless combinations with studs, hoops and huggies. You can have several earring pendants and charms in gold-plated brass or silver designs.

Charming bracelet pendants plated in gold

Little gold-plated charm pendants on bracelets are simply irresistible. You can have as many little charms as you want on a slim bracelet chain. You can also layer several delicate chain bracelets with tiny gold-plated pendants on your wrist as reminders of good times and friendships.

Gold-plated sparkling pendants

Pendants usher in a guaranteed stamp of luxury to your style when they bear sparkling white or coloured gemstones. Pendants paved with a glittering river of diamond simulants like high-quality zirconia are eye-catching both day and night.

Elegant gold-plated pearl pendants

Pearl pendants are pristine and symbolise wisdom, integrity, and purity. Pearl-set yellow gold-plated pendants make classy choices every single time. The organic beauty of a natural freshwater or cultured pearl pendant is peerless. These pendants are available in beautiful hues of lustrous pearl set in gold vermile or gold-plated brass.

Gold-plated statement pendants

Showstopper statement pendants by design with distinct shapes, sizes and forms are literally all about making a powerful impression. However large statement pendants in solid gold can be very expensive. But the price need not keep you away from them! Some designers work with gold-plated designs to bring one-of-a-kind statement styles that are simply irresistible to a discerning woman who knows what she wants to wear.

Gold-plated necklace pendant styling bonanza

Pendants on dainty chains are all the craze for layered necklace styling. you can wear a string of letter pendants on slim gold-plated chains to spell your name alongside other charming motif pendants that show off your moods as well, all on an attractive shoestring budget.

Gift buying hint
You can buy several gold-plated necklace pendants, earring pendants or charms as a gift for your girls this Valentine's Day or on any special day of your liking!

Caring for your gold-plated pendants

Your gold-plated pendants would benefit from some TLC (tender loving care)! So use and store them carefully to keep them perfect for a lifetime.

♥ Put on gold-plated necklaces last and remove them first before your make-up routine or taking a bath or going to sleep
♥ Wipe your gold-plated jewelry with a soft cloth after every use
♥ Store jewelry in separate cases/pouches or slotted boxes to avoid friction with other jewelry items.
♥ Gently clean your gold-plated or vermeil jewelry with water and mild soap from time to time.

We understand women who simply must have a beautiful pendant selection in their personal jewelry collection. You can win her heart over and over with a pendant gift. Let gold vermile pendants rank high on your gift shopping list this year. When you browse here you will discover designers from all over the world who make high-quality handcrafted gold-plated jewelry items that are durable, stylish and stunning. We hope you will find the perfect designer pendants that will capture your heart and hers forever.

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