The Halo 18K Gold Plated Pendant w. PearlThe Halo 18K Gold Plated Pendant w. Pearl
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Rainbow 5 cm 10K Gold Earring-Pendant w. PearlRainbow 5 cm 10K Gold Earring-Pendant w. Pearl
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Baroque Charm Gold Plated Pendant w. PearlBaroque Charm Gold Plated Pendant w. Pearl
Globe Tahiti 18K Gold Pendants w. PearlsGlobe Tahiti 18K Gold Pendants w. Pearls

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Globe Tahiti 18K Gold Pendants w. Pearls
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Globe 18K Gold Pendants w. PearlsGlobe 18K Gold Pendants w. Pearls

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Globe 18K Gold Pendants w. Pearls
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Vega 18K Silver Pendant w. Pearls
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Vega 18K Silver Pendant w. Pearls
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Vega 18K Silver Earring-Pendants w. PearlsVega 18K Silver Earring-Pendants w. Pearls
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Vega 18K Silver Earring-Pendants w. Pearls
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Vega 18K Gold Pendant w. PearlsVega 18K Gold Pendant w. Pearls
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Dulong Fine Jewelry

Vega 18K Gold Pendant w. Pearls
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Beautifully handcrafted pearl pendants in gold or silver are loved by everyone and are a pleasure to wear. When set in precious metals these jewels are always passed down as heirloom pieces with incredible stories of romance entwined in their history. We have some select and exclusive pieces of pearl pendants that cannot be passed over once you've seen them! Special with beautiful design stories, these pendants tell a tale of love, relationships, hard work, and much more. We are certain you will want to choose one for that special relationship you want to make permanent.

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Designer pearl pendants and why they are worth it

A pearl necklace or earring pendant is beautiful, symbolising wisdom, integrity, and purity. The organic beauty of a natural freshwater or cultured pearl pendant is peerless. In beautiful pastel hues of pink, enigmatic black, grey or green offset beautifully in all hues of gold, silver and gold vermeil, pearl pendant necklaces are simply out of this world.

Expertly chosen pearls in exotic colours, shapes and themes

Real pearls used in designer pearl pendants are organic and named after their places of origin like Tahitian, South Sea, and Japanese Akoya. These are often hand-picked by the designer to tell the unique story of their inspiration.

Awe-inspiring themes
Some of the pearl pendant themes are motherhood, flowers, sea shells, and fun everyday objects! All pearls are not pristine white. Browse through our website for pearl pendants featuring black pearls, deep greens, delicate pinks, lustrous greys, mellow creams and unique lavender-shade pearls.

Choose your favourite pearl shape
The shapes of real pearls used in beautifully handcrafted pendants can differ because they are organically formed and no two cultured pearls can be alike. The two basic ones are classic spherical or irregular baroque. In general, pearl shapes are categorised as: round, near-round, button, drop, and baroque pearls.

The best-known near-perfect round pearls are the Japanese Akoya pearls. These salt-water cultured pearls show phenomenal consistency in their roundness and stunning gem quality. If you are looking for classic round-pearl necklace pendants, then Akoya pearl pendants will charm you.

Freshwater pearls and baroque pearl pendants are delightfully irregular in shape. They can be designed to look like melted ice cream on gold or silver cones, an exotic string of pearls with a twist, or a statement pendant that becomes the focal point on a simple gold, rose or white gold chain. If modern designs are your thing you will find plenty of these pearl pendants in these styles on this page.

Classic pearl pendant styles

Pearl pendant necklaces feature various types of pearls set on gold, silver or gold-plated base, and strung on chains. Apt for everyday wear, the pearls can be cushioned snugly in aesthetically designed gold or silver shells, set alongside precious gemstones or simply as a single pearl gracefully hanging on a chain. Though these work beautifully for any occasion, pearl pendant necklaces complement fabulously with smart casuals.

Pearl drop pendant
A simple pearl drop necklace pendant is designed to hang from a string of pearls, a necklace chain or an earring. These come in long and small sizes, combined as a pretty series of pearls in descending order, or a singular pearl that forms the centrepiece.

Pearl drop earring pendants come in soft hues and baroque shapes. These can be worn delicately on a small hoop earring or a stud. Designed as swaying drop charms on chains that come alive with every movement, pearl earring pendants infuse your look with an elegant and graceful glow.

Gold necklaces with pearl pendants
A joyous string of lustrous pearls sprinkled with a touch of gold is always a bestseller. The classic combination, of pearls set on gold, is a truly fiery charmer. Whether you want to wear pearl pendants strung on a gold or silver chain, a white gold necklace interspersed with your favourite pearls, or a pearl necklace with a gold pendant, the look is always of glorious elegance.

Pearl and diamond pendants
Do pearls and diamond pendants go together on necklaces? Absolutely yes! The fabulous union of pearls and diamonds on a white gold or silver necklace are a statement of allure and femininity.

Gifting pearl pendants

Pearl pendants have become synonymous with many of life's milestone events. From graduations to motherhood and weddings, pearls are a way of marking your emotions in a tangible manner. The significant feature of a pearl pendant is that no two natural or cultured pearls are alike. This makes them absolutely perfect gifts for someone unique, special, and close to your heart.

Pearl pendant prices need not deter you from buying several pieces at once! We have made certain that they are available in every price range to suit all budgets. On this page, you will find unique pendants with natural freshwater pearls that can be worn on necklace chains, earring posts or chain bracelet pendants. These make stunning celebratory gifts for friends, lovers, brides and yourself too!

Care for your pearl necklaces and pendants

Your pearl pendants would benefit from some TLC (tender loving care)! Real pearls are soft organic gems that tend to absorb what they come in contact with and are easily damaged by rough use. So use and store them carefully to keep them silky and lustrous for a lifetime.

♥ Chemicals in perspiration, perfumes, lotions, hairspray or make-up can damage your real pearl pendants. Put on your pearl jewelry only after you have completed your make-up routine and take them off before you remove your make-up, shower or play sports.
♥ Wipe your pearl pendant with a soft cloth to remove oil build-up and traces of makeup or perspiration.
♥ Allow them to dry completely before putting them away in special jewelry pouches or boxes to avoid scratches and damage from friction with other jewelry.

A pearl pendant is an infinitely beautiful and precious gift for oneself and those we value. We love the pearl pendants that we have curated from some of the best talents in the industry. These are so unique and expressive, you cannot pass them by, you will pause and add them to your personal jewelry collection just as we did!

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