Ice Cream Gold Plated Anklet w. PearlsIce Cream Gold Plated Anklet w. Pearls
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Pernille Lauridsen

Ice Cream Gold Plated Anklet w. Pearls
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Gold Plated Anklet w. PearlsGold Plated Anklet w. Pearls

Les Meres

Gold Plated Anklet w. Pearls
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Small Pearls Gold Plated Anklet w. PearlsSmall Pearls Gold Plated Anklet w. Pearls
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White Silver Anklet w. PearlsWhite Silver Anklet w. Pearls
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Carré Jewelry

White Silver Anklet w. Pearls
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White 18K Gold Plated Anklet w. Pearls & OpalWhite 18K Gold Plated Anklet w. Pearls & Opal
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White 18K Gold Plated Anklet w. PearlsWhite 18K Gold Plated Anklet w. Pearls
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Carré Jewelry

White 18K Gold Plated Anklet w. Pearls
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Iris Silver Anklet w. Pearl
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Vibe Harsløf Jewelry

Iris Silver Anklet w. Pearl
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Iris Gold Plated Anklet w. Pearl
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Vibe Harsløf Jewelry

Iris Gold Plated Anklet w. Pearl
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Gem Anklet
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By Pariah

Gem Anklet
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Not Black and White Anklet (Pre-Order)
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Half Full Anklet (Pre-Order)
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By Pariah

Half Full Anklet (Pre-Order)
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Pearl Gold Plated Anklet w. Pearl

CbyC Jewelry

Pearl Gold Plated Anklet w. Pearl
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Pearl ankle bracelets are a fun way to dress up! They combine bold self-expression with the effortless elegance offered by beautiful pearls! Our expertly curated designer collections feature gorgeous pearl anklets that are luxurious and exclusive, crafted from precious metals and the most charming freshwater pearls. So if a pearl anklet is on your mind, you now know where to find the best selections!

• What role does the ankle bracelet or anklet play in creating your look?
• The perfect pearl ankle bracelet for you
• Style and care tips for pearl anklets

Wear anklets for self-expression

Ankle bracelets or anklets have always had a special place in jewelry boxes the world over. Anklets have been worn around ankles for ages as a cultural emblem, a symbol of marital status, as talismans and for many wonderful reasons.

Today ankle bracelets are highly fashionable and considered distinctive jewelry for self-expression. These artful pieces are designed like bracelets on adjustable chains that close with lobster, T-bar, box or spring clasps.

Ankle bracelet materials

In our handpicked selections, you can find ankle bracelets designed in brass, gold or silver as chains or braided macrame threads. They may be woven with beautiful and colourful glass beads, or come with gemstones and delicate pendants and charms. Bolder designs can be found in 18- or 24-karat gold plated/gold-filled//gold vermeil versions — all top quality workmanship, ensuring lasting beauty.

Anklets make exciting and memorable gifts for any occasion and are perfect as Christmas stocking stuffers.

The perfect freshwater pearls in ankle bracelet styles for you

Among these different styles, pearl ankle bracelets bring you the casual fun of ankle jewelry adorned with the organic classiness of lustrous pearls. Cultured freshwater pearl anklets offer a world of beauty in stunning colours of soft pink, lavender, or black, in addition to the classic white and cream hues. Pearl ankle bracelets made with these pearls are available in a fabulous range of sizes and shapes–from round to oval pearls and even curiously charming baroque pearls. Each cultured pearl is unique in shape and texture, gorgeous and timeless in beauty.

The simple, slender pearl anklet
Are you looking for a daily-wear style pearl anklet? Check out the sweet and simple versions of the pearl ankle bracelets.

For the silver lover, there are gorgeous pearl anklets made from 925 sterling silver. Some have a single large freshwater pearl adding refreshing oomph. You could also find similar designs in 18-karat gold tones as well. This design of pearl anklets pairs well with both formal and vacation styles.

Another casual yet striking design is that of the simple ankle bracelets with pearl studded charms or a lustrous cultured freshwater pearl pendant on a slim chain. These beauties are perfect for relaxed styling and are definitely must-have summer bling!

Statement pearl ankle bracelets
Anklets need not always be slim and simple. Instead of a single pearl as in the minimalist anklets, these statement makers have a line of lovely, lustrous freshwater pearls, sometimes of varying sizes and shapes adding interest. Some of these bold pearl anklets can also double up as gorgeous bracelets.

Styling your pearl ankle bracelets

Ideal for all occasions, pearl anklets make a beautiful addition to your summer and winter styles. Contemporary fashion dictates that you create your own unique ways of styling your jewelry. How you wear your anklet is entirely your choice!

As a single or double
Ankle bracelets are usually worn on one ankle (L/R) as chic accessories. However, you can decide how you want to style your anklet look: wear an ankle bracelet as a single, a pair or in layers on one ankle.

Layering anklets
Just as with necklaces and bracelets, you can create infinite looks by stacking or layering your anklets in interesting ways. When you layer your anklets, do it so that every one of them is visible and adds to your style.

Summer anklet styles
Take full advantage of the warmer months to show off your gorgeous collection of anklets. Summer fashions and beach wear can be stylish with a pretty anklet on your bare feet or strappy sandals!

Over your shoe
You can wear your anklets with any kind of footwear. Just make sure that your beautiful anklets are visible. Some gorgeous pearl anklet styles can add bold elegance to your stylish leather boots! You can also wear them with sneakers and jeans, summer dresses and open sandals or flip-flops.

Check for the right ankle bracelet size using our size guide so that your anklet rests exactly where you want it.

Caring for your pearl ankle bracelet

You can keep your pearl jewelry lustrous forever with some TLC.

♥ Cultured pearls are organic and heasily harmed by chemicals, perspiration and friction. Take off your ankle bracelet before swimming, doing sports or gymming
♥ Wipe down your pearl anklets with a soft cloth after use. When you need to, clean your pearl anklet with a wet cleaning cloth and allow it to dry before storage.
♥ Put your designer ankle jewelry away in proper jewelry cases for maximum durability.

You could make a bold statement of style with one of our eye-catching pearl anklets that are strikingly noticeable. Whether it be a gift to yourself or someone else, we assure you that every purchase you make has the stamp of our commitment to providing the best of high-quality, handcrafted jewelry for your pleasure.

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