Quirky quartz

Quartz is abundant among the treasures of Mother Earth. But that does not take away from it being one of the most popular gemstones around, mainly because there is no seeming end to the countless varieties of beautiful stones that stem from this gorgeous mineral. And the colours are breathtaking!

Hard and crystalline in composition, quartz is essentially silicon dioxide or silica. It is no stranger to civilization since ancient times.

From the clear pure quartz to the exquisite hues of quartz varieties like amethyst and citrine, this gemstone has been much loved in the form of cabochons, bracelets, pendants and even as spiritual accessories such as the mysterious crystal balls. Earrings, pendants, charms, necklaces and rings made of quartz are highly in demand for their versatility and affordability. Explore the world of magnificent quartz jewelry at thejewelleryroom.com

Rainbow colours in quartz

Pure quartz or rock crystal is perfectly transparent. However, inclusions or geologic impurities add the most amazing hues to the clear mineral and give us some of the best-loved gemstones ever.

Amethyst: Few know that the royal amethyst is a variety of purple quartz.

Citrine: Fresh as a lemon, the summer yellow citrine is a delightful gemstone.

Ametrine: A beautiful quartz, the ametrine is a blend of amethyst and citrine with both purple and golden inclusions.

Blue quartz: Blue and rare, this quartz is quite regal in its azure shades.

Rose quartz: The pretty pink rose quartz is graceful and softly feminine in its charms

Smoky quartz: The colours in this variety range from light brown to deep ebony.

There is a lot more that quartz offers—luna quartz, rutile quartz, green amethyst, to name a few. No wonder why the contemporary designers and their clientele love this amazing gemstone!

Did you know?

Quartz has been around for a long time and shows no signs of slowing down in popularity. With a remarkable value of 7 on the Mohs hardness scale, this mineral has found many uses for itself as weapons, tools and of course, as components of stunning jewelry from prehistoric times. Ancient Greeks and Egyptians used quartz varieties as talismans to ward off evil.

Quartz, with its ability to split light, is popular as a tool to enhance mental and spiritual focus. It is also the birthstone for the month of April, signifying strength and endurance. In our times, quartz stands tall as a fabulous and affordable component of stylish jewelry. Find the best of high-quality, authentic gemstone jewelry at thejewelleryroom.com to satiate those quartz dreams.