Cosmo Spiral 18K Gold Earrings w. PearlCosmo Spiral 18K Gold Earrings w. Pearl
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Cosmo Saturn 18K Gold Earrings w. PearlCosmo Saturn 18K Gold Earrings w. Pearl
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FRIENDS Happy BraceletFRIENDS Happy Bracelet
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FRIENDS Happy Bracelet
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ABC's - C - Sale Silver BraceletABC's - C - Sale Silver Bracelet
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ABC's - A - Sale 18K Gold Plated BraceletABC's - A - Sale 18K Gold Plated Bracelet
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From playful emojis to the cosmos &

Attention to fine detail

Overflowing with the abstract essence of life and living, jewelry from RUIFIER is always fresh, original and unique in design with a modern and elegant twist. The very popular London-based brand is built on a curation of the designer Rachel Shaw’s inspirations, from playful emojis and nature to architecture and the cosmos. The brand derives its name from the old English word ‘Reify’, meaning ‘to make something abstract real or concrete’. 

True to its name, RUIFIER’s unique jewelry designs famously capture emotions and stories in innovative and charmingly imaginative ways. RUIFIER has two alternate lines; RUIFIER London and RUIFIER Visage, which explore the different sides of Rachel’s inspiration – from her love of graphic, urban and natural shapes, to the smiling characters of her loved ones, notably her dog Taiki.

Behind Ruifier

Gemstone collector & a creative soul

Rachel Shaw, the creative director of RUIFIER, grew up around gemstone collectors. From a very young age she was introduced to the world of jewels and metals, and loved them. She then went on to study jewelry design at Central St Martins with the dream of being able to wear her own designs crafted with precious conflict-free stones and diamonds, which is still so special to her.

Rachel believes that, Jewelry is something personal that goes through life with you and therefore the brand always tries to embody that in every design.

RUIFIER’s pride

Loved and worn by A-list celebrities

RUIFIER’s success is clearly ‘reified’ by the way it attracts the fashion press. The brand has been worn by key influencers including K-Pop’s G-Dragon, Pandora Sykes, Reese Witherspoon, Jessica Alba, Kristen Wiig, Emma Roberts and Sophie Turner, not to mention being featured repeatedly in leading fashion publications including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Marie Claire and L’Officiel. The brand is stocked in some of the most beautiful stores around the world and in 2018 RUIFIER proudly opened their first store in Hong Kong.

“Each piece that I design is an expression of everything that inspires me and how I want to make the wearer feel confident, authentic and beautiful.”

Expert craftsmanship &

Confident, authentic and beautiful

RUIFIER’s designs stand out for their attention to minute details. From the design stage through to production, each piece is precisely made with expert craftsmanship and precious and high-quality materials. 

As a brand, RUIFIER prides themselves on bringing jewelry to life in a way that allows the wearer to tell their own story. Rachel’s designs are meant to be lifelong companions and she aims ‘to create special memories that make the wearer feel confident, authentic and beautiful’.

“We want to offer our customers  something that they won’t find anywhere else, with every collection we strive to continually surprise our wearers with our creative designs”.


Why we love it

The Ruifier pieces embody jewelry designed for all occasions, marrying superior craftsmanship with playful design. The jewelry is designed to turn the wearer into a storyteller of their own. Everything Ruifier creates, beautifully aligns with the brand’s style; some are more statement and others compliment everyday wear. You can dress them up or down as they are the perfect balance of elegance and versatility.

We love the brand’s modern, characterful designs, especially the smile motif that is explored throughout several of RUIFIER’s delightful collections. Truly, RUIFIER displays timeless jewelry designed to be treasured and admired for a long time to come.

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