Zodiac Leo 18K Gold or Whitegold Pendant w. DiamondsZodiac Leo 18K Gold or Whitegold Pendant w. Diamonds
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Heart 18K Gold or Whitegold Charm w. DiamondsHeart 18K Gold or Whitegold Charm w. Diamonds
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Cross 18K Gold or Whitegold Charm w. DiamondsCross 18K Gold or Whitegold Charm w. Diamonds
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Zodiac Pisces 18K Gold or Whitegold Charm w. DiamondsZodiac Pisces 18K Gold or Whitegold Charm w. Diamonds
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Diamond pendants are forever, especially when set in gold and make excellent jewelry gifts for someone you love and cherish. Pendants are loved for their storytelling ability and get maximum exposure as they are worn close to a person's face on necklace chains or earrings. Pendant meanings vary by person, gender and culture; often representing personal histories, ancestral social status, religious beliefs, accomplishments or goals and more. You will find beautiful, sophisticated and elegant diamond pendants for every occasion and outfit here in our curated selection of handcrafted designer pendants.

• Diamond pendants for both sexes
• Benefits of wearing diamond pendants
• How to choose a perfect diamond pendant gift

Diamond pendants for everyone

Pendants with real diamonds are finely crafted in various styles to suit different preferences and tastes. Diamond pendants are unisex in design and can be worn by both genders.

Mens diamond pendants

Men's diamond pendants are worn on thick necklace chains made from gold, white gold, rose gold or silver. These pendants are bigger than 0.5 cm in dimension including the bail height. They can be worn together on the same chain or layered with other chains. some of the favourite diamond pendant themes for men include the snake, alphabet, number, tags and disc pendants with one or more diamonds.

Diamond pendants for women

Women love the fiery sparkle of diamonds on their everyday chains and chocker-style necklaces. These pendants include simple floral patterns, bees, butterflies, stars, galaxies, constellations, alphabets and numbers.

Gold diamond pendants

Diamond pendants crafted in gold are valuable and durable. Gold has been widely used in jewelry for centuries for it makes a long-lasting metal setting for finely crafted jewelry set with precious gems like diamonds. A high-quality and versatile diamond pendant crafted in 14-18k gold is a piece of jewelry that you can wear every day without worry! Gold and diamond pendants make a great gift for someone special like your wife, girlfriend, mom, boyfriend or sister.

Yellow gold diamond pendant

Yellow gold is likened to possessing the sun's vitality and remains a very popular choice for brilliant diamond pendants worn on gold chains.

Rose gold diamond pendants

Soft-hued rose gold settings for sparkling white, champagne or cognac diamond pendants are feminine and very attractive. Set with a solitaire centre diamond, these pendants are simply delightful and chic.

White gold diamond pendants

White gold and white diamonds are a match made in heaven. The best gold setting to bring out the fire and ice of diamonds is 14k or 18k white gold. White gold initial pendants set with one or more white diamonds are beautiful and long-lasting.

Sterling silver diamond pendants

Diamond pendants crafted in sterling silver are more affordable than gold ones. Rhodium-plated silver pendants with real white diamonds make the phrase "sparkling white" a dreamy reality. With a sleek finish, silver pendants are lightweight and durable and can be worn with high-neckline dresses on short silver chains for an elegant look.

Diamond pendant designs

Pendant designs can be varied by decorative bail, form, use of gemstones, natural pearls, fancy-cut diamonds and beloved gender-neutral symbols that hold special meanings.

♦ Letter and number pendants and charms

♦ Solitaire pendants

♦ Zodiac sign and birthstone pendants

♦ Cross pendants, heart-shaped locket pendants and medallion pendants

♦ Sculptural pendants, textured pendants, abstract shapes

Diamond pendant benefits and facts

Charms and amulets are tiny pendants worn on chains or bracelets. They are believed to channel positive energy or have protective properties that ward off evil. Zodiac sign diamond pendants and necklaces with a solitaire birthstone pendant are hot favourites for lucky birthday gifts with a personalized touch.

Diamond pendants also promote inner serenity. Diamonds are well known for their ability to improve one's health and intelligence. We agree that diamond pendants are an intelligent choice when it comes to investing in valuable jewelry!

How many carats should a diamond pendant be?

Diamond pendants are priced by the carat weight of diamonds. If you are looking for a simple everyday diamond pendant, choose one that is set with a diamond between 0.25-1 carat in weight. You can save on your pendant by buying shy. For example, if you would like a 1-carat diamond pendant, select a diamond in the 0.95-0.99 carat range. You can wear your pendant on a short or medium-length slim gold chain of 40-50cm or 16-20 inches in length.

What is a single diamond pendant called?

A solitaire pendant is a necklace with one gemstone—usually a diamond. The lone sparkle on a jewelry chain looks like it's floating between your collar bones when worn on a slim white gold, yellow gold, or silver chain. Solitaire pendant necklaces range in size from 0.3-carat to 1-carat solitaire.

Pendants are available in many different designs and sizes here in our curated selection. We are convinced that there is one right here that will suit you or someone you care about. Among pendants, letter pendants make the most intimate gifts for someone you love. Pamper yourself with a piece of jewelry that you can wear for the rest of your life, which is not just a fashion piece but a piece of precious memory to have and to hold, then buy a diamond pendant.

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