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Bud 18K Gold Anklet
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Thera Twist Piccolo 18K Gold Anklet
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Gold anklets are charming and fun accessories that add grace and style to any outfit. Anklets have been worn for centuries in various cultures for good health and protection against the evil eye and negative energies. Anklets in gold and silver are considered a sign of wealth and a symbol of prosperity in some cultures. If you want ankle jewelry to complete your jewelry collection, then you are on the right page. You will love our selection of superbly designed and crafted anklets from top brands and independent designers.

• What are anklets?
• Why buy a gold anklet?
• Choosing gold anklets

So, what are anklets, ankle chains and ankle bracelets?

An anklet is a piece of jewelry worn around your ankle.Also known as ankle chains or ankle bracelets, these have been trending for several years and remain popular jewelry items with young girls and women everywhere. They come in different styles to suit every taste and budget.

Anklet materials and styles. Anklets may be made of gold, silver, brass, cord, or leather and can be strung with beads and pearls. Of the various anklets available, most are flexible chain styles while some are rigid, and like bracelets, anklets too can be delicate or chunky. Some may be hung with pretty little charms or studded with colourful gemstones, diamonds or pearls.

Gold anklet to add oomph to your summer-style

While silver anklets are beautiful, cool and elegant, anklets in solid gold are durable and have allure and value that is hard to resist. Anklets made of this precious metal look attractive on all skin tones. Whether you are shopping for yourself or a loved one, indulge in a single or a pair of anklets made of gold. Anklets are available in a gorgeous range of designs identical to bracelets worn around the wrist, so if you are looking for matching ankle and wristwear, go for it! A wide variety of anklets made of gold or combined with different materials such as gemstone beads, pearls, and charms is available for sale today. Let's discuss the most popular types.

Gold ankle chains

An ankle chain made of gold is flexible and adjustable as it opens and closes with a clasp. They may be embellished with pearls, beads or gemstones. Ankle chains are usually adjustable in size and come with two or more rings to allow for size adjustment. If your budget permits, treat yourself to a 10K/14K or 18K gold anklet as they will last forever.

Gold and gemstone bead anklets

Gold anklets featuring colourful gemstone beads in single or multiple colours are beautiful items of jewelry that pep up any outfit, be it casual or formal. Anklets of gold with bead accents are trendy, especially among the youth. Diamond and gold anklets are super luxurious and precious.

Gold charm anklets

Charm jewelry has been a fashion hit for all ages for years, and gold charm anklets are no exception. In our delightful range of anklets for sale, you will find some that feature a charm, such as an ice cream cone, a flower bud, or just a sweet and simple freshwater pearl to add an interesting highlight to your attire.

Gold-plated anklets

While there is a wide variety of sterling silver, beaded, and leather anklets, there is something rich and luxurious about the look and feel of gold encircling your ankle. If you wish to wear gold ankle jewelry at affordable prices then gold-plated anklets are your best friend. These come at a price much lower than anklets made of solid gold.

Choosing the perfect anklet

Really, what sort of anklet appeals to you is a matter of personal preference. You might want a simple one that is delicate and dainty or you might be looking for ankle bracelets that are chunky and eye-catching. Essentially, what you need to consider are the following:

♥ Who is the anklet for? Is it a gift?
♥ Do you know your ankle size? Read our Anklet Size Guide to find out about anklet sizing and measurement
♥ What are your design preferences?
♥ Do you have a budget in mind?

Once you have the answers to these questions, all you need to do is browse our select collection of ankle jewelry, and you are sure to find one that grabs your attention.

We won't deny that anklets made of precious yellow metal carry a high price tag. If budget is not a constraint, go ahead and dive into our select picks of gold anklets and indulge yourself with the prettiest you can find. We invite you to browse our delightful online collection of beautifully designed and crafted ankle jewelry. Shop from the comfort of wherever you are, or contact our friendly team, who will gladly help you make an intelligent choice.

If you have any questions regarding size and fit, we are available for a quick chat on any business day. Just click on the Chat icon. You can also contact us by phone or email if you have a special request like personalisation options, gift wrapping, or questions regarding your order or the delivery date of a product. We want to help you make the best purchase.

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