Topaz tales

One of the most popular gemstones ever, the topaz hardly needs an introduction.

This gorgeous gemstone boasts of an incredible colour palette ranging from clear and colourless to an explosion of the most beautiful hues. Hard and durable, the topaz is ideal for long-lasting, daily wear jewelry. And the best part is that this incredible gem with its fascinating variety is quite affordable. Although there are some very expensive and rare topaz stones out there, this gemstone is easy on your pockets most of the time.

Vivid hues of topaz

With topaz, it is the colour that sets the value more than clarity, cut or weight. Few gemstones offer as wide a selection of colours as the beautiful and humble topaz. In its purest form, topaz is virtually colourless.

White topaz is often sold as a diamond substitute. However, being allochromatic, the presence of impurities gives topaz a fine gift of the loveliest hues. The most common topaz colours are pale yellow and brown, followed closely by grey.

Blue topaz is the most popular of all colour varieties and is a forever bestseller in the jewelry market.

The imperial topaz is among the most valuable in the topaz family, treasured for its dark reddish-orange sparkle.

The beautiful pinks and pretty reds are highly prized and rather rare in topaz. In addition to the aforementioned, light green and shades of violet are also available.

Did you know?

Did you know that the famous Braganza Diamond from the Portuguese crown jewels is actually a topaz?

Topaz has a long list of legends and attributes associated with it. It is believed that topaz can break the power of sorcery and add longevity and beauty to life. The ancient Greeks too had a thing for this beautiful gemstone. They believed it to bring power and repair loss of vital strength. As the birthstone for the month of November, the topaz is especially lucky for Sagittarians. Although pretty trinkets bearing this lovely stone are always welcome, blue topaz and imperial topaz are designated gifts for the 4th and 23rd wedding anniversaries respectively.

With a hardness of 8 on the Mohs scale and a fabulous bunch of colours and cuts to choose from, the topaz offers unlimited, pocket-friendly options for gemstone lovers. Check out the fine collections of genuine gemstone jewelry from the finest designers at to pick out your pretty topaz-studded treasures.