Luminous labradorite

Splendorous and unique, this fascinating gemstone takes its name from its place of origin: Labrador in Canada.

Ranging from translucent to opaque, the gemstone labradorite is a variety of the feldspar mineral, primarily mined from Canada and Finland. No two stones will ever be alike, and this makes it a desirable gemstone for any jewelry. Predominantly used in necklaces, rings and earrings, labradorites make a spectacular statement by accentuating the radiance of the metal with their iridescent glow and play of colours. The gems are popular in round, oval and marquise cuts, and team fabulously with yellow and rose gold jewelry. To gauge its authenticity, gently rotate the gem; a genuine labradorite, instead of displaying a uniform colour, will appear to change hues as it is turned around.

The labradorite sheen of colours

Most labradorites exhibit an opalescent shimmer, often called the Schiller effect, to radiate a delightful spectrum of hues.

The gemstones come in dark hues, and those with extraordinary iridescence are graded as semi-precious gemstones. Their most arresting feature is the brilliant flash of blue, red, gold, green and dark grey colours when light reflects from the base of these radiant stones.

Blue and dark gray are the more abundantly found labradorites in nature, but brown and grey blue are also common. Though usually translucent, there are some known varieties of transparent labradorites in shades of yellow, red, orange and green.

White, purple, pink, light blue and colourless labradorites are rare but the rarest and most valuable amongst the labradorite variety are red and pine green. For premium quality labradorites, look out for the translucent ones that have clarity in patterns and display strong and multiple hues in their iridescence.

What you need to know about labradorites

Often regarded as the gemstone of transformation and courage, a labradorite has calming and protective properties. Sought after for its healing energy, a labradorite restores balance into our lives. It is also believed to shield against respiratory problems, digestive disorders and blood pressure issues and helps to recuperate from stress and exhaustion.

Labradorites are associated with the birth months of February and March and linked with the Zodiac sign of Pisces. Measuring 6 to 6.5 on the Mohs hardness level, this gemstone makes a highly desirable gem for fine jewelry.

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