Mini Moonlight Grapes Silver RingMini Moonlight Grapes Silver Ring

Georg Jensen

Mini Moonlight Grapes Silver Ring
$320.00 USD
XL Mercy Silver RingXL Mercy Silver Ring

Georg Jensen

XL Mercy Silver Ring
$275.00 USD
Trio Diamond Ring 0.09Trio Diamond Ring 0.09
Sold out


Trio Diamond Ring 0.09
$324.00 USD
Puka Silver RingPuka Silver Ring

AKVA Jewelry

Puka Silver Ring
$157.00 USD
Mercy Twist Silver Ring
New in

Georg Jensen

Mercy Twist Silver Ring
$240.00 USD
SUN 14K Gold Ring w. DiamondSUN 14K Gold Ring w. Diamond


SUN 14K Gold Ring w. Diamond
$421.00 USD
Rosas 18K Gold Ring w. DiamondRosas 18K Gold Ring w. Diamond
New in

Wouters & Hendrix

Rosas 18K Gold Ring w. Diamond
$1,852.00 USD
Vega Silver RingVega Silver Ring

Dulong Fine Jewelry

Vega Silver Ring
$139.00 USD
Moonlight Grapes Big 18K Gold RingMoonlight Grapes Big 18K Gold Ring

Georg Jensen

Moonlight Grapes Big 18K Gold Ring
$3,375.00 USD
Legacy Knot Small (Tight) 18K Gold Ring w. DiamondsLegacy Knot Small (Tight) 18K Gold Ring w. Diamonds
Adria Piccolo Gold Plated Ring w. White Zirconias & PearlsAdria Piccolo Gold Plated Ring w. White Zirconias & Pearls
Sold out
O Day/light 14K Gold RingO Day/light 14K Gold Ring


O Day/light 14K Gold Ring
$211.00 USD
Ellera Gold Plated Ring w. Black ZirconiasEllera Gold Plated Ring w. Black Zirconias

Sif Jakobs Jewelry

Ellera Gold Plated Ring w. Black Zirconias
$78.00 USD
Ellera Gold Plated Ring w. Blue ZirconiasEllera Gold Plated Ring w. Blue Zirconias

Sif Jakobs Jewelry

Ellera Gold Plated Ring w. Blue Zirconias
$75.00 USD
Diamond Line Ring 0.025 in 14K GoldDiamond Line Ring 0.025 in 14K Gold
Sold out
Lips Red Gold Plated RingLips Red Gold Plated Ring
Sold out

Eshvi London

Lips Red Gold Plated Ring
$78.00 USD $97.00 USD
Lactuca Silver RingLactuca Silver Ring

AKVA Jewelry

Lactuca Silver Ring
$244.00 USD
Offspring Matte Silver RingOffspring Matte Silver Ring

Georg Jensen

Offspring Matte Silver Ring
$145.00 USD
O TWIST Day/light 8K Gold RingO TWIST Day/light 8K Gold Ring


O TWIST Day/light 8K Gold Ring
$153.00 USD

Rings! Let’s think rings today! Is there any piece of jewelry quite as personally entertaining as the ring? Your eyes are drawn to it often and in your mind’s eye, you see memories, feelings and inspiration, changing your reality in a split second, reminding you of what it means to be truly you

Handmade designer rings

Handcrafted rings are much in demand for their uniqueness and distinctiveness. All the rings in our collections have been handcrafted at the most exclusive and renowned ateliers across Europe. We offer you a ring collection peerless in artistic and aesthetic perfection.

From classic to the abstract quirkiness of contemporary chic, from rings that bedazzle the world to quiet reminders of life’s greatest moments, we have curated an incredibly interesting collection of the most uniquely crafted rings for you to fall in love with.

• Rings in jewelry
• Latest trends in rings
• Which ring style should I choose?

All about rings in jewelry

Rings are indeed jewelry staples. In the world of fashion, their styles, sizes and types constantly get updated according to the reigning trends of the season. Yet we all agree that some rings will remain a love affair of a lifetime.

Materials used in gorgeous rings

Although you can find rings made from a fascinating variety of materials including wood, those crafted from precious metals are most sought after. Certification of gemstones and hallmarking of precious metals assure you of their quality and origins.

Precious metals

Rings crafted from 18 and 22 karat gold, platinum and 925 sterling silver remain bestsellers. They are top of the charts for their investment value, durability and the astonishing beauty that can be coaxed from them by the hands of a master craftsman.

Wedding and engagement rings in white gold, black gold and rose gold, all alloys or rhodium-plated versions of pure 18 or 22 karat gold, bring a distinct aura of luxury to the table. Rings in rhodium-plated 18 karat gold are hot favourites with brides who desire something unconventional, yet gracefully elegant and trustworthy.

High-quality rings in lower gold karatage like 8-14 karats or 18 karat gold-plated designer rings are extremely popular for their range of interesting designs that are also affordable. With proper care, quality gold-plating remains fresh and perfect for a remarkably long while.

Gemstone rings

Diamond rings are the world’s favourite when it comes to stone-studded rings, particularly in the case of engagement rings. Other gemstones like rubies, sapphires, and emeralds follow closely. Pearls are a class apart at all times and their presence imbues rings with an organic elegance like no other. Tourmalines, peridots, garnets, amethysts, and topaz are also very much in demand for their exquisite colours and relatively pocket-friendly prices.

Rings set with birthstones hold a special significance to many. With a colourful rainbow of gemstones—both natural and lab-grown—to choose from, some rings are works of wearable art, immune to the passage of time and trends.

Latest trends in rings for women

Rings have been around for a long long time. In all this while, they have undergone massive makeovers to suit the aesthetics of each era. Now, let's look at the trending favourites.

Princess rings

Princess rings embrace all kinds of solitaire rings and are hugely popular for their sheer elegance and style. They feature a single stone of sizable proportions on a relatively slim band. The slender shank works well to beautifully offset the sparkle and size of the central stone. These are great as engagement rings and even as a gift to celebrate oneself.

Black rings

This one here is a skyrocketing trend that is remarkably popular in wedding bands too. Made from white gold plated with black rhodium for high-end options or titanium, stainless steel or ceramic for a more affordable range, these black rings stand for strength, resilience and conviction.

Infinity rings

This design features the infinity symbol, like the number 8 on its side. As the name suggests, the infinity ring stands for neverending love. These come in gold and silver and look especially stunning when diamonds and colourful gemstones add drama to this everyday style. Also known as the promise ring, this design is a perfect gifting idea for someone who will always have your love, be it your lover or a special friend.

Chunky rings

Oversized rings for the maximalist in you, these are showstoppers in more ways than one. Available in standard purities of precious metals, these large rings also come in gold-plated avatars which are also easy on the pocket. The use of gemstones adds sparkle and colour to the already attention-grabbing chunky rings.

Cocktail rings

Perfect for parties and occasions that call for serious bling, cocktail rings display literally jaw-dropping artistry from every angle. These come in a zillion themes, sizes and materials that it would never be enough to have just one. Cocktail rings could start off a collection that you would want to keep adding to all your life with no regrets.

Colourful rainbow rings

These gorgeous rings radiate the glory of colourful gemstones to the best effect. Coloured diamonds like blue, black, yellow and pink are pure splendour, although pricey. Rubies and sapphires, along with emeralds, add more hues to this heady mix of striking rings featuring coloured stones. They look especially magical when in asymmetric settings with stones of different sizes.

Double rings

These could be two complementary rings stacked together or could also relate to a single ring worn across two fingers. Both styles offer super-chic vibes that could metamorphose into unique aesthetic statements.

X rings

Trendy and sophisticated in an almost minimal way, the x rings have two bands crossing to form a symmetric x in the front. Whether sleek and simple or lined with diamonds, the x ring is perfect for an everyday statement of style.

Which ring style should I choose?

With infinite choices available, the basic principle is to simply go for what you love. That said, here are a few additional things to consider when it comes to choosing a ring style.

Choose rings for the occasion

For everyday wear, choose simple styles that gel with your usual attire. Stylish yet minimalist designs look great by themselves or when stacked even at work.

Statement rings usher in a lot of attention and helps you stand out at special events.

When it comes to wedding bands and engagement rings, they are especially stunning when they perfectly reflect a unified aesthetic shared by the couple.

Engravable rings are ideal for gifting and make personalised mementos to cherish always.

Shape and size of your fingers

It's good to know which ring style is flattering for your fingers and hand!

Larger hands can pull off oversized rings, small hands look best with proportionately smaller, dainty designs.

Long fingers love wide bands! They gracefully counter the length of long fingers. Stacked rings too look great on long, slender fingers.

While, slender narrow ring bands can help elongate petite hands.

Wide fingers and large knuckles benefit from a medium-thick band with asymmetrical cluster styles and broad settings of stones.

Choose a comfortable ring that fits just right

Wedding bands and engagement rings need to be chosen with more than just the appearance in mind. These are everyday rings and have to be comfortable to wear all the time without snagging on clothes and other stuff. The same goes for all rings that you don't want to take off.
Smooth, rounded bands and a snug setting of stones go a long way in providing the best ease of wear in rings.

The perfect fit needs to be pursued here. Check out our ring sizing guide to help you figure out the perfect fit for your rings.

Choosing the perfect ring for yourself or a loved one need not be an overwhelming task at all. Because we have done most of the hard work for you by putting together an exciting collection of authentic designer rings from the best designer jewelry ateliers. All you need to do is fill your cart with all the pretty rings that catch your fancy. You will be spoilt for choice, we promise!

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