Ole Lynggaard shooting stars

The coveted shooting star pieces from Ole Lynggaard is a snapshot of the magical shooting stars that fill the night sky with hope and beauty. The shooting star collection is designed by Charlotte Lynggaard, whose inspiration is found in the starry sky's breathtaking tangle and unruly star patterns. The Ole Lynggaard shooting stars earrings is an attempt to recreate the adventurous shooting stars that we are all too rarely allowed to watch.

Shooting Stars Earrings

The shooting star earrings are created in many variants, which can be styled together in many ways. Charlotte Lynggaard's ambition has been to create a collection of shooting stars where only the imagination sets the limits to the possibilities the jewelry can be styled. Just like the unpredictability of the stars, Charlotte's ambition has been to get women and men to create their own personal shooting stars expression and put together their shooting stars earrings in new inspiring ways. Looking to create a complete shooting star look, the recipe is to match it with your ole lynggaard shooting stars ring and your delicate shooting star bracelet.

Each star in the shooting stars Ole Lynggaard pieces consists of 6 small diamonds, set as a star. Each small cluster has a slightly curved, raised surface, which ensures that the diamonds receive and reflect maximum light and achieve the ultimate brilliance.

The shooting star ole lynggaard collection consists of a number of smaller ear studs and beautiful earring pendants with precious stones or pearls, which can be placed to adorn the delicate ear studs. The Shooting stars collection also consists of several different types of rings, sleek bracelets and elegant necklaces all adorned with the little diamond stars.

Each shooting star's piece is handcrafted in Copenhagen by Ole Lynggaard's own master goldsmiths. Since the collection was launched in 2015, new designs have been added to the beautiful collection and we look forward to new variants being added to this sophisticated and coveted collection.

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