The Pearl Pearl Pearl Gold Plated Earrings w. PearlThe Pearl Pearl Pearl Gold Plated Earrings w. Pearl
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The Dot Gold Plated Studs w. PearlsThe Dot Gold Plated Studs w. Pearls
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Les Meres

The Dot Gold Plated Studs w. Pearls
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The Snake Gold Plated Earrings w. PearlThe Snake Gold Plated Earrings w. Pearl
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Les Meres

The Snake Gold Plated Earrings w. Pearl
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The Everyday Gold Plated Earrings w. PearlsThe Everyday Gold Plated Earrings w. Pearls
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The Statement Gold Plated Necklace w. PearlsThe Statement Gold Plated Necklace w. Pearls
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The Signet Black Gold Plated Ring w. PearlThe Signet Black Gold Plated Ring w. Pearl
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The Shell Gold Plated EarringThe Shell Gold Plated Earring
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Les Meres

The Shell Gold Plated Earring
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The Pink Gold Plated Ring w. PearlThe Pink Gold Plated Ring w. Pearl
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The Coconut Gold Plated Pendant w. PearlsThe Coconut Gold Plated Pendant w. Pearls
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The Beach Wood Gold Plated PendantThe Beach Wood Gold Plated Pendant
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Visual, wearable emotions

Les Mères

Evocative, emotional and endearing are words that describe jewelry from Les Mères which means “the mothers” in French. Each beautiful piece from this charming brand is an ode to the perfectly imperfect journey of every woman. Overflowing in organic beauty and style, Kim Harmsen’s passionate designs call, cajole and remind us of a beautiful bond we all identify with; motherhood. Jewelry that tells the story of a mother’s journey using the natural beauty of freshwater pearls in breathtaking organic detailing, is not only unique and remarkable but also hitherto unseen.

Kim Harmsen

The Designer

Before launching her own brand, Kim Harmsen studied Fashion & Branding in Amsterdam and also worked as a Marketing & PR Director for ten years. The longer she worked for others, the stronger became her urge to begin her own journey in jewelry design. Kim’s biggest achievement in her jewelry career is her decision to set aside the security offered by a fixed job to focus all her energy into something that is very personal and dear to her. 

Kim loves coming up with new design ideas and watching them grow into meaningful jewelry pieces. She is also passionate about the selection of the pearls that will tell each story! Working with something that mother nature gave us remains very special to Kim in her design process.

Kim dreams of becoming a jewelry brand that people have an emotional connection with; a brand that will be available in all cool concept stores around the world!

Breathtakingly original, Les Mères

Design DNA

The design DNA of Les Mères is rooted in motherhood. Through uniquely crafted pearl jewelry, Les Mères manifests the universal impressions of motherhood. Every design is carefully created to reflect organic elegance through raw aesthetics inspired by nature, specifically the power of the sea. The beautifully unique and imperfectly perfect pearls used in the jewelry, symbolises rebirth and therefore are viewed as treasures that hold a lot of emotion.

Les Mères Customers love how the design is special and personal. In fact, you don't need to be a pearl lover to embrace jewelry from Les Mères! The delight stored up in every design is infectious drawing on emotions long forgotten, inspiring new dreams and spelling out new definitions for bold. This brand designs for all women– a woman who likes to travel or has seen the world; may be a business woman or a stay-at-home mom; she is also every open-minded mom who likes to stand out!

"We design jewelry women want to hold on to forever; symbolic statement pieces become a personal treasure to you and make you stand out from the crowd."

Brand USP

What makes Les Mères stand out

Fascinatingly distinct, Les Mères' creations exude a matchless spirit of bespoke artistry. The collections overflow with a fine range of rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces in sculptural designs. Rustique, and asymmetric pieces in an interesting array of textures and themes, make their jewelry look great, both solo and stacked.

Kim Harmsen says, “Currently the jewelry market holds two types of brands: ones that focus on trendy pieces, exchangeable every time a new trend surfaces, and ones that see jewelry as heirlooms, but only carry basic styles.

Les Mères combines the two and offers a wide variety of jewelry pieces that will last you a lifetime, whether you use it as a statement piece or an everyday “part of your daily look” kind of piece. On top of that, all our pieces are one-of-a-kind, and some of them are customizable, making them different from anything else out there.”

Commitment to


All silver and gold used in Les Mères jewelry is recycled. Overproduction and waste is avoided by ensuring that every handmade item, in their Netherlands or Bali ateliers, is produced in limited numbers. So every time an order is made, there is a small waiting period before delivery. The freshwater pearls are carefully sourced from a family-run ‘pearl farm’ in Shanxi Ahu, China. And the Les Mères packaging is made of recycled paper, with no plastic.

Les Mères

Why we love it

Is it possible that so much emotion can be expressed in jewelry designs? When we see Les Mères pieces we catch our breath in awe and then we want to be a part of that feeling. There is something in these designs for all of us and above all, every piece is exceptionally stylish, bold and elegant. That's why we love Les Mères! For the rapturous freshness locked into every piece allowing versatile styling to suit every mood.

We also stand by this brand’s commitment to sustainability; combining wholesome jewelry making practices and supporting traditional heritage.

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