Love Seafire 18K Gold Earrings w. SapphireLove Seafire 18K Gold Earrings w. Sapphire
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Bergsoe Jewelry

Love Seafire 18K Gold Earrings w. Sapphire
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SOLD OUT Love Seafire II 18K & 22K Gold Ring w. SapphireSOLD OUT Love Seafire II 18K & 22K Gold Ring w. Sapphire
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Love Seafire 18K, 22K & 24K Gold Ring w. SapphireLove Seafire 18K, 22K & 24K Gold Ring w. Sapphire
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SOLD OUT Love Seafire 18K Gold Pendant w. SapphireSOLD OUT Love Seafire 18K Gold Pendant w. Sapphire
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Chakras Piercing 18K Gold Hoop w. SapphiresChakras Piercing 18K Gold Hoop w. Sapphires
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Memento Mori Gold Necklace w. Coral, Pearls, Sapphire & DiamondMemento Mori Gold Necklace w. Coral, Pearls, Sapphire & Diamond
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Hima Kola 18K Gold Ring w. Sapphire & DiamondsHima Kola 18K Gold Ring w. Sapphire & Diamonds
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Anpé Atelier cph

Hima Kola 18K Gold Ring w. Sapphire & Diamonds
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Trine Ji Light Pink 14K Gold Ring w. SapphiresTrine Ji Light Pink 14K Gold Ring w. Sapphires
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18K Gold Earrings w. Pearls & Diamonds
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Yana Nesper

18K Gold Earrings w. Pearls & Diamonds
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Fortuna 18K Gold Necklace w. Rubies & SapphiresFortuna 18K Gold Necklace w. Rubies & Sapphires
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Sapphire jewelry radiates elegance and beauty. Blue sapphire jewelry has always been associated with luxurious splendour and royalty. The sapphire stone is one of the four classical precious gemstones in the world and genuine sapphire jewelry has been cherished as heirloom pieces and passed on to loved ones from generation to generation. If you are looking for handcrafted and unique sapphire jewelry you are on the right page. We have selected sapphire jewelry in both classic and modern styles in silver, yellow, rose and white gold, from the best international designers just for you!

• Top reasons why sapphire jewelry is so precious
• What metals look best for sapphire jewelry?
• Jewelry items set with sapphire

What does wearing a sapphire signify?

Sapphire is the birthstone of September-borns. Many believe wearing it close to their body brings wealth, healing, and good fortune to their lives. The gemstone is also worn for protection and to ensure fidelity in relationships.

Tip: Gifting your beloved sapphire jewelry on the 45th wedding anniversary is a romantic way to renew vows of love and affection.

Sapphire vs diamond jewelry: Which is more precious?

Sapphire jewelry is rare and precious, and for many women, it is an investment. Electrifying blue sapphires are incredibly valuable and sought-after. These gemstones are more affordable than diamonds for the same cut, weight, and clarity. Like diamonds, sapphire is cherished for its hardness and strength, measuring a solid 9 on Mohs hardness scale. This means it doesn't get scratched easily, allowing you to wear your favourite sapphire piece every day.

A valuable blue sapphire in jewelry is...
♦ A natural unheated deep, vibrant velvet-to-violet blue.
♦ Has minimal inclusions within
♦ Is well cut - this ensures optimal sparkle and weight

Coloured sapphire jewelry?

Yes! If you think sapphires in jewelry are always blue, then we have news for you. Natural unheated sapphires come in a palette of rich, captivating colours, each reflecting its unique vibe when set in precious metals like gold or silver. The wide colour spectrum makes this gemstone versatile for designer jewelry.

♦ Sapphires come in vibrant shades of green, yellow, white, violet, and pink.
♦ Cornflower blue and pinkish-orange Padparadscha are considered the rarest sapphire colours.

Which precious metals look good with sapphire jewelry?

♦ Sapphire jewelry in classic yellow gold and cool white gold are the traditional favourites, while rose gold is popular for its romantic and feminine hue.
♦ Solid gold sapphire jewelry comes in 18k, 14k, 10k or even 9k yellow gold, rose gold or white gold.
♦ Gold-plated or rhodium-plated sapphire jewelry is another option for beautiful sapphire jewelry that's easier on the pocket.
♦ Silver sapphire jewelry has a cool vibe, is more affordable, and is available at a range of great prices. Silver sapphire jewelry gets a rhodium-plated finish with sterling silver for durability.

Beautiful designer sapphire jewelry

Sapphire rings
Sapphire rings are exquisite and come in a range of gorgeous colours and designs. As the blue stone is symbolic of love and commitment, sapphire and diamond rings are especially prized as engagement rings. Among the more popular designs, connoisseurs love a solitaire or a large sapphire surrounded by a ring of diamonds or sparkling zirconia. In more luxuriant styles, the ring shank may also be paved with diamonds or sapphires.

encapsulate a promise of affection and enduring loyalty. For this reason, brides love a wedding band flush set with small sapphires and diamonds in organic textures.

Sapphire necklaces
If you love necklaces, ones with large or small sapphire pendants or sapphire piccolo beads are unique and charming. Sparkling silver or white gold chains with blue sapphires dotting their length are subtle statement pieces. You can also check out our curated selection of natural unheated sapphire pendants on slim chains. You will find a delightful range of coloured sapphire pendants for your gemstone necklace collection.

Sapphire bracelets!
Who wouldn't enjoy flaunting delicate bracelets in white, rose or yellow gold with little sapphire gemstones? Add some more sparkle and colour with a sprinkle of sapphires, and you have an heirloom to savour for a lifetime.

Elegant sapphire earrings
If you fancy sapphire earrings, you'll be bowled over with our selection. We cater to simple, charming, and feminine styles, along with exclusive party wear. Sapphire studs, ear cuffs, huggies, hoops, and shoulder dusters come in a range of attractive designs, sizes and prices.

You can easily find your piece of sapphire jewelry by changing the applied filters on this page. Choose the type of jewelry (ring/earring/necklace) and desired material and you will be in paradise in no time. Contact us if you need clarification regarding shipping and delivery time, gift wrapping, or sizing or simply to chat about beautiful sapphire jewelry!

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