IX Forever Love  PendantIX Forever Love  Pendant
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IX Studios

IX Forever Love Pendant
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IX Square  PendantIX Square  Pendant

IX Studios

IX Square Pendant
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IX Love Gold Plated  RingIX Love Gold Plated  Ring
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IX Studios

IX Love Gold Plated Ring
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IX Oval Signet Hawks Eye  RingIX Oval Signet Hawks Eye  Ring

IX Studios

IX Oval Signet Hawks Eye Ring
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IX Cushion Signet w. Onyx  RingIX Cushion Signet w. Onyx  Ring
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IX Studios

IX Cushion Signet w. Onyx Ring
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IX Class  RingIX Class  Ring
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IX Studios

IX Class Ring
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Lasting personal pieces

Timeless Unisex Jewelry

IX STUDIOS is one of the few jewelry brands in Denmark where the majority of the designs presented by the brand are unisex. If you are a very detail-oriented individual and want to elevate your outfit with strong jewelry IX STUDIOS is perfect for you. It’s the label’s vision to design quality jewelry in gold and silver that anyone would love to wear.

In the IX collections, you will find minimal styles with maximized boldness, natural stones like Tiger Eye and malachite set in classic style on signet rings and perfectly unisex chains and bracelets in silver and gold exhibiting crunchy textures and chunky sizes. Here’s a fantastic opportunity for men and lovers to shop at The Jewellery Room and find some cool and edgy pieces that make their fashion senses tingle! 

Persistent Danish Craftsmanship with a Massive Attitude


IX STUDIOS was founded in Copenhagen by designer Louise Mygind Andersen. The brand has a design universe with its roots in Scandinavia and was initially called Frederik IX Studios. All their designs are Danish and made by hand in Copenhagen, but you will also find that IX STUDIOS has struck a fine balance between Scandinavian design traditions and international trends and styles. They want to present the world with lasting, persistent designs according to Danish traditions and yet that is also edgy-cool and very inclusive.

Intelligent design. Design for longevity. Slow jewelry

The IX Design DNA

IX STUDIOS calls their secret ingredient for success the “New Way of Danish”. Their design DNA is rooted firmly in Danish heritage. All their pieces have a timeless quality of simplicity. The designs are sophisticated and continue to be relevant across collections. For instance, just a dash of chunkiness goes a long way to creating a bolder expression. IX STUDIOS emphasises authentic personal style and attention to detail over “prettification”, bringing us jewelry for everyone made to complement an individual’s style. The IX pieces are customisable with personal engraving and designs.

“We are inspired by the “X’’ – An iconic representation of the intersection between contemporary culture, old-school craftsmanship and sustainable consumption. We only make lasting, personal pieces that can be worn again and again.”

IX STUDIOS Sustainability Standards

Responsible Design

IX STUDIOS is always keen to accommodate measures that minimise their environmental and climate impact. They are mindful to strengthen and ensure a sustainable distribution chain throughout the infrastructure of the company. They accomplish this by

- Using recycled precious metals in the IX jewelry.

- Less waste through the use of natural stones; seeing flaws in the stones as an opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind piece—which minimises the waste and optimises the exploitation of resources

- Minimising the environmental impact

- Creating high-quality jewelry that will last for a lifetime; educating and encouraging customers on how to care for their jewelry; providing replating services


Why we love it

Jewelry for men is probably one of the most discussed accessory topics in fashion history. Often, it’s postulated that the only accessory a man should be wearing is a watch. We don’t agree with that and after the fashion world recognised the signet ring, it gained popularity among both men and women.

Moreover, the brand promotes sustainable jewelry-making practices and partners only with manufacturers who are members of the Responsible Jewelry Council, promoting ethical production and supplier practices. You will love the cool and edgy modern designs with a scandi-heart. We are so happy to create an opportunity for all male jewelry lovers out there to also have something to put in the shopping cart here at The Jewellery Room! 

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