Eden Silver Bracelet w. ZirconiaEden Silver Bracelet w. Zirconia
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Apples & Figs Jewelry

Eden Silver Bracelet w. Zirconia
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Heart Clover 14K Gold Necklace w. DiamondHeart Clover 14K Gold Necklace w. Diamond
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Apples & Figs Jewelry

Heart Clover 14K Gold Necklace w. Diamond
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Mom Silver RingMom Silver Ring
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Maria Black

Mom Silver Ring
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Mom Gold Plated RingMom Gold Plated Ring
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Maria Black

Mom Gold Plated Ring
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Mom Silver NecklaceMom Silver Necklace
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Maria Black

Mom Silver Necklace
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Felline Concavo 18K Gold Plated Ring w. ZirconiasFelline Concavo 18K Gold Plated Ring w. Zirconias
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Felline Concavo Silver Ring w. ZirconiasFelline Concavo Silver Ring w. Zirconias
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Sif Jakobs Jewelry

Felline Concavo Silver Ring w. Zirconias
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Felline Concavo 18K Gold Plated Earrings w. ZirconiasFelline Concavo 18K Gold Plated Earrings w. Zirconias
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Felline Concavo Silver Earrings w. ZirconiasFelline Concavo Silver Earrings w. Zirconias
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Sif Jakobs Jewelry

Felline Concavo Silver Earrings w. Zirconias
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Felline Concavo 18K Gold Plated Necklace w. ZirconiasFelline Concavo 18K Gold Plated Necklace w. Zirconias
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Allusia Love 18K Rosegold Earrings w. DiamondsAllusia Love 18K Rosegold Earrings w. Diamonds
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Cocktail 18K & 22K Gold Ring w. Pearl & DiamondCocktail 18K & 22K Gold Ring w. Pearl & Diamond
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Small Bow 14K Gold Earring w. DiamondsSmall Bow 14K Gold Earring w. Diamonds
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10K Gold Bracelet10K Gold Bracelet
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10K Gold Bracelet
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Cube no.1 14K Gold Stud w. DiamondCube no.1 14K Gold Stud w. Diamond
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Thorn Double Pave 18K Gold Ring w. DiamondsThorn Double Pave 18K Gold Ring w. Diamonds
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Josephine Studio

Thorn Double Pave 18K Gold Ring w. Diamonds
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Becoming Mom 18K Gold Ring w. Lab-Grown DiamondBecoming Mom 18K Gold Ring w. Lab-Grown Diamond

Formes Fine Jewelry

Becoming Mom 18K Gold Ring w. Lab-Grown Diamond
$992.00 USD

Jewelry gifts for new moms have long been a tradition in many cultures, especially among royalty. "Push presents" are a beautiful way for a partner to honour the new mother after she has given birth. A thoughtfully chosen gift of valuable jewelry shows a new mother that she is cherished and appreciated. Family members can also give presents to welcome a new life into the family. A beautifully designed necklace, engravable pendant, letter charm, birthstone ring, earrings, or bracelet is a precious keepsake that evokes tender memories of a new life. Be inspired by our amazing new-mom gift ideas in our specially curated online range dedicated to special relationships.

• Best push presents for a new mother
• What are push presents?
• Personalised gift ideas for that special new mom
• Unique gifts for new moms

Best jewelry gift for a new mother

Gifts for new moms, also called push presents, are a time-honoured way of expressing pride and love. The miracle of childbirth never grows old; it is a wondrous and joyful occasion that you will want to celebrate and commemorate with a meaningful gift of value.

Why “push presents” are a thing

Push presents have gained in popularity over the past decade and rightly so! When an expectant mother has carried a growing child for nine months and then pushed that baby out, they deserve some spoiling! This growing trend gives a proud significant other and their family members the chance to show them some love and appreciation. Your beautiful baby is a priceless gift, and gifting a new mom a meaningful piece of jewelry is a way of sharing in the miracle of childbirth.

Although push presents can be anything a new mama would love, they are typically jewelry…and for good reason! Jewelry is beautiful, valuable and long-lasting – all the qualities you treasure in your loved one.

Therefore an ideal push present could be a ring, necklace or bracelet, chosen to represent the baby's date of birth, with a birthstone or engraving, or the initial letter of the new baby's name

Designer jewelry as push presents

Amongst our vast array of fine and demi-fine designer jewelry, we have iconic collections dedicated to precious relationships, especially between mother and child. These poetic, yet modern, designs overflow with emotion and their sculptural shapes in sterling silver or 18 karat gold are reminiscent of a warm embrace.

Choose unique gifts for new moms

If you’re looking for a unique gift for a new mom, why not choose designer jewelry from a collection that tells the story of a mother’s perfectly imperfect journey through its beautiful handcrafted designs.

Using the natural beauty of gemstones, diamonds or freshwater pearls in organic detailing, each piece of these original designs expresses the wonder of birth and the power of nature.

Organically shaped gold or sterling silver double rings, double hoop earrings or interlinked bracelets or pendants comprising a circle within a circle symbolise the powerfully precious maternal bond, making them the ideal new mother gift.

Choose only authentic designer jewelry gifts in gold or sterling silver

To be sure that your chosen gift will stand the test of time, look for the 925 (SS) hallmark stamp on sterling silver jewelry or the 22k (916), 18k (750) or 14k (585) karat stamp on gold items. The best way is to always buy your jewelry from a reputable jeweller. When you purchase online or in-store from us, you have peace of mind in the quality assurance that all our jewelry, precious stones and metals, are certified authentic.

Personalised gift ideas for a very special new mom

Personalised gifts for new moms convey intimate messages. You can choose a push present from a range of exquisite designs in various precious metals and gemstones to commemorate the special occasion of a birth.

♥ Birthstone jewelry
♥ Zodiac pendants
♥ Letter and number charms
♥ Engravable jewelry
♥ Jewelry gift cards

Birthstone jewelry push presents

Birthstone jewelry reflects the significance of a new baby’s month of birth. Jewelry designers draw from both the modern and traditional lists of birthstones. The list of modern birthstones includes only transparent gems, considered more suitable for ‘mother’s rings’ designs.

Birthstone List

Birth Month Gemstone Colour
January Garnet Red
February Amethyst Purple
March Aquamarine Baby blue
April Diamond White
May Emerald Green
June Pearl, Alexandrite Lustrous cream or white, greenish-blue or purple
July Ruby Crimson red
August Peridot Grass green
September Sapphire Cobalt blue
October Tourmaline, Opal Pink, iridescent white
November Citrine, golden topaz Golden yellow
December Blue topaz, tanzanite, turquoise Ice blue, turquoise

Birthstone bracelets – We have curated a collection of handcrafted bracelets with precious and semi-precious birthstones for every month of the year.

Birtstone pendants for necklaces are a subtle and elegant way to honour a birth month. Other options include delicate chains strung with birthstones such as turquoise, stunning emeralds, moonstone and many others.

Birtstone rings – An eternity band of pavé-set birthstones is one of the most popular new mother gifts, followed by a simple clean design of a birthstone in a prong setting for maximum impact.

Birthstone earrings – Solitaire birthstone studs, gold hoops and huggies set with birthstones, or beautiful birthstone drops are hot favourites.

Zodiac jewelry

Zodiac jewelry is another favourite gift for a new mother and we have a stellar range to choose from.

You could opt for the sophisticated luxury of an 18k gold necklace with a diamond and gold constellation-shaped pendant on a 40cm chain. If white gold is her preference, we have stylish 18k white gold necklaces which include a pendant shaped in the zodiac sign and set with brilliant-cut white diamonds. These necklaces have adjustable chain lengths.

We also have an affordable luxury range of high-quality rhodium-plated sterling silver or 18k gold-plated sterling silver chains and highly polished discs set with beautiful facet-cut zirconia in the constellation of your choice.

Find out how to choose or measure the best necklace chain lengths

Letter Pendants

You cannot go wrong with letter pendants and letter necklace gifts for new mothers. They are a stylish way to ensure that the treasured memory of your precious baby’s birth is always close to her heart. Letter pendants are highly versatile and are designed for necklaces, bracelets and earrings. They can often be purchased separately which allows them to be combined with other charms, such as number pendants to signify a date, or with a heart or birthstone.

The initial of your new baby’s name or a combination of all your initials is a personal and meaningful way to mark the arrival of your new child. Browse our collections that span the entire range of the English alphabet and are suitable for every taste and price range – you are sure to find the perfect one!

The beauty of our letter pendants is the huge variety of fonts, sizes, and materials:

• Letter necklaces are available in classic and stylised fonts or with a more romantic and feminine expression,
• Pendant styles range from chunky to delicate, textured to polished and plain to bejewelled.
• Organic sculpted letters with unique gemstone-set varieties are also in our latest letter necklace designs
• Gold letter necklaces are available in 10k, 14k, and 18k solid gold or white gold. Indulge her with an eye-catching 18 karat polished gold letter pendant, set with brilliant-cut white diamonds on a slender 18 karat gold link chain; also available in white gold and varying length of chains. Our range of gold-plated letter pendants is created from 100% recycled gold plated 925 sterling silver. They are a stunning and affordable designer luxury option. This high-grade gold plating is durable when treated with appropriate care.
• Silver letter necklaces are an affordable, high-quality and beautiful alternative to white gold for those looking for that silvery-white colour tone. The 925 sterling silver letter options include a fine and delightfully delicate font as well as a more solid chunky design to appeal to all tastes.
• Letter pendants have a beautifully feminine expression when set with sustainably sourced, hand-picked freshwater pearls.

Engravable jewelry

Engravable jewelry like disc pendants for a necklace or bracelet, or signet-style rings have strong personal significance and make memorable mother-baby gifts for new moms. Engraved with a personal message, date or initials, it is an intimate and meaningful gift. Our range of engravable shapes includes circular or oval discs, heart-shaped and rectangular pendants. Materials vary from 925 sterling silver, 18 and 22 karat gold plated sterling silver and various purities of solid gold with 18k being the most popular. Styles are highly polished or brushed matt. Diamonds or pearls add both sparkle and meaning.

Give her the gift of choice

Sometimes, the best push present is the gift of choice. A new mother will appreciate a gift card because it is versatile and offers her the exhilaration that shopping brings! Jewelry gift cards are even more special because they allow you to show value and thoughtfulness when making a last-minute gift decision. You can confidently choose the option of buying a jewelry gift card from our online jewelry store

• Buying our gift cards is simple: From our website’s Gifts section, choose a gift card for any value from DKK 100 upwards and add it to your web cart. Once the payment is made, you will receive the electronic gift card in your email. If you want it physically delivered in a beautifully gift-wrapped box, simply write to us at customercare@thejewelleryroom.com.

• Redeeming the gift card is also easy! Our gift cards are valid for 3 years and you can use them any number of times during that period!

Browse our gift ideas section for the perfect designer jewelry gift for that irreplaceable mama in your life. Whether you want to buy a gift of a single piece of jewelry, many pieces, or a jewelry set, you will find plenty of choices. We only showcase handcrafted jewelry from reputed brands and celebrated designers. Every piece of jewelry undergoes stringent quality checks.

We make gift giving so simple, the only decision you will have to make is when to present it!

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