Legacy Knot Mini (Slim) 18K Rosegold Ring w. DiamondsLegacy Knot Mini (Slim) 18K Rosegold Ring w. Diamonds
Iconic Piece
Legacy Knot Medium (Loose) 18K Whitegold RingLegacy Knot Medium (Loose) 18K Whitegold Ring
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Legacy Knot Big (Fat) 18K Rosegold RingLegacy Knot Big (Fat) 18K Rosegold Ring
Iconic Piece
Legacy Knot 18K Whitegold BangleLegacy Knot 18K Whitegold Bangle


Legacy Knot 18K Whitegold Bangle
$3,239.00 USD
Petit Sign Scorpio 18K Gold Necklace w. DiamondsPetit Sign Scorpio 18K Gold Necklace w. Diamonds

Exclusive treasures with a historical soul

Elegant and Classic

Engelbert creates exclusive treasures with a historical soul. A piece of jewelery from Engelbert is elegant and classic. The coveted Swedish brand has a proud design tradition that dates back more than 100 years. The brand is rooted in traditional Swedish craftsmanship, and with a special eye for jewelry that makes women beautiful and extravagant. Engelbert stands for luxury and high quality in all facets.

We strive for a design that reflects its time but has roots in our 100-year history

Traditional craftmanship

The story of Engelbert

When investing in a piece of jewelry from Engelbert you can be sure to acquire a unique piece of jewelry, rooted in traditional craftmanship and executed with the most particular and professional attention to detail. The exclusive jewelry brand is renowned for its gorgeous Knot ring collection and for their exclusive wedding and engagement rings.

Engelbert has roots in a 100-year history in which their designs are rooted. Despite Engelbert’s long historical heritage the brand combines stylish, contemporary design with traditional cultural values. The firm’s long history and yet modern approach to jewelry design is what gives the brand’s products a heritage that is exclusive for Engelbert. All pieces are designed by goldsmiths and gemsetters with extensive professional experience and was honoured with the 1994 “De Beers Diamonds-International Award”, which is the most prestigious award in jewelry design in all of Scandinavia.

The modern touch, which has been infused into Engelbert might stem from Giovanna Engelbert, who is married to third generation of the Engelbert jewelry house. Giovanna Engelbert is an Italian Creative Director, Editor and Fashion Consultant and one of the most sought after fashion experts of today.


Bestsellers from Engelbert

The Knot Rings collection is just one of the hero collections from Engelbert. Finding a favourite here is almost impossible as each one is desirable. We’re dreaming of the knot rings with pavé diamonds as this the ultimate ring in our opinion. This ring is the perfect balance between classic and modern. All rings are handcrafted in the company’s workshop in Stockholm and made in 18k gold, white gold, rose gold or platinum. You can also be sure that the diamonds are G/VS in quality and not only rare, but also traded in accordance to the Kimberley agreement and guaranteed conflict free and natural. This is a guarantee that Engelbert takes very seriously.

Engelbert has even managed to design an exclusive bestseller collection of diamond Zodiac necklaces in yellow gold or white gold, called Petit signs. Each necklace is perfectly fitted with a symbol of an individual zodiac sign to suit women with a desire to look elegant and feminine. With a petite sign necklace you carry your story and at the same time wear a cool symbol, which is a bit mysterious.

"We’re dreaming of the knot rings with pavé diamonds as this the ultimate ring in our opinion. This ring is the perfect balance between classic and modern."


About the Designer

The story about Engelbert is a story about history, tradition and fine craftsmanship. Engelbert is one of Sweden’s oldest, exclusive jewelry companies. The traditional jewelry firm was founded by Heribert Engelbert in 1920 when he opened his first studio in Stockholm, but the label’s story dates as far back as to 1878 when Heribert Engelbert was born. Early on, he became interested in the goldsmith profession and after working as a salesman in the jewelry firm of Dahlgren & Co. he decided to go his own way and laid the foundation of Engelbert, which has been run with passion and care by the Engelbert family for generations since then.

Engelbert’s long history has led it to the traditional jewelry company we know today. Offering exclusive treasures with a historic soul created from a particular attention to fine craftsmanship and extensive professional experience. Every design is manufactured with great care and consideration. Each piece presented by Engelbert holds a powerful combination of not only metal and stones, but also values like trust, uniqueness and above all, love for the ingredients in the label’s production.


Why we love it

We strive to offer you only the best and in this mission Engelbert is a perfect example of ultimate quality and unique design. Engelbert is an absolute must-have if you are into diamonds and beauty . We love that the label’s designs are rooted in a long Swedish tradition and present jewelry designs that reflect its historical heritage yet also presenting a modern and timeless aesthetic. We know that Engelbert takes pride in their profession and attention to detail and executes fine craftsmanship like no one else.

Wearing Engelbert Stockholm is like both going back in time, feeling hundred years of elegance, and being trendy, having modern-art like knots moving around your wrist. The ability of being classic and playful at the same time, in the right balance, made us instantly fall in love with the brands design.

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