Absolute Big (Fat) 18K Gold CreolesAbsolute Big (Fat) 18K Gold Creoles


Absolute Big (Fat) 18K Gold Creoles
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The knot ring from Engelbert

The Engelbert knot rings expertly balances between timeless and contemporary, adding sophisticated luxury to your jewelry style. The significant focal point of Engelbert's Absolutely Knot collection is the simple but strong symbolism of the knot motif: a reference to cohesion, that one is connected to another human being, as well as a beautiful reminder of a promise. The Stockholm-based designer has perfected their craftsmanship for over 100 years, and delivers jewelry created with masterful perfection. The coveted knot ring from Engelbert is the one ring every woman desires due to its universal appeal and timeless design.

The Engelbert Knot collection is made of polished 18 karat yellow gold, white gold or rose gold. Its elegantly curved shape is appealing to women all around the world.

The Absolutely Knot rings consist of 4 variants; Slim knot, Tight knot, Loose knot and Fat Knot. All rings are available in sizes 50 - 59, however if you are looking for another size, it can be made especially for you.

When deciding on an Engelbert Knot ring, there are a few tips you should take into consideration when choosing the one.

Every Absolutely Knort ring is crafted by hand in Engelbert's workshop in Stockholm. This means that each ring is neatly designed by the most skilled local jewelers, and the diamonds are set by hand. As you know, excellent craftsmanship takes time, and therefore you may find that the delivery time on an exclusive knot ring may vary

Which size should I choose in the Engelbert Knot Ring

Since Engelbert knot rings are a whimsical design, the shape of the ring is different from other typical rings. Our best recommendation is to always choose the ring one size smaller than you would normally use.

If you are purchasing the slim knot ring, half a size less is recommended whereas with the other three sizes, you should choose a size that’s 1-1.5 size smaller than usual.

The Four Variants of Absolutely Knot Rings

This is a brief guide to know the difference between the 4 variants of the Absolutely Knot rings from Engelbert Stockholm:

Engelbert slim knot ring

The Slim Knot ring is the most feminine and petit of all the knot rings. The ring is simple and elegantly made with a discreet knot, like a fine detail, without overshadowing the design.

The simple minimalist slim knot design makes the styling options many and the ring is often seen put together with other rings, as it fits beautifully with several types of rings. In addition, it is obvious to wear with a wedding ring. The slim knot ring is for you who love understated luxury, and love an elegant classic look.

The most coveted Engelbert Slim knot rings are those made in 18 carat gold or 18 carat white gold with pavé diamonds. They are often used as an engagement ring, as the term "the knot" refers to the English term "to tie the knot", which means that you are now connected to your loved one.

Engelbert tight knot ring

Tight Knot ring is number two in the size range of Knot rings. The size of the ring rail and the knot itself is larger than slim knot, but still not sumptuous and tight knot is a ring you can use for everyday

The knot on the tight knot ring is fuller and more visual on the finger than the slim knot ring. It is sophisticated and is used like the slime knot ring, often as an engagement ring, because the symbolism of the knot hits the spot in women's hearts. The tight knot ring is for you who love to stand out a little and love the knots' more visible expression, without you wanting a statement ring that shouts to the world.

Engelbert loose knot ring

Loose Knot ring from Engelbert is number three in the sibling group, and thus the third largest of a total of four sizes of rings. The loose knot ring does not go unnoticed and both the ring rail and knot are remarkable. If you love a ring you can see that is at the same time comfortable to wear, the Loose knot ring is for you who like a little wow factor and who love a ring that stands out.

The most popular loose knot rings are in 18 carat gold with diamonds or in 18 carat white gold with diamonds. A beautiful alternative to the diamond rings is of course the Loose Knot ring in 18K solid gold, rose gold or white gold, which is well suited for everyday use.

Engelbert fat knot ring

The absolutely Fat knot ring from Engelbert is cool like no other ring. Fat knot is as the name indicates big, wild and extravagant! It is a fantastic statement ring and performs best solo, without other rings. The fat knot is the largest of all the knots and both the ring band and the knot are not to be mistaken.

It is a ring you can not fail to notice, and with the right styling it manages to be understated and at the same time super exclusive. The Fat knot is for you who love the voluminous and extravagant, who love to stand out and choose its classics carefully.

We made the wishlist, checked it twice and the Engelbert knot ring still tops the list. An engelbert knot ring is an investment and a ring you will have for the rest of your life.

The iconic rings are designed in Engelbert's own design studio in Stockholm and are best known as the original Engelbert Stockholm ring - with us it has the status of the one and only "The knot ring from Engelbert".

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