Globe Silver Pendant w. ChrysopraseGlobe Silver Pendant w. Chrysoprase

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Globe Silver Pendant w. Chrysoprase
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Rainbow Orange 10K Gold Earring-Pendant w. TourmalineRainbow Orange 10K Gold Earring-Pendant w. Tourmaline
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Rainbow Chain 10K Gold Earring-PendantRainbow Chain 10K Gold Earring-Pendant
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Rainbow Chain 10K Gold Earring-Pendant
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Earring pendants are pretty little charms for earrings that can instantly transform your look for the day. They add lively and delightful movement, bringing a personal touch to your everyday earring styles. With an earring charm, you can transform your hoops and stud earrings instantly into a shoulder-duster or a charming dangler. In our handpicked selection of designer jewelry, we have enchanting designs created by top-of-the-line master designers to tell stories, express moods and delight everyone.

• What is an earring pendant and what makes it unique?
• How to style your look with an earring pendant or charm
• Popular earring pendant styles 

A pendant for earrings? 

Just like bracelets, your earrings can be enhanced with a charm or small pendant. Here’s the most compelling reason why so many women pick an earring charm: a little pendant can instantly transform the look and feel of the earring. These pretty add-ons let you personalise your style and mood in seconds.

This means your regular earring or hoop can transform into any style that appeals to you. All you need to do is add a small hoop or ring pendant, sparkling gemstones and beads pendant, a thematic charm or a long dangling stream. The options are endless and you can create your magic over and over again.

A pendant or charm designed for earrings also has a 3-in-1 advantage: you can wear them on any piece of jewelry, including necklace chains and bracelets too!

How do you add an earring pendant to your earring?

The earring charm can be slipped onto an earring post on studs, or hoops. Like necklace pendants, an earring charm has small bails or rings through which the earring post or open end of a hoop can pass.

Pendants and charms for earrings are sold as pairs or as singles to suit your budget or styling preference. Before you add them to the cart, be mindful of little details like whether you should choose them for the left or right earring.

A million ways to style your earrings

An earring charm comes in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, colours and textures. They are a powerful way to express yourself, allowing you complete freedom to make your own style statement. So with a pendant for earrings, there are a million ways you can style your look for the day or transform from a day earring to something more suitable for a night-out look in no time. 

Keep it simple: When wearing an earring pendant, it's best to keep the rest of your accessories simple. Consider wearing delicate necklaces and bracelets, or skip the other jewelry altogether. This will ensure that your ear jewelry is the focal point of your look.

Consider your outfit: A pendant can complement or contrast with your outfit. For example, if you're wearing a simple outfit, you can opt for a bold, statement pendant. On the other hand, if you're wearing a printed outfit, you may want to choose more understated pendant styles for your ears.

Coordinate with your hairstyle: Consider your hairstyle as well. If you're wearing your hair down, choose longer designs that will dangle and catch the light. If you're wearing your hair up, opt for shorter styles that won't get tangled in your hair.

Mix and match: Don't be afraid to mix and match different pendant styles to create a unique look. You can mix metals, stones, and shapes to create a customized look that's all your own.

What are the most popular earring pendant designs? 

Earring pendants are incredibly versatile. Featured as amulets, medallions, fashionably trending cascades of thin chains or spiritual emblems, they tick the box for every style and design. Along with beauty and value, a charm reflects your thoughts, moods, and beliefs.

Alphabet and word pendant

A personalised alphabet charm for earrings is always a firm favourite with women who love self-expression. These are excellent gifts for yourself or someone special. A word pendant representing your mood is a fun addition to a plain stud earring when you go dancing after a long day at work.

Charming shapes and forms

Shapes like hearts radiate love and affection, adding a dash of softness and grace to whatever you wear. An earring charm designed as a soft, rounded orb, circle and loop or defined geometric shapes like rectangles and triangles, adds definition to draw attention to your face.

Organic, sculptural earring charms are mini pieces of art that reflect contemporary jewelry aesthetics elegantly.

Nature-inspired earring pendant designs have leaves and petals or flowers and the sun, moon and star symbols to add an echo of the worlds beyond our reach to our look for the day. 

Symbolic charms

Earring pendants also come in symbolic shapes such as a tiny cross pendant, a hamsa charm (open palm), or the evil eye, believed to ward off negative energies and provide protection. 

Crystal bead charms

A design featuring gemstones and crystal beads for an earring charm is a beautiful way to wear a crystal for spiritual reasons. Bead pendants can hang gracefully on a large hoop or a small ring earring – the combinations are as exciting as they are endless!

Exclusive pendant designs 

Precious metals make the most appealing and durable base for earring charms.

Gold earring charms

A designer earring charm is usually handcrafted in 14-karat and 18-karat recycled gold, and available in white gold rose gold and yellow gold hues. It can have a matte or polished surface, often intricately textured to reveal unique hand-filed patterns. 

Gold-plated earring charms 
Incredibly affordable, a gold-plated earring charm gives you a look as close to authentic gold as possible while allowing you to get as many beautiful styles as you desire. Look out for a high-quality gold vermeil pendant when you buy gold-plated jewelry.

Sterling silver earring charms

925 sterling silver has a quiet elegance, echoed in stylish and affordable earring charms. Good quality silver ear jewelry is rhodium plated for durability and finish.

Gemstone earring charms 

Gemstones and diamonds add the magic of sparkling colours to your earrings to tell a joyful story. A design showcasing a little diamond charm in gold and silver figures right on top of must-have ear jewelry. 

Dangler and chain style attachments for earrings with precious gemstones are highly valuable statement pieces. Other designs with semi-precious gemstones like amethysts, fire opals, rutile quartz, turquoise, moonstones, and topaz are worn for their beauty as well as healing properties. These can also be worn in combinations to accommodate more than one gemstone at a time, making the charms easy to pair with any outfit.

Pearl earring pendants come in soft hues and baroque shapes. Suspended delicately on a small ring or a metal stud, or designed as swaying drop charms on chains that come alive with every movement, pearls infuse your look with a warm elegant glow.

Whether you like to create your own style or are someone who is happy to follow conventional styles in jewelry, you will love these addons for earrings. So browse our curated selections for these new arrivals and choose one for yourself... the perfect one that makes you feel beautiful, elegant, and glamorous. We promise your first order won't be your last!

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