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Sparkling, elegant, Scandi-style

The Christine Hvelplund collections are brimming with timeless diamond jewelry that will last forever, while still being modern. You love diamonds and that's why you are on this page reading about this stunningly personal designer who captures everyday magic in proper Scandinavian style– cool and elegantly feminine and charming designs. She gives us a glimpse of the world through her special perspective, designing jewelry in precious diamonds and gold.

Dive into her latest collections to find special diamond rings, earrings and diamond studded letter pendants and bracelets for birthday/anniversary/wedding gifts and just-because-I-Love-diamonds jewelry!

About the diamond-loving designer

Christine Hvelplund

For several years designer, Christine Hvelplund worked with her husband in his store (Hvelplund Watches & Jewelry), located in the centre of Copenhagen. This got her interested in fine jewelry. Her fascination with diamonds led her into loose diamond trading that went on to jewelry design. There has been no looking back since. Today, Christine identifies as a jewelry designer, wife, mother and dog mom (in exactly that order)! She always stays true to her own style and sense of direction when designing. 

Tradition and innovation or classic design with modern coolness? There are many ways to describe Christine’s latest Conscious collection. But one thing is certain: The collection is characterised by the Scandinavian coolness that has been nicknamed “Scandi style” and is admired by women all over the world. The same goes for her mesmerising “Fairytale” collection designed during the dark days that we passed through. These designs call for a change of perspective like finding flowers and butterflies in desperate times and in the unlikeliest places.

Customers love the personal touch…

Design DNA

Christine designs for the independent woman who cares about quality and wants jewelry that lasts forever, but with a contemporary, feminine touch. The diamond is always the centre of the pieces she creates. But it's never the “classic” diamond piece, but always has a feminine and modern feel.

Young, old, and husbands shopping for their wives are drawn to the jewelry. Customers love how Christine Hvelplund's creations are very personal. Each piece is almost like her baby, and the customers see her design DNA very clearly in the jewelry. Some of her designs are even named after her three children! Naila, Christine’s daughter is the model in many of the brand’s campaigns, and she already helps around her mother’s company. Naturally all Christine Hvelplund fans really like that it is a personal, loving, family affair.

I never design anything that doesn’t have a diamond incorporated. It is the “must” of every single piece I produce and love… I try to show my customers, that the beautiful design and stunning diamonds are the same as always, despite what is going on in the world

Thoughts on


As all Christine Hvelplund jewelry is designed in solid gold and with diamonds, it naturally becomes an item that you keep for many years and don’t just throw away, unlike fast-fashion jewelry that's increasingly being rejected by the eco-conscious generations today. These are heirloom pieces specially made with love for life, family and lasting natural materials–gold and diamonds.

“I design jewelry you want to pass on to future generations, and which is designed to be just that.”

Christine Hvelplund Diamonds & Jewelry

Why we love it

We love Christine Hvelplund for all the reasons we are here in this business! First of all, she only designs jewelry that she herself would want to wear. So when you purchase a piece of Christine Hvelplund jewelry, you purchase something that she has put her heart and soul into. Christine Hvelplund has shown us that diamond jewelry can mean something more.

Pernille and I are experts in diamond jewelry and we can vouch for Christine Hvelplund's exclusive collection of feminine, perfectly “scandi” style designs you want to have and hold forever.

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