Halo - Sophie Bille Brahe x Georg Jensen

The HALO effect

HALO is the exclusive design collab by Danish heritage brand Georg Jensen and young jewelry talent Sophie Bille Brahe.

HALO is all about capturing the light in simple exclusive and effortless designs using the circular shapes and diamonds as focal point. Effortlessness as well as understated luxury were the two crucial things for Sophie Bille Brahe to capture in this exclusive collection.

We met with Sophie when Georg Jensen launched the HALO-collaboration at Thorvaldsen Museum in Copenhagen. Sophie Bille Brahe revealed an honest and authentic presentation about the collaboration and the thougts that ran through her mind during the creative process.

The creative process

Bille Brahe’s creative process started in the archives where she found 150 years of design heritage. She knew immediately that she was looking to create a design that could aspire to become a Georg Jensen’s classic with the potential to one day become part of the archive.“One of the most important things for me was to find my own place in the Georg Jensen design story. Instead of being inspired by the previous designers, I was looking for a space I could fill out my self in the design language. At the same time I wanted to create a collection that was very clearly Georg Jensen and very clearly me” tells Bille BraheIt came natural to Bille Brahe, who has walked her baby steps in Museums studying art to draw inspiration from something Danish.

I’m Danish and Georg Jensen is Danish so I wanted to capture the essence of “Danishness”, which to me is the very special luminating light that is so powerful and characteristic in Denmark and especially in Vilhelm Hammerhøis paintings and Olafur Eliassons drawings.”

How one piece became a favourite

Bille Brahe’s own favourite piece from the collection was the one design that troubled her the most.

When Sophie Bille Brahe designs new collections there is a thing she always does. sin every collection she challenges herself by bringing in elements in her  that she doesn’t really like for the purpose of creating a design she herself will eventually love. When she designed her first pearl collection, her motivation was that she didn't really like any pearl designs she saw. In the Halo collection it was  floating diamonds in general she didn't approve of. 
In reality, Bille Brahe has always disliked floating diamonds, which is why it became a personal challenge for her to create a design where a floating diamond was the focal point.

Her mission was completed when the cocktail ring with a big floating center diamond was brought to life. The Halo Solitaire Ring with 0.58 ct. diamonds has become Sophie’s personal favourite from the 19 pieces collection and a rare beauty that furthermore accentuates the name of the collection.

About the design aesthetic

Thin circular designs in 18kt gold sprinkled with diamonds are the focal point of the HALO collection, by Sophie BIlle Brahe for Georg Jensen. The look is classic, elegant and yet effortless. The name of the collection not only refers to the circular designs but also to the light a halo is associated with as Bille Brahe has embedded in her new designs for Georg Jensen. The light and shining circle has been one of the major inspirational sources for the 19 pieces HALO collection.