Sparkling zirconia

When it comes to affordable everyday glamour in your jewelry, zirconia is your best friend! A dazzling component of both vintage and contemporary jewelry designs, the zirconia aka cubic zirconia does not hang a hefty price tag on its irresistible twinkle.

Jewellers and their clientele both adore this versatile gemstone for being so splendid, yet so inexpensive. Zirconia is a colourless synthetic stone composed of zirconium dioxide, and has become very popular as a diamond simulant. Machine-cut zirconia stones are graded according to the industry-standard A rating system with the quality increasing from 1A to 5A. Most high-quality jewelry uses cubic zirconia with a grade of AAA and upwards. Cubic zirconia is often confused with zircon which is a naturally occurring mineral (zirconium silicate), a valuable gemstone.

Zirconia hues

Zirconia is a bestseller among synthetic gemstones. With its stupendous variety of colours, cuts and easy availability, zirconia has a strong presence in the world of jewelry.

The colourless zirconia, when well-cut, steps in as a fine replacement for the diamond with its dazzling fire and hardness. When crafted in classic cuts like cushion and oval, good quality cubic zirconia is hardly distinguishable from diamonds. While cubic zirconia is significantly cheaper than diamonds, it is to be noted that it does not have the resale value of the latter either.

Clear zirconia isn’t the only sparkler in this group. Cubic zirconia impresses with a wide colour palette that matches nearly every shade imaginable, making it an affordable stand-in for other well-known gemstones such as amethysts, peridots and garnets.

Some interesting zirconia tidbits

Did you know that cubic zirconia is 75% heavier than a diamond of the same size?

Nevertheless, the cubic zirconia is an impressive visual copy of the frightfully expensive diamond—just the reason why even the jewelry giant Swarovski uses them extensively for their glittering creations!

Believe it or not, even rich celebrities love CZ for its excellent bling quotient which comes without the risk of heavy loss even when lost or stolen. It is an ideal option for anyone who wants to top the style game through frequent upgrades without too much investment. Jewelry studded with zirconia is glorious through and through, making them cherished gifts for every season and occasion. With a hardness value of 8.5 on the Mohs scale, this synthetic gem is suitable for daily wear.

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