Tsavorite – rare, pure, and highly desirable

Tsavorites are the rarest variety of garnets and form part of the grossular species. Due to trace amounts of vanadium or chromium, tsavorites have a vibrant green colour, rivalling emeralds in their vivid intensity.

Tsavorite is a relative newcomer, named after the Tsavo Game Reserve in Kenya where it was first discovered in 1967. Although other sources exist in Tanzania and Kenya, Tsavo still produces the finest quality tsavorites.

Tsavorites have a high refractive index, which gives them their brilliance, and for this reason they pair beautifully with diamonds in jewelry. They have lesser inclusions than emeralds, meaning greater clarity. With their purity, durability and rarity, the stunning pure green colour of fine tsavorites makes them a highly desirable gemstone. As a garnet, tsavorites are heat sensitive and need to be protected from extreme heat.

Vibrantly green tsavorite

The most important factor in the grading quality of a tsavorite is colour, and this determines its value. It is graded according to how vivid and saturated it is, from soft, medium, and deep to vivid and finally intense, which is the best colour without being overly dark. Tsavorite is wholly natural and is known as one of the most ‘honest’ gemstones, as no enhancing oil, heat or radiation treatments are used to improve colour or clarity. Tsavorite has never been synthesized.

A Kuranze Tsavorite is produced by a particular mine in East Africa, which contains chromium as well as vanadium, which gives the stones an exceptional blue-green colour on a par with the finest emeralds. Tsavorites look spectacular set in platinum, white or yellow gold.

Interesting facts about tsavorites

Tsavorite is the stone of benevolence, vitality, success, and compassion. They are believed to help in the recovery of emotional trauma or illness, supporting healing and in finding one's inner beauty. With their bright green colour tsavorites symbolise new growth, regeneration, and hope.

Being a garnet, tsavorites are the birthstone for the month of January and they mark the 25th wedding anniversary. Tsavorite became the new darling of celebrities, and was featured by Chopard in their exquisite Red Carpet Collection. Worn by Cate Blanchett at the Cannes Film Festival and Kim Kardashian. With its 6.5-7.5 rating on the Mohs scale of hardness, tsavorites are durable and well suited to all jewelry settings.

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