Fabulous onyx

Black and beautiful, the richness of onyx captivates those with an eye for striking jewelry. Cryptocrystalline in form, onyx is a silicate-layered chalcedony, and formed of silicate crystals quartz and magnate which appear as intergrowths within onyx.

The most well-known sources for mining onyx are in Uruguay and areas in Brazil and Peru. Mining is also done in Indonesia, China, Afghanistan, India, Madagascar and the USA. Onyx is sought after in a variety of cuts in jewelry, the most popular being round, marquise, trillion, square and oval shapes.

To identify premium quality onyx, check its surface to ensure it’s smooth with no cracks or scratches on it. Genuine onyx is typically found with a polished and reflective surface. Care tip: Onyx has a porous, absorbent surface, so keep it away from wet surfaces and chemicals

The many shades of the black beauty

Onyxes have a typical pattern of alternating bands of colour running parallel to one another, and its minor differences are defined by colour.

Black onyx: Natural black onyxes are rarely found in nature today, but we do find some with layers broad enough for the stone to be cut as one complete colour. However, the black onyxes available today are usually chalcedonies dyed a deep black.

Arabic onyx: The most popular amongst them, this is the traditional variety where layers of black form the base with white on the upper layer.

Sardonyx: The traditional birthstone for August, sardonyx is onyx layered in white and shades of brown, yellow and red. Onyx with red colour as the base and topped with white layer is called cornelian onyx.

Nicolo onyx: This variety comes with a slim, white layer on a black base. The deep black can eclipse the white which sometimes appears as a blue tone.

Onyx fun facts

Folklore from Persia and India recounts how onyx has always been revered as a protective gem that kept one away from evil vibes. It facilitated harmony in relationships, and symbolised the precious bond of love and affection.

Onyx holds special significance for couples celebrating their 7th wedding anniversary and that makes it the perfect gift for this occasion. It is also the birthstone for those born under the Leo zodiac sign. With 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs hardness scale, onyx sits gracefully in jewelry but needs to be handled with care to avoid scratches.

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