Are you a fan of beautiful and conflict-free diamond jewelry? Then surely VRAI is the diamond jewelry brand you want. Incredible designs simmering with the brilliance of sustainable lab-created diamonds are just what the house of VRAI offers. Come, and take a look at our carefully curated collection of VRAI earrings that is sure to wow every eco-conscious diva out there!

• Why VRAI
• The best of VRAI earrings for you
• Caring for your VRAI earrings


VRAI is a jewelry house that prides itself in its exclusive use of lab-created diamonds for every gorgeous piece of jewelry they offer. Aided by superior technology, the practice of growing their diamonds in labs instead of mining them offers a sustainable, ethically-clean alternative to the modern woman who is prudent in her choice of jewelry.

VRAI diamonds are formed in certified carbon-neutral, zero-emission foundries that are fully driven by 100% renewable energy. Every piece of VRAI diamond jewelry offers a world of delight that you can enjoy guilt-free.

The secret of VRAI gold and diamond earrings

If earrings are what floats your jewelry boat, then VRAI earrings could be a beautiful addition to your collection. As a brand, VRAI is deeply committed to creating the finest diamond jewelry that you can wear with pride and with the added confidence that your choice is superbly eco-gentle.

14k solid gold earrings

The VRAI earrings are made from precious solid gold. These beauties are timelessly classy and would fit into your daily styling need like a dream. The gold used to create these lovely pieces is 14 karat in purity. This means superior strength and durability that will keep your VRAI earrings a delight for a lifetime. The VRAI earrings are available in both yellow and white gold, the latter being a significantly affordable alternative to pricey platinum.

Brilliant earrings with lab-grown diamonds

VRAI earrings sparkle with the brilliance of VRAI's own lab-grown diamonds. These are just like natural diamonds but free of the ecological and ethical stress of traditional diamond mining. Every time you choose a VRAI design, you are rooting hard for a sustainable future for both our planet and its people.

The 4 Cs of diamonds
When looking to buy diamond jewelry, the 4 Cs must definitely be considered —cut, colour, clarity, and carat weight! The VRAI lab-grown diamonds are also just as precisely graded. Each of the 4Cs attests to the quality of the diamond, which, in turn, determines the cost of the piece of jewelry. The better the cut and colour; the greater the clarity; and the bigger the stone, the higher the price.

VRAI's lab-grown diamonds unveil their fiery beauty at the hands of expert diamond cutters. They cut these stones to their full brilliance in flattering shapes that are a mix of the modern and the traditional. You will find gorgeous VRAI earrings with the ever-classy round brilliant cut diamonds and also the contemporary favourite marquise cut diamonds and other fancy cut shapes in our beautiful VRAI earring selections.

Some spectacular earring designs from VRAI

VRAI focuses on creating timeless designs that are at once modern and classy. Their earrings are carefully designed for the contemporary woman of substance who is exacting in her choice of jewelry which she sees as a true extension of her persona.

VRAI Marquise 4-Stone Ear Arc is a striking representation of all that this remarkable brand stands for. This 14-karat yellow gold earring is set with four marquise-cut lab-created diamonds in a gentle curve that flatters both formal and informal looks. Sold as a single, you can use this VRAI earring to create a fine range of interesting looks in combination with studs and danglers. For those who wish to dodge the conventional tones of yellow gold, this VRAI earring is also available in 14-karat white gold.

Featuring 4 round brilliant cut lab-grown diamonds, the 14-karat gold VRAI Diamond Ear Arc hugs your ear lobe in an exquisite play of light. This VRAI earring is a timeless style that you can confidently wear anytime any day with joy. You can buy this as a single and pair it with other earring styles for a unique look. This earring from VRAI is also viable in 14-karat white gold.

Caring for your VRAI earrings

♥ Take care to wipe down your beautiful VRAI earrings after every use.
♥ Store them in proper jewelry cases to keep them free of wear and tear.

It is our delight to present to you the lovely creations from the brand VRAI. The clean-cut minimalism of VRAI earrings is perfect for the sophisticated taste of the contemporary woman who owns her style unapologetically!

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