Offspring Double Silver HoopsOffspring Double Silver Hoops

Georg Jensen

Offspring Double Silver Hoops
$302.00 USD
Rock Classic Small 18K Gold Hoop w. White DiamondsRock Classic Small 18K Gold Hoop w. White Diamonds
Cable Gold Plated HoopsCable Gold Plated Hoops
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Anni Lu

Cable Gold Plated Hoops
$63.00 USD
Mini Lemon Earring Gold Plated, Mixed coloured Beads
ResponsibleSold out
The Twist small 18K Gold Plated HoopsThe Twist small 18K Gold Plated Hoops

Carré Jewelry

The Twist small 18K Gold Plated Hoops
$99.00 USD
Brigitte Gold Plated Hoops w. Zirconia & PearlsBrigitte Gold Plated Hoops w. Zirconia & Pearls
Great giftSold out
IX Chunky Edge Earring Gold PlatedIX Chunky Edge Earring Gold Plated

IX Studios

IX Chunky Edge Earring Gold Plated
From $77.00 USD
Valiano Gold Plated Hoops w. Pink ZirconiasValiano Gold Plated Hoops w. Pink Zirconias
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Sif Jakobs Jewelry

Valiano Gold Plated Hoops w. Pink Zirconias
$176.00 USD
Triple Hoops Earrings Gold Plated

Ninna York Jewelry

Triple Hoops Earrings Gold Plated
$231.00 USD
Cherry Earring Gold Plated, Red and Green BeadsCherry Earring Gold Plated, Red and Green Beads
ResponsibleSold out
Byzantine large 18K Gold Plated Hoops

Carré Jewelry

Byzantine large 18K Gold Plated Hoops
$112.00 USD
Pinstripe medium 18K Gold Plated Hoops

Carré Jewelry

Pinstripe medium 18K Gold Plated Hoops
$112.00 USD
Byzantine medium 18K Gold Plated HoopsByzantine medium 18K Gold Plated Hoops

Carré Jewelry

Byzantine medium 18K Gold Plated Hoops
$99.00 USD

Edgy, chic and empowering, creoles are closed hoop earrings in a delightful range of designs. Modern creole designs can be oval, geometric or round-shaped, with gracefully tapering ends that close at the back. Creole earrings symbolise resilience, strength and identity. Working with Europe’s best brands, we have curated the most stylish designer creoles collection for you.

• What are creoles, and why are they so popular?
• All you wanted to know about creole types and styles
• Designer creole earrings in gold and silver

Creole earrings for women

Who wouldn’t be charmed by the myriads of creole hoop styles! A stylish take on the quintessential hoop earring, creoles are fashionable in diverse designs, materials, sizes, shapes and textures. Creoles are fun, vibrant accessories that promise to brighten your mood—and look!—anytime, anywhere. Some of the latest designer creole styles cater to women who want bolder and edgy earrings.

What are creole earrings?

Handcrafted creoles are closed hoops with thick rims. They are typically wide in the middle with voluptuous curvy lines.

Creole earring styles are steeped in historical meaning and memories, having descended from the Creole culture of African-European and African-American communities. Creoles have always been emblematic of strength and identity in these cultures. They are now a huge part of mainstream fashion and sought after for dramatic styles. Our creole collections cater to diverse choices and tastes.

Let’s dive in and respond to all the questions we know you want to ask!

How do I decide what creole hoop style suits me?

Creoles hoops always accentuate your features. The rule of thumb is to wear larger creoles with shoulder-length or longer hair so that the creoles aren’t eclipsed. Smaller creoles work well with smart, short hairstyles. If you’re looking for a statement piece, go for the flamboyant, eye-catching creoles. Your face cut and features also matter in deciding the type and size.

Find your creoles hoop size

Is it okay to layer creole earrings with studs, huggies and large hoops?

Oh yes! In fact, anything goes with creoles—comfy huggies, pretty studs, extra-large hoops! As versatile as this earring is, you can host an earring party of all sizes and kinds to suit your mood!

Are creoles apt for fun evenings and party wear?

Creoles are perfect for party wear. In fact, the versatile creoles will carry your styling need from day to night seamlessly. From an office meeting right up to a celebratory evening as you hit party mode!

Can I wear creoles to formal gatherings and weddings?

Creoles have some incredibly formal styles, right from mesmerising vintage-inspired, filigreed pieces to diamond-studded glittering hoops. You can check out our gold and silver creoles, set with an array of gorgeous precious and semi-precious gemstones, for a touch of bling and dazzle.

How do we fasten creoles?

Creole styles do not require earring backs! And that’s why creoles are unique. Being an ‘all-in-one’ earring, the push-fit fastener is a part of the earring itself and does not depend on separate stoppers. Creoles can be fastened with a slim, curved rod on a hinged opening, allowing them to be inserted as easily as they can be removed.

Are creole hoops appropriate gifts?

Absolutely yes! Gift it on birthdays, anniversaries, graduation and special occasions. You can also opt for creoles set with birthstones.

Gold creole earrings for women

Creoles handcrafted in 14k to 18k yellow, white or rose gold are luxuriant and versatile. From gold creoles that are simple enough to carry any outfit for everyday wear, to exquisite beauties to flaunt on momentous occasions, we have them all.

Styling with designer gold creoles

In our designer creole earring collections, you will find creole earrings embellished with organic gold nuggets or set with gemstones. Gold creoles are a breathtaking roller coaster of contemporary and vintage-inspired designs. For vibrant statement pieces, check out gorgeous twisted creoles, a hallmark of sensuous beauty. Handcrafted with an impeccable finish, these creoles need no additional accessories to make you stand out. Just as attractive are classic antique-inspired designs, immersed in mystique and old-world charm.

Gem-studded gold creoles

For luxuriant creoles, browse our collection for gem-studded creoles, lush with glittering diamonds, or the dainty shimmer of zirconias and gemstones. If elegant sophistication is how you rock, pearl embellished creoles will forever be a source of pure joy!

Silver creole earrings for women

Silver creoles are an expression of cool elegance. Affordable, durable and attractive, creole jewelry designed in silver have a unique charismatic touch.

Most designer creole earrings are made in sterling silver, an alloy that combines 92.5% pure silver with other metals. 925, SS or 92.5 stamps indicate that your silver creoles are made with sterling silver.

Sterling silver creoles may be finished with rhodium plating to accentuate the silver shine or give it a matt finish or oxidised to give it an understated, antique look.

Styling with designer silver creoles

We are often asked which sterling silver creoles are best suited for special occasions. Below are our suggestions on styling with silver creoles.

♥ Symmetrically patterned and textured creoles are a staple for more formal occasions, as are vintage-inspired designs
♥ Silver creoles studded with precious gemstones are absolute show-stealers and add oodles of bling and shine
♥ Double hoop silver creoles are classic party wear and go well with evening dresses. Worn with your hair pulled back, these can be your statement piece.
♥ If you are up for avant-garde fashions, experiment with the square and rectangular creoles or trendy scalloped creoles
♥ Also right up the street for the diva in you are the evergreen twisted silver creole hoops

For a dash of delightful, stylish earrings, check out our handmade designer earring collections for the finest creole earring designs Classic or bohemian, creole hoops are a must-have accessory for any jewelry box.

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