Beaded Piercing 2 Perlen HoopBeaded Piercing 2 Perlen Hoop

Persée Paris

Beaded Piercing 2 Perlen Hoop
1.785,00 DKK
Danaé Piercing m. 1 Diamond HoopDanaé Piercing m. 1 Diamond Hoop

Persée Paris

Danaé Piercing m. 1 Diamond Hoop
3.490,00 DKK
Piercing Pavé-Diamanten Hoop

Persée Paris

Piercing Pavé-Diamanten Hoop
2.020,00 DKK
Eye Piercing HoopEye Piercing Hoop

Persée Paris

Eye Piercing Hoop
4.345,00 DKK
Rock Classic Diamant Hoop S Weißgold, weiße DiamantenRock Classic Diamant Hoop S Weißgold, weiße Diamanten
Rock Classic Diamant Hoop S Weißgold, graue DiamantenRock Classic Diamant Hoop S Weißgold, graue Diamanten
Infinity Loop Plain 18K Whitegold Hoops
New In
Cross Loop Plain 18K Whitegold Hoops
New In


Cross Loop Plain 18K Whitegold Hoops
31.815,00 DKK
Cable Cyan Earring White GoldCable Cyan Earring White Gold


Cable Cyan Earring White Gold
8.770,00 DKK
Cuban Sky Earring White GoldCuban Sky Earring White Gold


Cuban Sky Earring White Gold
9.150,00 DKK

White gold hoop earrings are elegant, playful and sometimes dramatic. Lustrous hoops of polished, textured and gem-embellished gold are a must-have in the contemporary woman's jewellery collection. Modern hoop earring styles keep adding a delightful twist to these alluring evergreen earrings. We pride ourselves in curating a diverse mix of lively, elegant, and colourful hoop earrings in gold and sterling silver created by talented international designers and handcrafted by some of the world's finest artisans.

• All you want to know about white gold hoops
• Sizes and designs in white gold hoops
• Where can I find the best designer white gold hoops?

All you wanted to know about white gold hoops

White gold hoop earrings represent infinity and wholeness and have always been a much-loved piece of jewellery for both men and women. Gold hoop earrings were once a part of the ensemble of kings and queens, signifying their social status – today they are a statement of confidence, strength, and diversity. A white gold hoop communicates this with a subtle yet deliberate style.

Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Reese Witherspoon have inspired many to join the hoop fandom all over the world with their bold hoops.

Are white gold hoop earrings a valuable investment?

White gold hoops are luxurious earrings. Fashioned in 10k, 14k, or 18k gold, these gorgeous accessories are highly valued for their cool colour, durability, and strength. The metal is a combination of yellow gold with other white- and silver-toned metals, such as silver and palladium, which makes it long-lasting and gives it its cool silver-white colour. Rhodium plating on the surface imparts a fine, rich lustre and extra strength.

Natural diamonds or lab-created diamonds in hoops?

Designer white gold diamond hoops are your go-to style for special occasions and party nights. With a single white diamond or a ring of little sparklers the diamond hoop in small or mini size is always a bestseller. If you want diamonds but are hesitant about the price, think grey diamonds, champagne or brown cognac diamond-set hoops.

Lab-created diamond hoops are more affordable than those set with natural diamonds. They are perfect in every sense. So why not go for these sustainably created beauties? The lab-grown stone comes in fancy cuts like pear, emerald, and marquise and is exquisite in design and quality.

White gold hoop earring styles

White gold hoop earrings come in a multitude of designs. You can choose between spectacular diamond hoop earrings or dainty charmers that reflect understated elegance and sparkling grace. You can buy white gold hoops as singles or pairs, depending on your budget. Thick, thin, polished, matte or textured, rock your white gold hoop earrings in an incredible variety of styles and sizes.

Pearls and gemstones look gorgeous on white gold hoops
Designer white gold hoops embellished with freshwater pearls are simply gorgeous and impressive at once. Pearl earring pendants let you create your look for the day with any hoop. Some hoops come with attached pearl drops or pendants, but many give you the option to add on.

Hoop earring pendants for some variety in styling options
Choose a hoop shape and size to suit your mood, and select an earring pendant that befits the occasion. Hoop charms come in playful styles and elegant designs. Alphabets, gemstones in striking oval and princess cut, pearls in soft hues, and spiritual, protective symbols like the cross and the evil eye are enduring favourites.

Coloured precious, semi-precious stones or diamond simulants make lovely pendants for white gold hoops. Bring on the rainbow magic and add a pop of red, orange, yellow, green or blue colours to your daily-wear hoop earring with pendants.

White gold hoop earrings' shapes and styles

Need a touch of glamour for a big event or special moment? Or something casual for everyday wear like a coffee date? Try on white gold hoop earrings! Thick, thin, polished, matte or textured, rock your white gold hoop earrings in an incredible variety of styles and sizes.

To find out what suits your face shape, check out our Earring Size Guide.

Round white gold hoops
The classic hoop shape, this is the most basic, yet the most popular style. It adds lively charm, especially when worn as a pair.

Oval white gold hoops
Sophisticated oval hoop earrings are elongated in shape and suit round-face shapes the best. This adaptable style can come as a slender hoop with a minimalist look or embellished with gemstones like pearls, diamonds or zirconia.

White gold creoles
An attractive variant of the classic hoop, creole hoop styles usually have a wider rim in the middle. The hoops can have a smooth finish or intricate textures.

White gold huggies
Smaller, thicker versions of the traditional hoop, huggies are designed to hug the earlobes. These unisex designs can also be worn along the helix or forward helix.

White gold twisted hoops
A fancier version of hoops, the twisted adaptation stands out for its distinctive design. White gold twisted hoops have a striking pattern that makes them appear opulent and lustrous.

White gold sculptural hoops
The closest to natural, sustainable jewellery, sculptural white gold hoops reflect raw energy. Each sculptural hoop has a unique look and fine details often created by hand.

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