Rectangular engagement rings stand out for their more large profile, value for money, uniqueness, and beyond-the-ordinary beauty. This style of engagement ring has become even more popular in the past few years and appeals primarily to women who want something big and out of the ordinary. If this style appeals to you, we invite you to browse our collection of big engagement rings set with gorgeous rectangular diamonds and gemstones, created by talented designers and brought to you by top brands across Europe and the rest of the world.

• What makes rectangular engagement rings desirable?
• Types of rectangular cuts
• Why are rectangular-shaped rings in vogue?

Four reasons to choose a rectangular engagement ring

Women have loved rectangle engagement rings since the Art Deco period. Engagement rings set with rectangular diamonds/gemstones are valued for their streamlined sophistication and continue to be a hit among celebrities worldwide, including fashionistas such as Jacqueline Kennedy, Princess Grace, Angelina Jolie, and Beyoncé. If you love large engagement rings then you should consider a rectangle cut for your engagement ring stone.

Larger appearance
One of the major attractions of rectangular engagement rings is that their face-up size looks bigger. The rectangular step cut can produce a larger-looking stone with a smaller carat weight. This is because rectangular engagement rings look longer and hence have a bigger profile on the finger than those set with round-brilliant gemstones.

For instance, when viewed from above, a one-carat emerald-cut diamond/gemstone looks bigger than a one-carat round brilliant cut one because it has a larger table. On average, a one-carat emerald-cut gemstone measures approximately 7mm x 5mm, while a round brilliant of the same weight measures 6.5mm in diameter.

So, if you are looking for a big engagement ring with a large diamond/gemstone, go for one set with a rectangular stone.

Breathtaking clarity
A rectangular-cut diamond engagement ring scores high on clarity. Emerald cut or elongated cushion cut gems display maximum clarity. This feature, combined with symmetry, unique looks, and crisp, elegant lines, has made rectangular engagement rings a big hit with women for decades.

High on style
Rectangular cut gemstones have sleek lines and a minimal vibe. If this appeals to your sense of style, then a rectangular engagement ring is just the shape for you. Rectangle-shaped stones score over the others because they highlight the stone’s colour and have a classy and understated gleam. Many couples prefer the elegant lines and geometric sophistication of rectangular-shaped diamonds, whose elongated shape can make the fingers look longer and slimmer.

More affordable than brilliant cut gemstones
An emerald-cut diamond costs less than a round-brilliant one. A rectangular diamond of the same carat weight costs less than a classic round brilliant one. While round-brilliant gems are the most popular because they are classic and cut to reflect light best and maximise sparkle, the less-in-demand rectangle cuts give you a bigger bang for your investment.

Which rectangular-cut diamond is more expensive in engagement rings?
Radiant-cut diamonds are the most expensive of all rectangular gemstones, followed by emerald-cut and cushion-cut diamonds. Baguette-cut diamonds are the least costly.

Four types of rectangular cuts in engagement rings

Rectangular gems are “fancy-cut” stones in four popular cuts: emerald, baguette, elongated cushion, and radiant. Among the four most popular rectangular gem cuts, the baguette is a true rectangle in shape; the other cuts produce modified rectangular gemstones. However, the emerald cut is the most popular and best-known among rectangular engagement rings.

Emerald cut engagement rings
The emerald-cut gemstone has an elongated rectangular shape with bevelled corners, giving it an eight-sided, “hall of mirrors” look. This cut, with 57 step facets, was initially developed for the emerald, the gemstone for which it is named. The beauty of the emerald cut is that it brings out the gemstone's colour beautifully. Rectangular gemstones can be set vertically or horizontally (also called east-west setting).

Baguette cut engagement rings
The baguette-cut gemstone is cut in steps and has a long streamlined rectangular shape with 14 facets. The difference between the baguette and emerald cuts is that the former has unbeveled, with angled corners. Viewed from the top, it has an elongated surface/table, which is why it was first called the “elongated table cut”. The baguette cut engagement rings appeal to those who lean towards geometric shapes with clean and elegant lines.

Elongated cushion cut engagement rings
The elongated cushion-cut gemstone has a rectangular shape but with curved sides and rounded corners. Its body is less elongated than the emerald and baguette cuts. It has 58 facets and displays eye-catching brilliance. An engagement ring set with a cushion-cut diamond/gemstone has a vintage charm and appeals to those drawn to its old-world allure.

Radiant cut engagement rings
Radiant-cut gemstones are relatively new in the gemstone market. They have 70 facets and combine the best features of the emerald cut and the round brilliant cut. The radiant-cut gemstone is step-cut but is faceted more like the round brilliant.

Now that you know more about rectangular ring styles and how they are priced, we hope you'll find your big engagement ring in our beautiful collections. We want you to be delighted with your purchase and invite you to contact us over the phone, chat, message, or email for any information you require.

Happy Engagement Ring Shopping!

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