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A cluster engagement ring offers impressive looks and affordability in one beautiful piece of jewellery. So if you are shopping on a budget and cannot buy a large solitaire diamond, you can check out our selection of engagement rings in cluster settings specially curated for you by our founders and jewellery experts Charlotte and Pernille. Our designer cluster rings are selected from exceptional design ateliers in Scandinavia, Europe and abroad. Read on to learn all about cluster engagement rings—there’s a high chance you will fall in love with one in our collection.

• What is a cluster ring?
• Why are cluster engagement rings a hot favourite just now?
• Caring for cluster engagement rings

What is a cluster ring?

A cluster ring comprises several small gemstones set close together in a cluster. The setting may have both large and small stones arranged asymmetrically or in uniform, symmetrical designs such as geometric shapes or nature-inspired shapes.

Why say yes to a cluster engagement ring?

The cluster is a vintage style; cluster rings reached the height of their popularity in the 16th and 17th centuries and are making a definite comeback today for many reasons:

Unique engagement ring style. Cluster settings in designer rings are unique. This style is exclusive compared to traditional engagement ring styles like solitaire.

Price advantage. The biggest plus of cluster engagement rings is the price. Since cluster and halo engagement rings feature smaller diamonds, they cost less for the same total carat weight (TW) as a 1-2 carat solitaire stone.

You love vintage. A cluster engagement ring has vintage magic all over it, giving it an old-world grace. The cluster designs are timeless and fit to be passed on as an heirloom to future generations.

Optimise the sparkle. Due to the grouping of several smaller diamonds or gemstones, the cluster setting maximises the sparkle of the gems, especially diamonds.

Looks big! The cluster setting gives the illusion of a larger stone. At first glance and when viewed from a distance, the focal point of a cluster engagement ring appears to be one large solitaire—a great option if you are looking for an impressive ring but are working with a small budget.

Celebrate your individuality as a couple. Cluster-style engagement rings, featuring diamonds or coloured gemstones, symbolise the coming together of two individuals who intend to spend their lives in love.

Types of cluster engagement rings

Cluster engagement rings come in several arrangements, designs, and combinations of gemstones. The stones are clustered in pavé, bezel or flush settings in beautiful vintage styles as well as modern and minimal designs, with the ring head covered in diamonds or coloured stones.

Cluster engagement ring arrangements

Asymmetric cluster arrangements are hugely popular today, especially among those who are looking for unique engagement ring styles. Modern cluster engagement rings feature abstract motifs and have an asymmetrical vibe with gemstones of different colours and shapes set in attractive designs and colour combinations.

Art deco style cluster engagement rings are also hot favourites these days. These are typically geometric and symmetrical in design and have a pleasing vintage appeal. They may comprise diamonds alone or a combination of coloured gemstones and diamonds.

Nature-inspired Modern vintage-style cluster engagement rings also feature designs inspired by nature, such as stars, flowers, and delicate vines. Cluster engagement rings with star designs appeal to couples who believe in destiny.

Diamond cluster engagement rings

Diamond cluster rings combine beauty and affordability in one beautiful piece of jewellery. For most, an engagement ring brings diamonds to mind. Cluster engagement rings can be made with diamonds of the same size or with a larger stone in the centre, also called diamond halo rings.

Cluster engagement rings set with diamonds can be had in solid yellow, rose, and white gold. A cluster tinder with white diamonds in white gold gives the illusion of a single large diamond. For this reason, such a ring is sometimes called an “illusion ring”.

Colourful cluster engagement rings

Today’s woman likes jewellery that stands out for its uniqueness; she is drawn to unusual combinations and designs. Colourful sapphires, spinels, rubies, pearls, tourmalines—these and many more gemstones grouped in attractive designs make spectacular cluster engagement rings that can appeal to the modern woman who wants to stand apart from the crowd.

Caring for your cluster engagement ring

Cluster engagement rings are set with multiple small gemstones. The design is more intricate, with many grooves and crevices. Therefore, such rings require more effort and time to clean and keep sparkling.

• We recommend getting your cluster engagement ring cleaned at reputable jewellers.
• Remove your ring before engaging in sports or hands-on activities and have a soft-lined box handy to hold your ring whenever you take it off.
• Check your engagement ring periodically to ensure the setting is secure and the stones do not fall off.

We hope the information above will help you decide whether a cluster engagement ring appeals to you and make it easy to pick the perfect one from our curated collection of beautifully handcrafted pieces.

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