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Absolutely Fat 18K Rosaguld Creoler
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Classic earrings are timeless pieces that never go out of fashion. Typically, such jewellery is simple and beautiful, with an understated elegance unaffected by time. Classic earrings may be made of silver or gold and set with diamonds and other precious and semi-precious stones. We love earrings in classic designs because they continue to be stylish well beyond the period they are made in and are not affected by fashion fads and trends. On this page you will find hand-perfected hoops, studs and solitaire earrings, in simple yet breathtakingly divine classic styles that are both modern and yet timeless.

• What makes earrings classic?
• What are the most popular classic styles for earrings?
• How to choose a classic pair of earrings?

What makes an earring classic?

Classic earring designs are evergreen and never become outdated. Such earrings are signature pieces anyone can wear, at any time. Classic earrings look graceful and stylish on young and old.

Classic designs are minimal and simple. One of the stand-out features of classic designs is simplicity. Danish and Scandinavian design is renowned for minimalism, characterised by eye-catching simplicity and elegance.

Classic earring styles are very versatile. They are suitable for formal and everyday wear, so whether you are out having fun, working in an office, or want to look classy for a formal evening gala, you can count on classic styles to make a splendid personal statement.

Classic earrings can be vintage. Quite often, the term "classic" can refer to jewellery that is antique or vintage. Classic vintage earring styles have always been in fashion because they have been loved and worn in every era.

Popular classic styles for earrings

Are you wondering what exactly these classic styles for earrings are? The most popular earrings in this category are gold and silver stud earrings, diamond studs and hoops, drops, cuffs and chandelier earrings.

18k -10k gold or white gold is the preferred metal for earrings, which may also be had in sterling silver or gold-plated versions. There are a variety of classic designs with diamonds or coloured gemstones such as rubies, emeralds, sapphires, amethysts, or pearls, for those who prefer a spot of colour in their ear jewellery.

Stud earrings

Every woman who loves jewellery possesses at least a couple of stud earrings. Stud earrings may be made of solid gold or sterling silver or gold plated. They come in a range of sizes from tiny to large. But the captivating feature is that the design is often simple.

Diamond earrings

Diamond solitaire studs are the best example that features all the classic attributes, such as simplicity, elegance, value, and stylishness. Diamond earrings, hoops and huggies set with brilliants are an all-time favourite, and almost every woman wishes to own and wear them.

Lab-grown diamond earrings

Are you a conscious jewellery lover looking for lab-grown earrings in classic designs? We host here some world-class diamond jewellery from renowned designer brands with a planet-friendly outlook. These pieces feature diamond earrings made with recycled materials and top-quality brilliant lab-grown diamonds. These are eco-gentle, affordable and come in unbeatable cuts, colours and prices.

Drop earrings

This is a classic design in which the earring extends below the earlobe. It is almost like an elongated stud earring because the part that "drops" down is fixed and does not move. The pendant earring is a variation of this classic drop design, which usually comprises a stud with a dangling pendant. The classic pearl drop and diamond drops have many stunning variations today.

Chandelier earrings

These elaborate, long earrings derive their name from the glowing chandelier. They are composed of multiple levels of gemstones and beads. These classic "danglers" are glamorous and sophisticated statement pieces that are the best choice for formal occasions and red-carpet events. This kind of earring may be set with diamonds and pearls or gemstones in the colour of your choice.

Hoops and huggies

This classic piece of jewellery continues to trend as the hoop and its smaller version, the huggie. The circular hoop shape represents eternity and completeness. The diamond hoop is a well-loved design among women of all ages. Small hoop earrings have found favour with modern men too.

What should you consider when choosing classic earrings?

First, decide on the style of earring that appeals to you the most. Determine if you are looking for stud earrings, drops, hoops, cuffs, or chandeliers.

Are you looking for plain gold ones in classic designs, or would you prefer diamond earrings or other gemstone earrings?

Finally, do you have a budget in mind? Once you have the answer to these questions, selecting the perfect earrings in the classic design that appeals most to you becomes an enjoyable experience.

Many of the designers on our platform offer exquisitely handcrafted earrings in elegant classic designs. Browse our collection of earrings, and you will discover several beautiful classic pairs in designs you will enjoy wearing for years to come. Our aim is to help you find the perfect pair of classic earrings that will bring you joy and become a part of your heirloom collection. Please get in touch with us for any clarifications you need; we will gladly assist you.

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