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We're not another online shop for jewellery

The Jewellery Room exists to shake up the jewellery industry for the better! We don’t do standard or mainstream. Instead, we live and breathe for expressing individuality, and we do it by featuring handcrafted pieces only. Pieces that evoke emotions and tell stories.

When you step into our room, you’ll quickly find that we live and breathe for quality, craftsmanship and for exceptional design. We’re your digital expert destination for discovering designer jewellery out of the ordinary, guiding you to the pieces that are the most you.

We're shaping a new era
We’re devoted to ditch crap jewellery. For good.

We're here to honour all the talented but often overlooked designers of the world. We don’t wait for change – we make it. And we do so by creating a tech-based community for you to find inspiration and guidance to breathtaking designs you didn’t know you were missing out on.

We’re here to give jewellery designers a voice and a window to the world – and give you a new and effortless way to shop pieces not like everyone else’s. Because when it comes to jewellery, no one should ever settle for less. Together, we want to continuously push the boundaries for creating and curating great jewellery design.

We believe in amazing women
the ones behind the designs and the ones wearing them.

The hearts of our female founders beat for empowering women. With The Jewellery Room, we’re giving every designer a place to be found and every woman a place to find hidden treasures and treat herself to something special because she deserves it.

We don't just love jewellery;
we live for it

Meet our Founders, Charlotte and Pernille. Entrepreneurs, women, sisters and jewellery connoisseurs in a way few people are. Their immense experience with the jewellery industry and attention to detail when it comes to quality and materials is the very foundation for The Jewellery Room. Every piece you’ll find in our room is carefully selected by Charlotte and Pernille.

Welcome to our world of unique treasures from the best designers

Your online destination for designer jewellery