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Are you looking for a brilliant engagement ring that combines the best of good looks, size and value for money? You will surely be impressed with the radiant-cut engagement ring if you are. Engagement rings set with radiant cut gemstones are modern, stylish and dazzling in their beauty. So, if the woman you wish to spend the rest of your life with likes them big and bright, you will impress her with a radiant-cut engagement ring.

Read on to learn more about this unique and splendid cut for gemstones and why they are becoming so sought after today. We hope you enjoy browsing our collection of unique, handcrafted designer engagement rings and can find the perfect ring for your soon-to-be fiancee.

• What is a radiant cut engagement ring?
• Understanding the radiant cut
• How to decide if a radiant cut engagement ring is right for you?

What is a radiant cut engagement ring?

A radiant cut engagement ring is one set with a rectangular radiant cut diamond or gemstone. The radiant-cut gemstone has the shape of a rectangular emerald cut (step cut) but is faceted more like the round brilliant. While any gemstone—sapphires, tourmalines, aquamarines, zircons, etc.—can also have a radiant-cut, the best-loved and sought-after radiant-cut gemstone is the diamond, primarily due to its hardness and capacity for sparkle and brilliance.

Three breathtaking radiant cut engagement ring designs

♥ Radiant cut solitaire engagement rings often feature a prong-set solitaire diamond.
♥ Radiant-cut halo engagement rings have a shimmering row of diamonds around the solitaire
♥ A three-stone engagement ring with a central radiant-cut diamond would also make a fabulous engagement ring.

Understanding the radiant cut

The radiant cut was developed by master diamond-cutter Henry Grossbard in 1977. He aimed to combine the brightness, fire, and scintillation of the round brilliant cut with the emerald cut's streamlined elegance and beautiful clarity.

Radiant cut gemstones are rectangular with clipped corners but are not as elongated as the emerald cut.

Grossbard also wanted a cut that would produce a diamond that looked as large as possible. The radiant cut has a broad and shallow design that maximises the brilliance as well as the perceived size of the gemstone.

The length-to-width ratio for the radiant cut ranges from 1.10 to 1.35, the former being more square while the latter is more rectangular. The more square the shape of the radiant cut gem, the smaller it appears but offers a more outstanding brilliance than its bigger-looking, more rectangular-shaped counterpart.

The radiant cut diamond lives up to its name with its precisely executed 70 facets setting off a radiance (the reflected white light that catches your eye) second only to the round brilliant cut.

What you should consider when choosing a radiant cut engagement ring

Engagement rings set with radiant cut diamonds are hugely popular these days. If you are drawn to such a ring, you will be able to consider purchasing it if you understand the pros and cons of radiant cut diamonds/gemstone.

♦ The radiant cut is versatile, and such gemstones lend themselves to various designs, metals, and combinations.
♦ Radiant-cut diamonds/gemstones display great fire, brilliance, and sparkle because of their unique 70-facetted design. So, suppose you want a stunning engagement ring set with a gemstone other than the traditional round brilliant diamond. In that case, you can safely place your money on a radiant-cut diamond engagement ring.
♦ The radiant cut diamond appears larger than diamonds of other cuts as it has a long diagonal and a broader face-up look (when viewed from above). Therefore, an engagement ring set with a radiant cut gemstone gives the impression of a larger-sized stone when compared to differently shaped diamonds of similar weight.
♦ Radiant-cut diamonds are often compared to princess-cut ones. Unlike the princess cut with straight sides and 90-degree corners, radiant-cut diamonds have bevelled corners, making them durable and better able to withstand wear and tear.
♦ An engagement ring set with a radiant cut diamond costs less than one set with a round brilliant diamond of similar weight. There is less wastage because this innovative cutting style minimises wastage when facetting the rough diamond. This means that you can get a larger diamond ring for the same budget!

Good to know…

• Radiant cut engagement rings are not as easy to find as engagement rings set with gemstones/diamonds of other shapes. Despite the increased interest in such rings, the radiant cut is still relatively new compared to other cuts.
• Also, a radiant-cut diamond looks best in a prong setting, so the protective setting would not be possible for a radiant-cut engagement ring.
• Since the radiant cut is designed to show off the diamond colour, it does not work well for stones lower in the colour grade.
• The GIA grades the 4Cs of all diamonds except radiant cut ones. A GIA certificate will not mention the quality of the cut for radiant-cut diamonds, so you must rely on the professional/jeweller from whom you are purchasing your radiant-cut engagement ring.

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